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Writing Conventions and Tips for College Students

Writing Conventions and Tips for College Students

Every student somewhere in their academic life learns how to write essays.

But are you new to the concept of writing conventions?

You are most likely to come across it in your English language assignments.

This does not seem overly complicated. Continue reading to figure out its actual meaning and usage.

1. What are Writing Conventions?

Writing conventions are the generally accepted standards for written English. They are basic language rules that enable the readers to understand the text by making it clear and easy to read. It requires certain lesson plans that ensure the improvement in academic performance along with professional growth.

They also serve as signposts for the readers to provide familiar ground for what the message says. Middle and high school teachers might be lenient but it won't be the case in college.

Having a good grasp of grammar, language, punctuation and sentence structure is a must. It can't be possible without practice. A student needs a lot of effort and hard work to complete their writing assignments.

2. The Main Writing Conventions

There are some key writing conventions that should be mastered to produce the best quality essays. These include spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure.

Let us discuss each one in detail.

2.1 Spelling

Children start learning letters by recognizing the words. Furthermore, they learn the rules of spelling in school. It is a crucial convention of writing as it can make all the difference in life.

Many employers have trashed a lot of resumes simply because they were riddled with spelling mistakes. Similarly, incorrect spellings also become a reason behind poor grades.

2.2 Grammar

Grammar is the language structure that is used to form a sentence. It involves the changing of the form of words along with combining it into coherent sentences. You should be consistent while differentiating between present perfect and past simple tense.

Otherwise, the audience may get confused about the time frame or sequence of the described actions. Moreover, it also includes certain rules to follow. Below-mentioned are examples of grammar elements.

  • Sentence structure
  • Paragraph structure
  • Phrases and clauses
  • Parts of speech
  • Word choice

2.3 Punctuation

Punctuations are important in conventions without which the writing would not make any sense. It helps us to read something the way it is. Similarly, it also tells the reader:

  • When to pause
  • When to read with more expression
  • When to stop
  • When to start a new sentence

We have multiple ways of making our meaning clear while writing like rhythm, intonation and pausing. Only the use of proper punctuation serves the cause.

For example, commas mean pausing. However, overusing them may confuse the readers. Therefore, it is important to master this set of rules for writing creatively.

2.4 Capitalization

It tells when a new sentence begins or when something has a proper title. This phenomenon assists in showing the importance of certain words by shortening long phrases into acronyms. It takes up less written space and becomes easier to remember.

3. Writing Conventions for College Students

Language rules usually vary with the content and genre. These convention rules are accepted in both formal and informal essays. They serve as the final step of your editing process.

Being capable of composing your college essays according to spelling, punctuation, and grammar conventions is a real challenge. Here we have mentioned some basic tips on Standard English conventions for college students. Follow them for writing perfect college essays.

  • Use correct spellings and punctuations
  • The verb tenses should be appropriate
  • Writing in complete sentences
  • Don't use run-on sentences
  • Avoid using fragments
  • Do not mention abbreviations
  • Put citations correctly
  • Organize paragraphs properly
  • Use transitions

3.1 Writing Convention for Different Writing Styles

Each writing style has its own conventions that are given below:

  • Narrative writing must have a plot, setting, and characters.
  • Descriptive writing must include good vocabulary that must appeal to the senses.
  • Expository writing must inform, clarify, define and explain.
  • Persuasive writing must present an argument on the basis of facts and logic.

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