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Types of Press Release - Overview with Examples

types of press release

A press release is considered to be a tool for spreading news and generating publicity. There are different types of press releases available for every kind of announcement you want to make. Regardless of the nature of the announcement, there is a press to cater to all of your marketing needs.

Before you put pen to paper, you need to learn how to write a press release. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all tactic for writing a good press release. Instead, you must know what type of press release you need to write, format, and structure. Without knowing these things, you might not be able to write a good and compelling press release.

Here we have provided a brief rundown of eight different types of a press release and their examples. Review these types and learn which type you need to publish to make an important announcement.

Types of Press Release

A press release is a written company announcement that contains necessary details for journalists and bloggers to publish the news. A company’s public relations officer handles the tasks of the press release and making important announcements.

The press release is an effective way to inform people about your business, products, partners, and every other thing. Everything from general news to an extremely important news release, a press release covers every industry aspect. However, each one of them has a unique style and follows a certain press release format.

Whether a company is announcing a long coming partnership, hiring an impressive employee. Or, hosting an industry-renowned event, they make a press release about it. All the company employees, team members, and even owners look up to a public relations officer to create best-in-class PR material.

Here are the eight common types of press releases that you can use for your business. We have discussed these types along with the particular press release examples in detail.

Event Press Release

An event press release is intended to promote an event a company is sponsoring, attending, or hosting. It also aims to encourage media members to cover the event and invite the general public to attend the event. It is a great way to inform people and the media about the activities of a company.

This type of press release contains all the details containing the “five W’s” of journalism ‘Why,’ ‘When,’ ‘What,’ ‘Where,’ and ‘Who.’ In addition to the five W’s, a ‘How’ aspect needs to be added to the list to let the public know how they can get the tickets or sign up for the event.

This event marketing should make it easier for the public and media to attend the event and assess its relevance to the audience. However, the overall goal is to have the specifics of the event printed in the media so the public can learn about them.

The best possible format for an event press release is either an outline, list, or bullet points to make the information easily understandable. Below you can find an event press release example to have a better understanding of the format.

pdf icon
Event Press Release Example
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Book Press Release

A book press release announces the launch of a book and offers details on why the media should cover it and people should buy it. Unfortunately, not all books are newsworthy, so it is essential to convince the media that your book is newsworthy.

In a book press release, you need to summarize your book and its benefits to the reader. Further, go into details about the most interesting and captivating points of your book.

Next, provide an attention-grabbing quote from a book review given by a celebrity or a social media influencer with a high-resolution image. Moreover, provide a list of places and book stores where people can purchase your book.

End the document with the bio of the author providing why the writer is credible and newsworthy. Check out the book press release given below to have a clear understanding.

Check out the book press release given below to have a clear understanding.

pdf icon
Book Press Release Example

Product Press Release

A product press release announces the launch, promotes, and calls out recognition for the new product. Mega corporations like Apple, despite having legions of podcasts, and blogs continue to use the press release for launching a new product. The purpose of this press release is to hit the market and let the public know about the product launch.

The product launch press release should provide its noteworthy features and how it is different from existing products. The information should encourage the journalist to try the new product or at least feature themselves.

Have a look at the example given below to learn how to write a newsworthy product press release for the media outlets.

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Product Press Release Example
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New Hire Press Release

A new hire press release or new staff announcement announces that a company has hired a new employee. These announcements are usually focused on the change in higher management and leadership. However, it fairly includes biological information like the name and a picture of the new hire.

The new hire press release highlights the qualities and specialties of the new addition, accomplishments, and professional background. And, also what makes this person stand out among other candidates

The announcement is intended to inform the general public, investors, partners, and customers of the new hire. Look at the new hire press release example below to learn how to write an effective press release.

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New Hire Press Release Example

Award Press Release

An award press release intends to showcase an award or accolade an individual or a company has received. In addition, the press release helps to spread the news throughout the industry, customers, and the general public.

Winning a prestigious award helps you elevate your company’s position among the stakeholders and industry leaders. Therefore, it is important to let them know that your company or an individual from your company has won an award.

The award press release should highlight your achievement, but it should not be overly promotional. Instead, it should be objective and discuss the award from a business point of view. Explain how this recognition sets you apart and when the award was issued in a humble tone.

Learn to write an impressive award press release with the help of the following example.

pdf icon
Award Press Release Example

Rebranding Press Release

Every once in a while, a company looks to make some changes in its corporate image. The changes may include updating the slogan or logo, modifying the company name but staying true to the core values. In addition, you make a rebranding press release to inform the stakeholders and customers about the change whenever you make such changes.

A rebranding press release allows a company to compile all the details in a single document and spread it widely. Some people find change unsettling, so tell a positive story about your rebranding in the press release to create excitement. Further, explain how rebranding will be beneficial for the customers.

Think of your customer’s perspectives and anticipate their queries. And then reduce their uneasiness by addressing all the concerns. You may want to highlight how the rebranding will improve the customer experience with a positive note from an executive.

Here is an example of a rebranding press release for your help.

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Rebranding Press Release Example
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Partnership Press Release

Like rebranding, a new partnership brings a huge change to the company and often trickles down customers. A partnership press release helps you announce the news of successfully negotiating a partnership deal. Similar to rebranding, the partnership press release aims to inform the audience of the upcoming changes.

Again, just like the event press release, address the five W’s of journalism in the partnership press release. Focus on ‘What’ and ‘Why’ more than other W’s to make your audience understand your strategy behind the change.

Take help from the example to write an impressive partnership press release on your own.

pdf icon
Partnership Press Release Example

New Business Press Release

A new business or business launch press release brings a news story about a new venture. Media coverage indicates and helps you delineate why your initiative is newsworthy. It also helps you discuss how your business will fill the industry’s gaps for services and products.

In the business press release document, provide all the necessary details about your business opening. The press release distribution includes company name, official contact information and email address, and opening date.

Here is a business launch press release example for you to have a better understanding.

pdf icon
New Business Press Release Example

Now you have an overview of all common types of press release with examples; you may have clearly understood its importance. However, if you want to create an amazing press release, you need to follow certain rules and specific formats.

Remember that media outlets expect a professional press release; otherwise, they do not provide the media coverage to your press.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What a press release should include?

  • You should choose the viewpoint that is important to your target audience.
  • Begin with a well-planned headline.
  • Take note of the first paragraph.
  • In a few body paragraphs, cover the basics.
  • Consider including quotations.
  • Include your contact information.
  • A boilerplate should be included at the end of your press release.

What are the three qualities of a good press release?

Here are three characteristics of successful press releases:

  • It’s useful
  • It’s atomized
  • It’s nimble

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