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Cause and Effect Essay Topics - 150+ Ideas for an Exceptional Essay

Cause and Effect Essay Topics - 50+ Ideas for an Exceptional Essay

Got assigned a cause and effect essay?

Having a topic in mind but not sure if it will be ideal for your essay?
In that case, you are at the right spot.

We have compiled a diverse cause and effect essay topics list for your ease. And to help you understand if the topic you are deciding to write on is a good fit for your essay or not.

1. Cause and Effect Essay Topics

The very first step of writing an essay is picking a topic. How would you compose your essay if there is nothing to talk and write about? Choose your topic wisely if you are looking to give your instructor an interesting read.

1.1 How to Choose a Topic

The prerequisite of crafting an engaging essay or paper is to write on a compelling topic. In order to choose the best cause and effect essay topics, follow these steps:

  • Brainstorm and jot down ideas that you have a clear understanding of
  • Choose something that you are passionate about, and your reader will be interested in as well
  • There should be a clear cause and effect relationship between your topic
  • It must be relevant to your subject
  • Your focus shouldn’t be too broad or too narrow

To help you, we have compiled some lists of captivating cause and effect essay topics; go through them and we are sure that you will find something for your essay.

2. Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Family problems have detrimental effects on sleep.
  2. Lack of communication is destructive for friendship.
  3. Are financial issues the cause of divorce in the United States?
  4. Children from broken families are more likely to end their marriage.
  5. Lack of communication leads to misunderstanding between parents and their children.
  6. A good sense of humour improves relations.
  7. Overusing social media can lead to unhappiness.
  8. Cramming does not improve grades.
  9. A good film has the ability to change a person's way of thinking.
  10. Mood swings are caused by hormonal changes.
  11. What are the primary cause and effect of the surge of technology-aided education in college students?
  12. What are the effects of standardized testing on students' decision to pursue further education?
  13. What are the causes and effects of providing advanced classes in school days?
  14. Does the usage of technology help understand complex topics better?
  15. Is homeschooling proving to be productive than the charter schools?
  16. Gender inequality and its effects on our society.
  17. Cause and effects of dropping out of college.
  18. Impact of Game of Thrones on the TV industry.
  19. Effects of social media on the beauty industry.
  20. What causes students to switch majors?

3. Cause and Effect Essay Topics for High School

  1. What is the cause of eating disorders in teenagers?
  2. Why are baby boomersaround the world always depressed: what causes this depression?
  3. Why is watching ASMR videos on YouTube satisfying and comforting?
  4. What is the cause of rivalry amongst siblings?
  5. What is the cause of fear of commitment in men?
  6. What causes some women to go back to their abusive partners?
  7. What effect does stardom have on star kids?
  8. What are the effects of growing up in a poor household?
  9. What is the cause of developing different allergies?
  10. What causes illegal immigration?
  11. What are the causes and effects of a significant fall in the number of students in college libraries?
  12. How can institutes produce better A- level students?
  13. What is the effect of a physical education program on college students?
  14. How can a civil war occur in modern society?
  15. What are the causes of a video game to be popular among a certain community?
  16. Causes why high school girls are evil.
  17. Cause and effects of being popular in high school.
  18. Colors and their impact on our mood.
  19. How does helping someone change you?
  20. Social media makes people introverts.

4. Cause and Effect Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. What effects does smoking have on nonsmokers?
  2. Write an essay on effect topic of having overly strict parents.
  3. Influence of social media on youngsters.
  4. Analyze the cause and effects of unnecessary use of cell phones.
  5. What influence does music have on people's lives?
  6. What were the causes of american civil war?
  7. Effects of playing violent video games.
  8. What influences people to change their image?
  9. Write an effect paper about the impact of school uniform on teenagers?
  10. What makes some students bully their peers in school days?
  11. Politics of Putin against the neighboring states.
  12. Dating in schools.
  13. Dangers of earthquakes.
  14. Impact of retirement age on an individual's physical and mental health.
  15. Growing and living in poverty.
  16. Studying regularly makes your life easier.
  17. Having overprotective parents can make a child rebellious.
  18. Reading books makes you creative.
  19. Effects of being in nature.
  20. What causes cancer?

5. Cause and Effect Essay Topics Psychology

  1. What are the causes of learning disabilities?
  2. How does learning disability affect a child’s life?
  3. Impact of temperament on child development.
  4. Is human development affected by different cultures?
  5. How do relationships affect human development?
  6. Discuss the reasons why some kids are fast learners than the others.
  7. Which psychological factors influence learning new skills?
  8. What is the cause of phobia, nature or nurture?
  9. What is the main cause of deciding to end a relationship with someone?
  10. How does growing up with a single parent affect a child?
  11. How do different parenting styles affect the personality of a child?
  12. Effects of child abuse.
  13. Does bullying have any results on the increase in high school dropouts?
  14. Effects of poor eating habits on a person’s mental health?
  15. Is racism the cause of nature or nurture?

6. Fun Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  1. Does watching animated movies make you optimistic?
  2. Is our IQ linked with our hair color?
  3. How does social media help in overcoming shyness?
  4. Dirty rooms make us uncomfortable. Do they?
  5. Changing weather leads to changes in attire.
  6. Consuming high amount of junk food makes kids unhealthy.
  7. What are the effects of dating at a young age?
  8. How does online dating affect an individual's life?
  9. How did my favourite movie influence me?
  10. What are the effects of traveling on our life?
  11. Causes and effects of making laugh at the brand's drummers.
  12. Uploading the wrong photograph to Instagram.
  13. Causes of Harry Potter replacing Lord of the Rings and impacts of this change.
  14. Never miss a match- watch online.
  15. Is having a larger social circle on facebook an indication of being famous?
  16. Things to ease the pain when the battery gets low outside.
  17. Become a successful entrepreneur by selling funny items.
  18. Things to make a student laughing out loud.
  19. Why can't another popular engine be established like Google?
  20. Why would you mix Coke and Pepsi at breakfast?

7. Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  1. Why do students cheat in exams?
  2. What are the effects of having parents as your friends?
  3. What are the causes of schizophrenia in children?
  4. Why do most roommates not get along?
  5. What makes people procrastinate?
  6. Why are people afraid of trying?
  7. How does bad posture affect bone health?
  8. What are the effects of racism and other forms of discrimination on mental health?
  9. What makes adults enjoy Halloween more than children?
  10. Consuming energy drinks effects our dental health.
  11. The feminist movement makes women skeptic of commitment.
  12. Homelessness is mostly caused by low morale.
  13. The impact of strong thesis statement on quality of essay.
  14. Insufficient physical activity is bound to enhance the risk of a heart attack.
  15. The consumption of excessive fast food causes growth in obesity rates in the United States.
  16. What are the effects of online shopping and does it motivate people to shop more?
  17. Effects of increased usage of mobile phones in businesses.
  18. What are the causes of a video game to be popular among a certain community?
  19. Causes for purchases of phone plans or unlimited data.
  20. Effects of social media on relationships.

8. Interesting Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  1. Why is a big percentage of the American population living in poverty?
  2. What are the causes and effects of bankruptcy?
  3. What effects does growing up in poverty have on adults?
  4. What are the causes and effects of the rise of international adoption in Western countries?
  5. Does growing up with food insecurity have an adverse effect in producing functional adults?
  6. What happens to the country when the majority of the baby boomers reach the age for retirement?
  7. Why do men still out-earn women despite fairer gender rules in offices and organizations?
  8. Why do immigrants have a harder time in securing jobs than natural-born citizens?
  9. Does the presence of non-profit organizations have any measurable effect on the country's social problems?
  10. What is the effect of stress on medical workers?
  11. What causes high school dropouts and what are the effects?
  12. What are the causes and effects of poverty in society?
  13. The effect of industrial emissions on the environment.
  14. What causes cancer and what are its effects?
  15. The effect of poverty on educational development of children.
  16. What is the cause of waterborne disease and what are the effects?
  17. What causes hiv and how is it spread?
  18. The effects of globalization.
  19. What causes voter apathy and what are the effects?
  20. The causes and effects of drug resistance to antibiotic drugs.

9. Easy Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • Smoking results in lung cancer.
  • Teenage smoking is a result of peer pressure
  • Using mobile phones at night causes poor quality sleep.
  • Multitasking has adverse effects on mental health, increasing stress levels.
  • Discuss the cause why religious oppression exists till date.
  • What is the effect of depression and work related stress on an employee’s performance?
  • Reasons why students don’t like going to school.
  • Causes of drug wars in Columbia?
  • Causes of illegal immigration.
  • Effects of school uniforms on unity.
  • Effects of Halucaust on the jews today.

These were some good cause and effect essay topics suggested by experts. If you want more options go try out our essay topics generator.

10. Conclusion

Hopefully you have found something interesting from these cause and effect essay topics lists. Once you have decided on the topic, you can start with the research. To write a good cause and effect essay, you need to follow some basic steps. Here is a step by step guide to write a cause and effect essay.

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Cause and Effect Essay - A Detailed Guide

Cause and Effect Essay

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