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Press Release Example – Samples with Writing Guide

Press Release Example – Samples with Writing Guide

Are you working on your press release and wondering what elements to include?

Every marketer should get an idea of writing a good press release. It helps the media to know about the latest developments in your business. Moreover, they are also cost-effective as compared to news advertisements.

Reporters and editors are busy individuals and only respond to the best pitches. Therefore, it is important to know how to write a press release.

This blog contains a perfect press release example for you to get a detailed idea about the press release format.

What Is A Press Release?

A reliable news story enables a business firm to build interactions with journalists. This is where a press release or a news release comes in.

It is defined as an official statement issued by a news media firm. The two main types of press release include:

  • Written press release
  • Recorded press release

Moreover, good press releases should be in an easy and understandable language. It must be able to answer who, what, why and where questions through the action verbs. However, the length may usually vary from one to two pages i.e. 300 to 800-word count.

Most of the business organizations provide essential data for news outlets. This is how they get sufficient material to publish their narrative about a company's development.

It is a good option to discuss the achievements of your business in a press release. It is considered as a valuable means to gain and increase brand visibility. Nevertheless, do not add any controversial information to the press coverage.

Furthermore, using an inverted pyramid formula will make it attention-grabbing for the target audiences.

Press Release Example

Examples are a great way to learn something in less time and more efficiency. Here, we have added some good press release examples for you. These will help you learn about a proper press release template and structure. Have a look at them to get a better understanding.

Advertising and Marketing Press Release Example

Below-mentioned is an advertising and market press release example. Each section is explained separately. You will know the format and complete structure of a release by going through it.

pdf icon
Advertising and Marketing Press Release Example (PDF)

Award Press Release Example

This press release is about a company that wins an award. Read the document to get a better understanding of writing an award press release.

pdf icon
Award Press Release Example (PDF)

Book Press Release Example

Following is a complete sample of a book press release. Having a look at the document will make you learn about the complete format of this type of release.

pdf icon
Book Press Release Example (PDF)

Fashion Press Release Example

The fashion press release sample describes everything about unveiling a cloth collection. This complete guide will help you write your own fashion press release.

pdf icon
Fashion Press Release Example (PDF)

Fitness Press Release Example

This fitness press release example explains all the sections and formatting of the paper in detail. It describes helping the truck drivers to fight against obesity. Read the paper to write your press release successfully.

pdf icon
Fitness Press Release Example (PDF)

Product Press Release Example

The complete format guide of a product press release is given below. It explains the launch of a new product and thus, illustrates each section in detail. Continue reading for a better understanding.

pdf icon
Product Press Release Example (PDF)

Real Estate Press Release Example

The below-mentioned document will provide you everything to get started with your real estate press release. Continue reading to know more about urban living and its perks.

pdf icon
Real Estate Press Release Example (PDF)
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Sports Press Release Example

Learn to write your sports press release with the help of the following document. It explains the community support to youth and sports fans.

pdf icon
Sports Press Release Example (PDF)

Press Release Format

A press release must follow a specific format that is given below:

  • It should begin with contact information in an upper right or left corner. These include your name, phone number, and email address. It will enable the media contact reporters to get in touch with you when required.
  • Then comes a press release headline which is considered as the most important four to five words. It is the first thing that a journalist or the audience will read. Therefore, it must be unique and to the point.
  • Some releases contain a subheading to provide more details. However, it is not compulsory.
  • Then comes a one-line summary that includes a location and date stamp at the beginning.
  • Write the first sentence in an inverted pyramid style.
  • The main news story should be summarized in less than 25 words.
  • Mention the date on the left side of the page on which the details are getting published.
  • The main body must be written in a way that answers all the questions about a service, product or event.
  • Add double-spacing between your paragraphs.
  • Moreover, the press release should be written in third-person, including a quote and original sources.
  • Lastly, it should conclude with a brief description of the business firm.
  • It can also suggest a call to action in the last step by promoting an event or testing the product.
  • End it with the symbols “###” in the center.

You can further read our blog about press release format and structure to further understanding.

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Why Are Press Releases Important?

Press releases are important in the following ways.

  • All types and sizes of businesses can get benefit from press release distribution. Similarly, it will also give you publicity.
  • This process is fairly inexpensive and affordable compared to paid advertising. Therefore, most companies prefer to write a press release on their own.
  • It will also boost the company's visibility and enable the clients to know more about you.
  • An effective release can also establish you as an industry expert. It will assist in gaining the customer's trust and develop media relations.
  • High-quality media outlets will also get more notable stories from local media outlets throughout the world.
  • Releases will help people to get daily online news on social media through different blog posts. This will lead the customers to increase.
  • Press releases also set up an online newsroom for the investors to browse through the company's achievements.
  • It is a free public relations tool that can be helpful for a startup. Moreover, it also publicizes the information that alerts the audience about a particular product or event.

Find more about its benefits from our complete guide on how to write a press release.

Why Should My Business Send A Press Release?

Business firms of all sizes use this press release to achieve their goals. Some of them are given below:

  • For Getting Media Coverage – It will happen when your firm is preparing to feature a new product.
  • For Building Your Brand's Reputation – It is when you are planning to launch a brand image and want more people to know about it.
  • For Managing A Crisis Situation – Sometimes a company releases a press coverage itself during a crisis situation.
  • Building Backlinks from Social Media Websites – It happens when a company publishes a new e-book, report or blog and wants a reliable source to link back the data.
  • Cost-Effective Means for Marketing – A well-structured press release will help to grab the reader's attention. Therefore, it serves as a less costly procedure.
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Who Should I Send My Press Release?

An organization can send releases to various media outlets that include:

  • Local business community
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Business partners
  • Social media

Furthermore, you can also send them through search engines and other offline channels.

When Should I Send a Press Release?

A lot of questions arise regarding sending a press release. The most important among them is when a business company should send its release.

You can send it anytime when you have something newsworthy to share such as:

  • Making News Announcements – News outlets are looking for ways to cover any news immediately. Therefore, a company should provide them a helping hand.
  • Product Launches – New products often become a good source for making some good news.
  • Events – Events can offer journalists to share something interesting with the audiences.
  • Partnerships – Press releases enable people to know about establishing new business and strategic partnerships.
  • Share the Research – They may also be helpful in sharing any new research work of the company.
  • Awards – A company can also share if it gets an award.
  • Hiring New Personals – This is considered to be important news at larger firms.
  • Crisis Management – The best technique is to highlight a crisis yourself before someone else does.

Make sure you always have something to share with your audience because it will help you earn coverage.

Steps for Publishing Press Releases

Writing a great press release is only half the battle. The next step is to focus on a press release distribution. The traditional distribution levers include publishing a press release on a website, blog or social media. However, follow the below-mentioned steps to ensure maximum distribution.

Reaching Out to The Experienced Journalists

Most of the companies made the mistake of contacting every journalist. Instead, you should only find a few experienced ones to distribute your release.

Using Different Channels

Use various search engines and offline channels to send your release.

Send Your Release A Day Before

Remember to send your release to the journalists at least one day before. It will help them get enough time to draft a unique and impressive story.

Try to Avoid the Competition

Most of the companies plan their release on the hour such as 1:00 PM, 3:00 PM, or 5:00 PM. Therefore, one should try not to publish its release on these hours to avoid competition. Moreover, there is also a chance for you to get lost in the shuffle. Choosing a different time can make your release sound more unique.

Sharing the Media Coverage

Your task has not ended even after your release gets the media coverage. a company should trigger a second wave of distribution by sharing particular stories.

This blog has provided you all the necessary information about a press release. However, if you still need any help, hiring professional writers is always a good option.

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