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How to Write A Press Release - A Complete Guide

How to Write A Press Release - A Complete Guide

Press releases support companies to get publicity for broadcasting their message.

No matter how big or small business you have, you can still benefit from press release distribution service.

New to the concept and wondering how to write it? Don’t worry you are in the right place.

This blog will provide you a detailed guide on how to write a press release.

What Is A Press Release?

A structured and authentic news story can assist a company in standing out and building interactions with reporters. This is when press releases or news announcements come in.

A press release is defined as an official statement made and issued by a firm to the news media. There are two forms: written press release and recorded press release.

Moreover, press releases are often referred to as press statements, news releases or media releases. A good one contains easy and understandable language including a quote.

Similarly, the headings should also contain action verbs by answering "who," "what," "why," and "where" in the first paragraph. The length of these press releases usually varies from one to two pages.

Companies want to provide important information for news outlets. It is because they get sufficient material to publish their narrative about whatever the firm is presenting in the release.

The journalists and editors can use the details in a TV or radio broadcast, newspaper, magazine, or the media's website.

It may sound appealing to draft a press release that discusses the accomplishments of your business. However, remember, press releases live in the public domains that mean the customers can also see them.

Therefore, take it as a valuable means of marketing content instead of just earning news coverage. Similarly, today's press release headlines also help businesses to get media coverage.

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Types of Press Releases

Here are a few types of press releases that can spread the news in the most suitable way.

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • New product launches
  • Opening a new office
  • Hosting an event
  • Introducing a new partnership
  • Attending an event
  • Receiving an award
  • Rebranding
  • Updates of existing products
  • Promoting or hiring a new executive

Reasons Why Press Releases are Needed?

A large number of reasons might call for using press releases such as:

  • Company Declaration - Reorganizing, expansion, relocations, new partnerships or investors may use it.
  • Product Proclamation - New or improved products along with new brands can be declared by a press release.
  • Initiative Notification – Any new internal or external schemes impacting the business.
  • Employee Reporting - New employees and promotions are worth a news release, too.
  • Honors or Rewards - Rewards granted to a corporation, product, or employee can all use it.
  • Research Results – Mentioning the findings of a business-related survey.

Purpose of a Press Release

The main purpose involves the promotion of something significant. Moreover, it also serves three marketing and promotional purposes:

  • To inform the media about an event
  • To share some important facts regarding your business
  • To promote your business appearances on the internet through blogs, websites and social platforms

Features of a Press Release

The features of a press release include:

  • A good and clean writing
  • Not overly formal language
  • Interesting enough to grab the interest of the target audience
  • Should be in the context of press publications and media notifications
  • A one-page news copy
  • Informing the target audience by making declarations
  • Expressing the image of the brand or organizations
  • Not using consumer-focused writing language
  • Should not include advertisements
  • Strongly worded expressions must be avoided
  • Issued on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Used to proclaim a new or different event
  • Needs to be unbiased and according to the principles of journalism
  • Must have current and reliable content
  • Mention important people from the event
  • Must be appropriate for the audience
  • Must state a political and social perspective
  • Must not exhibit a conflict
  • Provide unique, scientific, medical, etc. knowledge
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Who To Send It To?

You can send a press release by email to various news media outlets. These may involve:

  • Local business community
  • Prospects
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Influencers
  • Other companies in your industry
  • Business partners

A well written and properly formatted release can yield thousands of dollars.

Importance of the Press Release

The following are the benefits of the press releases.

3.1 All Businesses Can Benefit

No matter what type of industry you are in or how small or big your business is, you can always benefit from press release distribution. Moreover, your story can help you get publicity.

Fairly Inexpensive

Most companies prefer writing a press release on their own. In such cases, the only expenditure comes with employing a press release distribution resource to transfer their anecdote to the media persons. However, this is inexpensive and affordable in contrast to paid advertising.

Boosting Company's Visibility

Getting stick with a long-term press release distribution plan can help your clients know:

  • Who you are?
  • What do you do?
  • Why do they need you?

This process is important for both small and large corporations as it helps them gain more media coverage.

Establish You as an Industry Expert

Being an industry expert is essential to gain your customer's trust and develop media relations. Once the customers trust you, they are more likely to buy from you. Similarly, whenever the media needs someone to comment on the story, they will prefer you.

Spread Far and Wide

Reporters pick up the story and then spread from one publication to another. This is how media outlets get notable stories from local media outlets throughout the world.

Get More Customers

The media is no longer the sole audience now. Instead, 80 million individuals are getting online news daily on social media through different blog posts. Most of them are your customers. Thus, it is beneficial to consider them while writing your press releases.

Investors Follow Up the News

Press releases that highlight your company's successes and developments are a powerful tool for attracting investors. Thus, make sure to set up an online newsroom for the investors to browse through.

Public Relations Tool

It is a free public relations tool that can be helpful for a startup. Moreover, it publicizes important information about an event that alerts the public about the product or service.

Similarly, it also informs the public about an information security violation to describe what occurred and plan the measures to mitigate the issue.

Cost-Effective and Easily Differentiable

Today, anyone can craft and distribute a press release free of cost. Options like radio, newspapers, and television are becoming general.

A standard newspaper format makes it much easier for the public to differentiate between an advertisement and a press release. In addition, it's comprehensible by a heading, clear wording and fact-based presentation.

What Does A Press Release Look Like?

There is a specific format that needs to be followed while drafting a press release. Some of the fundamental attention grabbing elements are given below:

The standard format begins with contact details in an upper right or left corners, such as name, phone number and email address of the person who prepared the release. The contact information will enable the reporters to reach out to you if they have any further questions.

Then comes the headline which is considered as the most important four to five words in an entire document. It is the first thing that the journalist reads. Therefore, it must be intriguing, newsworthy and unique.

Some releases also contain a subject line or a subheading on the next line that provides some more detail. However, this section is not compulsory.

It should be followed by a one-line summary that would motivate the reader to read more. Likewise, it is essential to include a location and date stamp at the beginning of the first paragraph.

Moreover, write the first sentence in an inverted pyramid style. Also, the primary news of the press release should be summarized in less than 25 words.

Below that, mention the date on which the details can be made public on the left side of the page.

The rest of the body must answer all the questions that a journalist might have about a service, product, or event. As it is a public relations tool, thus it should not sound overly promotional while reading your press release. This is how it will lose its credibility.

Also, double-space your paragraphs.

It must be written in third-person and cite quotations and original sources.

Lastly, press releases conclude with a brief description of an organization or business. Additionally, it would also discuss a call to action that could:

  • Promote an event
  • Testing a product
  • Contacting the author of the press release

End it with the symbols, “###” in the center at the bottom of your release.

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How to Write A Press Release?

Here we have mentioned a step by step guide on how to write a press release.

Make the Headlines Engaging

After planning in mind, its high time to start writing in words for sharing it with the industry, community, and sponsors. Write a perfect headline for a successful start.

This one line needs to be captivating by using verbs along with clear and understandable language. Also, make sure to keep it short and simple.

Remember that reporters get hundreds of releases daily. Thus, spend enough time to craft an impressive headline as it will help you stand out.

Conveying the Value of The News to The Press

You have to convey the actual value of your release to the reporters, analysts, and followers.

The first paragraph should cover the who, what, why, where, and how questions. It is because the reporters do not have time to find background details. They only need the facts which will help them to tell their story to others.

Similarly, avoid adding any new or crucial information in this section. Also, use the reverse pyramid formula when writing a press release.

Mention A Relevant Quotation

After setting the scene, use quotations to bring the details. This technique is used to build context around the announcement. Moreover, it also provides an idea regarding how the news will impact the industry or customer base.

The quotes are mainly from the primary stakeholders in the company. These include the executive team or project leads. It should structure your story by emphasizing the basics of your declaration.

Avoid asking everybody's opinion in your office. Instead, choose one or two spokespeople to compose quotations around their unique prospects.

Provide Background Information

The reader already has all the details to write the story in the last paragraph. However, it can be beneficial to provide more details regarding your company or product. It makes your press release even more helpful and concise.

You can also discuss your company's advancements along with future implications. Another way for adding worth to your release is to relate it with some current events going on. This strategy will make it more relevant to the reporter and audience.

Summarize The “Who” And “What” Perspective

Make referencing easy for your release. Describe the working of your firm in an understandable and plain English by including the company's homepage link. Also, cite the data by including a referencing link for the data source.

Ask your friends or family to read the document. Ask them whether they can explain the announcement and the company's work easily. If they failed to do so, it means you need revisions.

You can also give a modern outlook to your release to make it more suitable for your marketing. Also, use inbound methods to transform your marketing strategies. It will make it more personalized and approachable by building relationships.

These principles can also apply to the PR strategy. Use a tactful approach to craft your content and familiarize your brand with reporters.

Steps for Publishing Press Releases

It's only half the battle to write a press release. After this, it's time to focus on distribution. The traditional distribution levers include publishing a press release on website, blog or social media. But, to ensure the maximum distribution, follow the below-mentioned tips.

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Reach Out to Experienced Journalists

Instead of contacting every journalist, just focus on a few ones having experience in your industry.

Use Different Channels

Try to send your release through various search engines or other offline channels.

Send the Release A Day Before

Always send the release to the journalists a day before so that they get enough time to craft a story.

Avoid Competition

You can avoid the competition by stop publishing your press on the hour such as 1:00PM, 3:00PM, or 5:00PM. It is because most firms are planning their releases to go out on the hour.

You'll have more chance of getting lost in the shuffle this way. Thus, choose a different time so that your body copy sound more unique.

Share the Media Coverage

If your release gets media coverage still your job is not finished. You can also trigger a second wave of distribution by sharing particular stories.

Press Release Examples

We have provided some samples and examples of the press release for you to get a better understanding. Also, refer to the template given below.

pdf icon
Press Release Template (PDF)
pdf icon
Press Release Format (PDF)
pdf icon
Press Release Example (PDF)

This blog has provided you with everything to get started with your press release However, if you still need any help, taking help from professional essay writers is a good option.

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