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Essay Topics: 100+ Best Essay Topics for your Guidance

Essay Topics: 100+ Best Essay Topics for your Guidance

Let’s face it, essay writing can be tedious and boring.

Spending hours to write a good essay is difficult and brainstorming essay topic ideas can be even confusing.

To help you get started, we have categorized a list of a number of different types of essay topic list.

1. Argumentative Essay Topics

In an argumentative essay, you will investigate a topic in great detail. To give you an idea, some good argumentative essay topics ideas are below.

  1. School students should be allowed to curate their high school curriculum.
  2. The role of physical education in the school system.
  3. Should the death sentence be implemented globally?
  4. It should be illegal to use certain types of animals for experiments and other research purposes.
  5. Should the government do more to improve accessibility for people with physical disabilities?
  6. Do people learn the art of becoming a politician or are they born with it?
  7. Social media platform owners should monitor and block comments containing hateful language.
  8. Does technology play a role in making people feel more isolated?
  9. Will there ever be a time when there will be no further technological advancements?
  10. It should be illegal to produce and sell tobacco.
  11. Girls should be motivated to take part in sports.
  12. Rape victims should abort their unborn child.
  13. Fathers should get an equal paternity leave.
  14. Do teenagers get into trouble because they are bored?
  15. Individuals who have failed at parenting should be punished.

If your teacher assigns you a topic, then it is good. It not, you need to choose one to write your essay. Here is a compiled list of more argumentative essay topics for you to choose from.

2. Persuasive Essay Topics

A persuasive essay is similar to an argumentative paper. However, in it the writer wants to convince the readers of their point of view.

Below is a list of good topics to write about

  1. Energy drinks should be banned in schools and colleges.
  2. Gambling should be banned in the United States.
  3. Should abortions be banned worldwide?
  4. Hunting is an immoral act.
  5. Is it okay to use animals in a circus?
  6. Harmful dogs should be euthanized.
  7. Cell phones should not be allowed in schools.
  8. Teachers should pass a professional exam, just like students.
  9. Schools should reduce the workload on students.
  10. Sex education should be mandatory in high schools.
  11. Vlogging isn’t an actual profession.
  12. Is LinkedIn helpful for finding a job?
  13. Social media has played a big role in increasing business opportunities.
  14. Is Java becoming obsolete?
  15. Should employers go through the candidate’s social media profiles?

For your help, we have gathered a wide range of persuasive essay topics. Give it a read.

3. Descriptive Essay Topics

In a descriptive essay, you describe a certain thing and use sensory information to engage your readers' five senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight).

Here is a list of topics.

  1. The person responsible for making a difference in my life.
  2. Describe a smartphone and its benefits to someone from the ‘60s.
  3. The most interesting piece of art I have ever seen.
  4. Describe the experience of falling in love.
  5. What does a place that only exists in your imagination look like?
  6. Describe meeting a famous person.
  7. Describe yourself and your personality to a stranger.
  8. What will life be like in 2050?
  9. An experience that changed my life forever.
  10. Your idea of the perfect day.
  11. My first trip abroad.
  12. The most significant event in the American History.
  13. A popular book series that disappointed you.
  14. A look into my daily life.
  15. A day in the life of an ER doctor.

Here are some more descriptive essay topicsto help you find a good idea for your essay.

4. Narrative Essay Topics

In a narrative essay, your goal is to share a personal experience by telling a story.

Some examples and topics are below.

  1. The experience that taught me that looks can be deceiving.
  2. A week without internet and technology.
  3. The impact your first love had on your life.
  4. How much did your teachers contribute into making you the person you are today?
  5. An experience that made you realize your parents were or weren't always right.
  6. A moment when someone you didn't like surprised you with kindness.
  7. The influence technology has had on your hobbies and life.
  8. An achievement outside of academic life?
  9. Which school lesson had the biggest influence on your life?
  10. A day when you fought procrastination.
  11. The time you faced rejection.
  12. Why you rebelled against your parents.
  13. An experience that left you helpless.
  14. The time you prayed to be an only child.
  15. An act of kindness you can never forget.

5. Research Essay Topics

While writing a research essay, the most crucial step is choosing a topic for your essay. Choose a topic that is broad enough to compose an entire research essay on it.

Below are some of the best topics for your research essay.

  1. Effects of violent cartoons on children.
  2. Should universities provide accommodations to disabled students?
  3. Events and experiences I agree are causing the increase in terrorism.
  4. How technology and gadgets affect studies of children?
  5. Do children who attend preschool do better in school?
  6. Universities are becoming business driven.
  7. Does college debt affect the future lives of the students?
  8. Why has divorce rate changed in the past decade?
  9. Schools should allow the use of smartphones in school.
  10. Effective ways to decrease depression among our youth.
  11. Analyze the relationship between the United States of America and North Korea.
  12. Why did the UK decide to leave the EU?
  13. Is it true that students learn better in a same-sex school?
  14. How does giving kids different gadgets affect their studies?
  15. Compare the immigration policies of two different countries.

Looking for more? We have an extensive range of research essay topics that have everything you need to get an engaging topic idea.

6. Expository Essay Topics

While writing an expository essay, you have to explain and clarify your topic in a way that it becomes clear to the readers.

Below is a list of expository essay topics:

  1. Why do teenagers commit suicide?
  2. What is the impact of music on our youth?
  3. What are the consequences of skipping school?
  4. Why do teenagers use drugs?
  5. How can pets make you happy and improve your life?
  6. Consequences of having alcoholic drinks within a school campus.
  7. How does drug use affect relationships?
  8. Is global warming a cause of skin cancer?
  9. Is sodium bad for your health?
  10. What is the line between being over-weight and being obese?
  11. Why do you want to pursue your desired career?
  12. Explain how advancement in science improve the quality of life for humans.
  13. What are some unconventional ways of relieving stress?
  14. If you could swap your lives with someone who would it be and why?
  15. What are some major stress factors in a teenagers life?

To help you further, we have gathered an additional and extensive list of expository essay topics.

7. Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

In a compare and contrast essay, you evaluate and analyze the similarities and differences between the two subjects. Your reader must be able to form an opinion after weighing the pros and cons you have set forth.

Below are some topics for you:

  1. Extroverts and introverts.
  2. Generation Y vs. Generation Z.
  3. Traditional Helicopters Vs. Lifesize Drones.
  4. Unemployed students vs. students with a part-time job.
  5. SAT and TOEFL.
  6. Persuasive and argumentative essay --- how are they similar?
  7. How were the causes of World War I different from the causes of World War II?
  8. Education vs. professional career: what is more difficult?
  9. Real life or spending your time daydreaming.
  10. Consequences of earthquake and tsunami: what's worse?
  11. Being popular in highschool or alone?
  12. Part time work or studying for a higher degree?
  13. Getting married at an old age or a young age?
  14. Fashion today Vs. twenty years ago.
  15. Donald Trump Vs. Hillary Clinton.

Also visit: Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: 70 Fresh New Ideas

8. Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Cause and effect essay explains why something happens and what happens as a result of those happenings. A cause and effect essay is a type of expository essay.

Here are a few topics for your cause and effect essay:

  1. What are the causes of eating disorders?
  2. Effects of climate change and global warming.
  3. The effects of the Feminism movement.
  4. What are the causes of increasing depression among teenagers?
  5. What are the causes of suicidal thoughts?
  6. Is keeping a pet effective to calm your mind?
  7. How divorce affects children?
  8. Why are men afraid of commitment?
  9. Effects of social media on youth.
  10. Has social media affected relationships among families?
  11. Discuss the effects of homeschooling on children.
  12. Causes of heart diseases.
  13. Causes of sibling rivalry.
  14. Cramming doesn't help improve test scores.
  15. Cause and effect of depression in the workplace.

To get more ideas, visit our cause and effect essay topics that are remarkable and well-suited for a great essay.

9. Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essay topics are quite popular assignments in universities. If you are a university student and in search of a captivating argumentative essay topic. Here is a list of topic ideas you can consider and choose a topic of your interest.

  • Third world war should be prevented by Russian and US governments.
  • Policies and practices affecting students.
  • Is gun control effective in reducing crime?
  • Same-sex marriage and constitutional law.
  • Is society over-regulated.
  • Are leaders born or made?
  • No one should be above the law.
  • Monarchy: pros and cons.
  • Rules on Political Activities by Federal Employees.
  • The most corrupt countries in the world.

10. Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

Are you looking for some funny argumentative essay topics for your essay? If so, choose a topic from the following list.

  • Why people like watching funny videos.
  • What your cat is really thinking.
  • Why spam emails should be your favorite type of emails.
  • Why wearing braces is fun.
  • School dropouts are the best in our society.
  • Why i don't like country music.
  • Types of dates.
  • A better way to get things done.
  • What organic food really is.
  • Things guys do that girls hate.
  • How to annoy your friend.
  • Why do women pretends that they enjoy sports?
  • Things preventing you from completing your homework in time.
  • Funny things we see in wedding ceremonies.

11. Informative Essay Topics

Essay writing requires depth. However, you don't have to choose a complex topic in a middle school, high school or college.

Here is a list of interesting essay topics for middle school, high school and college students.

11.1 Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Virtual classes cannot replace traditional class system.
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of online classes.
  3. Is there a need to reform the college education system?
  4. Assault weapons should not be legal.
  5. People with a history of mental illness should not be allowed to purchase firearms.
  6. Taxation system needs to be changed around the globe.
  7. Kids should not be the target audience in advertising.
  8. Number of calories should be mentioned with every meal.
  9. Feminists have effectively improved the workforce for women.
  10. Is death penalty effective?

11.2 Essay Topics for High School

  1. The choice to join the armed forces should be an individual decision.
  2. Listening to music can increase work efficiency.
  3. Being honest has more cons than pros.
  4. People who have been in an accident value life more than others.
  5. Embarrassing moments help boost your confidence.
  6. Kindness is the most valuable personal trait.
  7. Spontaneity can improve your life.
  8. Can hobbies help improve the richness of one's life?
  9. Dressing properly in the office improves work efficiency
  10. Being organized can help in school as well as the office.

11.3 Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. Every child should have chores at home.
  2. There should not be any summer classes.
  3. Should students continue studying during summer vacation?
  4. Parents should pay attention to the amount of time their children spend watching television.
  5. Favorite family summer vacation.
  6. Sports should be mandatory in every school.
  7. Processed foods should not be part of private and public school lunch.
  8. Do students still use newspapers for research?
  9. Every individual should spend a year doing community service.
  10. The weekend should be 3 days long.

Hopefully, you would have selected a topic for your essay. If you are looking for more ideas, try this free essay topic generator. You will find plenty of ideas for your essay.

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