The Honor Code of’s Honor Code is a vow of academic honesty and high criteria that we as a company pledge to uphold. It expresses the requirements that customers or employers have when doing business with us as students or clients.

It demonstrates how we will follow these principles for them by ensuring that no employee ever produces and submits anything less than perfection.

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The Honor Code of

Our ‘write my essay’ service does not condone or accept any form of academic dishonesty on our platform, and we are dedicated to academic honesty and ensuring honest grades.

Our Writing Experts Do Not Take Exams on Behalf of the Students does not tolerate cheating, plagiarism, or any other actions that are contradictory to your academic institution's regulations. If a expert is found to be partaking in cheating or in any other form of academic dishonesty, they will be instantly dismissed and banned from our team.

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We Strongly Condemn


You may be penalized for failing to follow the academic code of conduct if you ask or give unapproved external help with any academic work.


Plagiarism is passing off or submitting someone else's work as yours without giving due credit to the original source or writer.


Misrepresenting oneself as another student, and assuming someone else's identity for any reason are all examples of identity fraud.



Integrity is important to us not only for its significance in our corporate culture but also because it contributes to our success. We will never aid customers in committing fraud or engaging in criminal behavior, and we do not take part in any kind of corporate fraud or dishonesty.

We will immediately ban any professional who is discovered to be connected to unlawful activity from our website.

A Note to Students

We all know how difficult it is to maintain a full course load while also attending school, especially if you're under such time pressures. However, risking your university's policy and academic honesty isn't the way to go about things.

  • does not allow students to use its platform, services, or writers for any illegal purpose, such as cheating on a test. Therefore, it is advised that students refrain from any such activities.
  • Students who order essays through are not permitted to give them as their own work to others.

A Note to Business is a professional essay writing service that offers and provides assistance in the form of well-written papers and projects from someone who is an expert in your subject area. It's not advised to break rules, as this will result in suspension and/or legal action against you.

  • Our platform must not be used for any unlawful activities by any business representatives.
  • The platform is not available to business owners who want to use it for anything illegal.

A Note to Teachers & Schools

Your efforts to assure that teaching and learning are honest, open, and beneficial are admirable. We support you in your endeavor to safeguard academic honesty throughout your study groups, classes, and universities.

We request that you notify us of any academic dishonesty, cheating, or a breach in academic integrity detected or observed by you as a professor or someone associated with an educational institution.

A Note to the Writing Experts is a writing firm that can help you find prospects and portray yourself as a professional writer to students, businesses, and academic institutions by using our custom paper writing service. As a writing consultant on the platform, you must follow the following standards:

  • No marketing, promotion, or self-promotion is allowed for writing professionals. They are also prohibited from engaging in any behavior that does not accord with academic honesty, institution rules, or corporate standards of conduct.
  • It is unethical for our essay writer to assist any employee or student in committing illegal activities such as cheating, fraud, or violation of the institution's rules.

List of's Restricted Task Requests

The following list contains activities that are not allowed on our website. This is by no means a complete list, so please consult the Terms of Service for further information. Clients

Users who break the Honor Code may have all of their services halted. Here a few examples of prohibited behaviors.

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  • Making bogus financial papers.
  • Creating CVs or Resumes with fraudulent job experience information.
  • Drafting official documents.
  • Any representation of someone's identity for the purpose of committing a crime.
  • Writing and providing papers to the students to submit as their own work.
  • Composing the student's research projects like dissertations, theses, term papers, case studies, etc.
  • Fabrication of data, information, citations, or any other academic materials that have violated the rules and regulations of a university or any other kind of educational institution.

Witnessed anything unethical that might reflect poorly on the honor code?

If you have any issues, please contact us right away!

Report Violation of the Honor Code

We feel that a writing consultant should offer high-quality service. Our ‘write my paper’ service also thinks that the assistance they give should be ethical. Please notify us if you believe someone is providing unethical help, as this may be a violation of ethics.