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How to Write a Poem Step-by-Step Like a Pro

How to Write a Poem Step-by-Step Like a Pro

A poem is a collection of words that expresses an emotion or concept in a more focused way than speaking. It's a manner of expressing yourself in words that catch people's attention.

Writing a poem for the first time may be both intimidating and exciting. But, unfortunately, some pupils become confused and stuck about writing down their ideas.

So, you are also in the same phase. Then, continue reading this blog and learn how to write a poem that impresses your readers.

What is a Poem?

A poem is an amazing way of imaginatively and creatively expressing your deepest thoughts and feelings. The best poems pique the reader's interest with vivid imagery and employ literary devices like meter, metaphor, and rhyme to remember them for years to come.

The main goal of writing a poem is to capture the reader's mind with powerful words. Also, paint a picture of what the author feels.

Moreover, the poem is written to make the reader feel something. It can be written in verses, complete, or incomplete sentences with a rhyme.

According to Aristotle, there are three types of poetry: comedy, tragedy, and epic. He claims that the goal of humor is to imitate the inferior to make people laugh. On the other hand, tragic events cause people to suffer, but they crave more by expressing them with particular effects.

Main Elements of Poem

The main elements of the poem are:

  • Stanza: Series of lines grouped together
  • Verse: One line poetry
  • Meter: The pattern of stressed syllables
  • Rhythm: Beats or stresses syllables
  • Rhyme: Repetition of similar sounds

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Types of Poem

Poetry is a unique type of writing divided into three categories. Each type of poetry can be subdivided into several subtypes, each with its rhyme schemes, rhythms, and style.

The main types are:

  • Narrative
  • Narrative poetry tells a story, and it can be about any event in ancient times. It can be a simple story about something someone has experienced and wants to share with others.

  • Lyric
  • The lyric is a poem that is considered the most emotional type. It focuses on emotions and feelings. Also, remember that it does not include telling a story.

  • Dramatic
  • Dramatic poetry is a spoken form of verse that tells stories. The most popular dramatic form is blank verse. Rhyme verse and closet drama are also the main two forms of dramatic poetry.

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How to Write a Poem For Kids?

Teachers assign writing activities to kids, like writing a poem on an interesting topic. With the help of this activity, they develop their creative writing and critical thinking skills.

For a well-written poem, you should know how to write it. Therefore, for your help, we gathered some steps to help you write a great poem for kids.

  1. 1. Consider a Topic
  2. First, come up with an intriguing concept or subject. Then pick a concept or theme that will help your poetry achieve its goal.

  3. 2. Choose Your Words Wisely
  4. Make a list of words that accurately represent your subject. To compose an excellent poem, you need to use powerful and engaging words. However, try to avoid using tough words that can confuse your readers.

  5. 3. Use Line Breaks Deliberately
  6. Always use line breaks in your poem; they tell the readers when and where to take a break. Also, it adds meaning to the poem, and the reader easily understands it.

  7. 4. Use Literary Techniques
  8. Use literary devices like metaphor and simile to make your poem stand out. These can be used to paint a detailed image for the reader or add diversity and depth to your piece of writing.

  9. 5. Start the Writing Phase
  10. Use the list of words you created when you begin composing the poem. Then start with an attention-grabbing sentence. Remember to use your senses and write a poem that gives a clear picture to the readers.

    Follow these steps when writing the poem and make your writing phase easy.

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How to Write a Poem About Yourself?

When you're composing a poem about yourself, here are some steps to keep in mind.

  1. 1. Read Different Writer’s Poetry
  2. Looking at examples of poems is the best approach to writing great poetry. You can read poetry written by great people on the same subject as your own. Take ideas from them and consider the following things:

    • What are the words they use?
    • What concepts or ideas do they discuss?
    • Their ability to accurately depict their genre.

    Keep these points in mind and read sample work related to your chosen topic.

  3. 2. Choose the Best Idea
  4. Begin the poem by focusing on a certain subject or theme that interests you. Choosing an intriguing, thought-provoking topic for the poetry will allow more originality and creativity.

  5. 3. Select the Poetic Form
  6. There are a variety of poetic forms to choose from, including:

    • Sonnet
    • A rhyming couplet
    • Free Verse

    Choose a poetic form that is simple to use and stick to that form so that your poetry doesn’t break the rhythm.

  7. 4. Start Writing the Poem
  8. Avoid abstract visuals to make it more engaging and intriguing. Instead, try to describe something using all five of your senses. Avoid writing irrelevant details and gives readers a captivating experience.

  9. 5. Proofreading the Poem
  10. When you finish writing the poem, start the proofreading and editing phase. Read it aloud and notice every word or line. Make sure that all sentences make a connection. You can also send it to your friends or family members and get feedback from them.

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How to Write a Poem About Someone?

Writing a poem about someone can be interesting and tough. However, with the help of some steps, you can easily write a great poem.

Here are some steps you should follow when writing a poem about someone.

  1. 1. Choose a Form
  2. First, you should decide on the poetic form. Try to choose the one that matches your subject, and you can easily express your chosen subject.

  3. 2. Brainstorm the Special Memories
  4. You have to brainstorm special memories about specific people and present them engagingly in the poem.

    For Example, when you write a poem about a famous person, try to mention their achievements, characteristics, and some details about their personal life.

  5. 3. Describe the Person
  6. Describe the person in detail, so the reader can easily understand your poem. You should mention their:

    • Physical appearance
    • Best and worst qualities
    • The clothes they wear

    Try to write all the details about the person and impress the readers with your poem.

  7. 4. Polishing the Poem
  8. In this step, take a break and then start to review your poem from the reader’s point of view. Readout loud several times and remove all the lines that don’t make a connection with your poem.

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How to Write a Poem On Friendship?

Writing a poem on friendship is the best and most interesting task. Some students like to write a poem on friendship.

Here are some rules that help you write a perfect poem on friendship.

  • Create a timeline of your friendship. In this timeline, you would write about where you first met and how you became friends.
  • Think about the special memories.
  • Mention their personality traits.
  • Follow the simple structure.
  • Pay attention to the poem sound.
  • Proofread it and remove all the mistakes. Read the poem out loud and notice the words.

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How to Write a Poem With Rhyming Words?

Below are some tips to help you write a poem with rhyming words.

  • Brainstorm the poem ideas.
  • Look around for inspiration.
  • Read the short story and good poems to get ideas from them. Also, read the rhyming poems.
  • Write freely about your chosen topic.
  • Write concrete words in your poem.
  • Take writing classes and practice writing exercises if you have weak writing skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualities of a good poem?

The main qualities of a good poem are:

  • Creative
  • Imaginative
  • Descriptive

What is the easiest type of poem to write?

An acrostic is the easiest type of poem to write, and teachers commonly teach it to students.

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