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How To Make An Essay Longer - Easy Guide For Beginners

How To Make An Essay Longer - Easy Guide For Beginners

Stuck in the middle of writing an essay? Don't know how to increase the length to meet the word count?

In this blog, learn how to make your essay longer with more informative content.

Essays can be tough to work on if the subject is difficult or about something that you know nothing about.

At such moments you may find yourself staring at your half-done essay wondering how to extend it with more relevant content and arguments.

How to Make an Essay Longer

Wondering how to make your essay or research paper longer? First, you should be aware of essay writing. It’s important that you have the basic knowledge of how to write an essay and have a sound familiarity with the style dynamics.

An essay usually has double spacing and other things like the font size, page requirement, page count, and word count, affect the paper’s look and length.

If you want a better and longer essay.

Here are a few handy tips that you can use to reach your essay’s word limit.

How to Make an Essay Longer

Add Examples

Start by researching your topic. Make sure you get important details, substantial arguments, and evidence to highlight your points of view better.

When you start writing, look for the claims you’ve made in your essay and analyze the supporting and opposing views. Make sure you add relevant supporting evidence for each view that makes your essay more engaging and lengthen your paper effectively.

Usually, it’s good to use case studies and real-life scenarios or statistical information to make your arguments stronger. Whenever you use any mathematical figures try to spell out numbers. Make sure that whatever it is, they support your arguments strongly.

Include Expert Quotes

Add quotations and expert sayings that contribute to the overall impact of your write-up. This will also help you make the essay longer. However, do not go crazy over them and add them to support your claims.

You can research top-quality, credible, and relevant sayings and add them to your paper. Make sure that you’ve cited all resources and quotes properly in the bibliography and references list. Usually, Times New Roman is considered one of the ideal font styles for academic writings so try to use it while writing your essay.

Do a Comprehensive Research

Most of the time students rely on shallow information related to the topic. They don’t go deeper and just explore the obvious perspectives related to the subject. This lack of research can be one of the great reasons for low word count.

If you will dig deep in your topic and discover the undiscovered. It will not only make your essay longer but will also make it more insightful.

Include Transitional Phrases and Sentences

Transitional sentences not only help to make your essay longer but more cohesive as well. Transition sentences are used to connect the ideas being discussed in different paragraphs of the essay. So the right choice of transitional sentences will make your essay a great piece of writing.

Do Not Use Short Forms-

Avoid using short forms and contractions. In a formal essay, do not use ‘wouldn't’, ‘can’t’ or ‘don’ts’, use their full form. The same goes for numbers also, use spellings instead of number form.

If you are not sure about the word count then use a word counter to be sure that you have added the required number of words. Increasing the font size will also help to lengthen your essay.

Be More Descriptive

Here is your answer on how to make an essay longer with words?

Run a content check on your essay to identify areas that could possibly be made longer by adding more descriptions. Describe the ideas and concepts in detail and add examples to highlight them further.

Instead of using short phrases and descriptions, use topic sentences and be vivid and detailed. Using transitional words is one of the ideal ways to reach the required word count and to keep your essay’s flow smooth.

Add All Necessary Information

During your revision part, ensure that you’ve included all relevant information for the essay and there’s no missing concept or theory. At times students find sections that can be improved with new arguments or there is a missing piece of evidence.

Look for such loopholes in the content and fix them up. Add details that are relevant, credible, and valuable for your audience as well. Once you’re done with the checking, re-read the essay to ensure complete conformity to quality standards and essay guidelines.

Hope you have found the answer of how to make an essay longer word count

Format Your Paragraphs Well

While writing your essay make sure that paragraphs of your essay are formatted well. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence, following the supporting argument and a concluding or transition sentence. Keep revising your paragraphs and add the sentences that are missing.

Revisit Your Topic

This may seem a useless tactic but believe me, revisiting your prompt at the middle of your writing process will help you a lot to explore the hidden perspectives of the topic. You may realize that you have not considered a number of dimensions of the topic nor explained them. Their explanation will not only help you elongate your essay but also make it more comprehensive.

Add Illustrations

So if you are thinking about how to make your essay look longer following is the best way to do so:

To further add to your essay content, look for illustrative material that can be included to justify your claims better. These are usually supporting pieces of information like images, charts, statistical reports, and graphs that largely add to the essay appeal and the length as well.

Your sources must be authentic and reliable. Do not forget to include them in your resource list to increase the size and essay length.

Add Lists and Numbers

Another good tip that adds to the page count for your paper is the addition of bullets and lists to organize your ideas properly. Besides, they also make the paper longer and more readable and engaging for the audience. Within sections and paragraphs, add lists to further explain a core concept or idea better. You can also increase the line spacing between texts to make your essay look longer.

Try Reverse Outlining

After writing your paper, reading back through it and creating an outline will help you reorganize pages in a way that will make more sense to the readers about your work. It can also point out areas that you need to develop more.

If you see a point and think that you can clarify it more, take the opportunity and make it longer.

If you notice a paragraph that introduces more than one idea, break them into multiple paragraphs and explain them thoroughly.

Now you know some important tips to increase your paper’s word count. Although hitting a minimum word count can sometimes be challenging. Always look for a second source to provide additional information for the reader. This method will help you increase the word count by providing further support for your argument.

Take a Break and Revisit Your Essay

Keep banging your head with the same document won’t be very beneficial. If you feel stuck just put your pad away, place the pen in the holder and have a little break. You can talk to your friend, go for a walk, cuddle your pet or sing for a while. This will refresh your mind and help you have new ideas and perspectives about the topic.

Approach your Instructor and Ask for Possible Help

Many teachers and instructors are willing to give reviews about the paper before submission. So if you have a reasonable time to reach the submission date you can request your instructor for an appointment.

You can also visit them during office hours and can ask for their advice on how to better answer a prompt and how to improve the existing writing. These suggestions will not only prove to be a valuable addition to your essay but will also help you make your essay longer.

Get Professional Writing Help

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