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Thesis & Dissertation

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We are aware of the fact that your grades matter.

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With that in mind, you have a lot to consider when you hire an online paper writing service, entrusting them with your academic grades.

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You’ve been looking online for essay writing services — to find someone you can trust to write quality papers you can call your own with credibility and pride of ownership.

You see “academic writing services” being provided on every other website.

You go from site to site, carefully analyzing them.

Now you’ve studied what they say, and sometimes they just sound—odd.

You wonder: Why do their websites feel so awkward, clumsy and just downright unprofessional?

The reason is simple if not obvious: 99% of these essay writing services are in some far-off country where English Language isn’t spoken. And where people with zero writing skills will write “academic papers” for $1 per page or even less and trick you into thinking that you’re getting almost free papers.

You can imagine what kind of an essay you’ll get from someone who doesn’t speak fluent English. Not only will you be wasting your time and money but in the last moment, you will be left with something not worthy of handing over to your professor.

You’ll never be able to defend your essay if there are any questions as to its authorship. At the end of the day, it just won’t sound like you—or like anyone in North America—actually wrote it.

That’s a prescription for frustration and failure. You know that if you hand in some piece of recycled offshore paper mill plagiarism, you’ll get a failing grade and could suffer some seriously negative academic consequences.

You know that if the grade your essay earns matters, you should only deal with U.S.-based professionals whom you can sincerely trust with writing a custom essay.

Here’s the bottom line:

  • Off-shore writing companies with non-native English speakers “write” for poverty wages. If they deliver anything at all, you can’t use it without serious risk of plagiarism.

  • Bargain-basement “writing services” often deliver past your deadline, with writing that raises red flags with your professors. A quick plagiarism check often reveals “re-purposed” writing stolen off the internet. You’ll be lucky to get a “C” for your trouble; if you’re unlucky, you’ll be busted and get tossed out of school.

  • When you give anyone permission to “write my essay online,” you need 100% original, professionally researched, composed, and properly-formatted writing by native English-speaking professional essay writers with advanced degrees from the leading U.S. universities.

  • When you pay a reasonable price (“the cheapest” is never “the best”), you will have an essay that can be submitted to any high school/college professor or academic publication.

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