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Types of Plagiarism Every Student Should Know

Types of Plagiarism Every Student Should Know

Plagiarism is related to using other author’s or writer’s work on your own without properly crediting the original author.

Also, some high school or college students are not aware of how serious this issue is. Committing plagiarism is a form of theft or fraud and can be matched to stealing intellectual property.

Furthermore, some students don’t know the types of plagiarism and ways to avoid it. Therefore, continue reading this blog, get to know about it, and create your academic assignments without plagiarism.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism means using someone else's work or ideas without citing the source and proper attribution. It is considered a crime and an ethical infraction of your school or college honor code.

Also, both published or unpublished content in any form can be considered plagiarism. Therefore, when you are using other work in your content without giving credit to them is plagiarism.

Moreover, some students think that they use the content of other writer’s work and teachers don’t know them. However, it is a doltish mistake because teachers have plagiarism checkers or tools, quickly identifying plagiarism.

Hence, try to avoid using plagiarism either intentionally or unintentionally and save yourself from this unethical issue.

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What are the Different Types of Plagiarism?

The following are the eight common types of plagiarism.

  1. 1. Direct Plagiarism

    Direct or verbatim plagiarism means that you directly copy the text from the source without changing a single word. It also means pasting information into your content word for word without attribution.

    Therefore, if the words are the same as the original content, then it comes under the crime of plagiarism.

    However, if you use the exact words of the writer, you need to:

    • Quote the source by placing the copied text into quotation marks.
    • Include an in-text citation.
  2. 2. Self Plagiarism

    In this form of plagiarism, you are reusing the previous work. It includes using the entire or a part of the work. Also, using the same essay or paper to complete two different assignments is considered self-plagiarism.

  3. 3. Accidental Plagiarism

    Accidental plagiarism can be committed when you forget to cite the sources that you used in your work. This plagiarism occurs when you misquote the phrases or parts of the text you take from other writers’ work.

    Therefore, students should know how to cite the sources properly and follow the outline for their entire work. Otherwise, you can never avoid this type of plagiarism.

  4. 4. Mosaic Plagiarism

    It is also known as patchwork or incremental plagiarism, in which you copy phrases, passages, and ideas from different sources. Then, paste it into your work to create a new text.

    This type of plagiarism or patch-writing requires strong paraphrasing skills. Therefore, you should jot down the key points and write them into your own words. Also, properly cite the sources.

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  6. 5. Source-based Plagiarism

    This type of plagiarism happens because of a variety of sources. It occurs when you:

    • Mention a source that is not correct or doesn’t even exist.
    • Use a secondary source but mention the primary source of information.

    Therefore, carefully cite the sources and avoid plagiarism in your research work.

  7. 6. Data Fabrication and Falsification Plagiarism

    Data fabrication and falsification are also types of plagiarism. Data fabrication means the creation or manufacturing of data and research findings. At the same time, data falsification implicates changing or omitting data to display an inaccurate impression.

    Also, this type of plagiarism costs high, especially in medical research, because it can adversely affect vital scientific results.

  8. 7. Outline Plagiarism

    Outline plagiarism is also known as retweet plagiarism, and it includes the same structure with different information. In this type, the students use the outline of another essay. The thesis statement, sources, and other points are the same, but the content is not original.

  9. 8. Collaboration Plagiarism

    In collaboration plagiarism, a group of students collaborates on a research project, but one of them acts as if he did it alone. The students claim it, and it is not completely original.

    Therefore, when you start writing your work, keep these plagiarism types in mind and create zero plagiarism work. Otherwise, you will face disciplinary action if you commit plagiarism.

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Types of Plagiarism With Examples

For your help, we gathered the best example that helps you to understand different types of plagiarism.

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Types of Plagiarism - Examples
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Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

The following are the tips that every student should follow and know how to avoid plagiarism in their content.

  • Cross verify all your citations before submitting them to your work.
  • Do not copy the text word by word from the original document.
  • Carefully do the paraphrasing.
  • In patchwork plagiarism, cite the sources deliberately.
  • Don’t forget to add the reference section to your document.
  • Include quotation marks if you copy the original text word by word.
  • When citing sources, use the proper format.
  • Use a plagiarism checker to detect plagiarism before submission.
  • Never neglect to cite the sources.
  • Write from scratch and avoid plagiarism.
  • Know the different types of plagiarism.
  • Provide a complete bibliography.
  • Use facts, statistics, graphics, etc., that don’t contain common knowledge.
  • Get help from your professor.

Follow these tips to avoid plagiarism in your content and make it unique and noteworthy.

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