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Press Release Format and Structure with Example

Press Release Format and Structure with Example

Press releases are an official statement distributed to media for generating a news release.

Most people are confused with the concept of how to write a press release. It is essential to follow a proper press release format and structure when writing it.

Read the blog to get a detailed idea about the proper format and template.

What Is A Press Release?

An authentic news story enables a company to stand out and build interactions with reporters. This is where a press release or media release comes in.

It is usually defined as an official statement issued by a news media firm. Two types of press releases include:

  • Written press release
  • Recorded press release

It should contain an easy and understandable language. Similarly, the headings should also include action verbs by answering "who," "what," "why," and "where" in the first paragraph. Moreover, the length usually varies from one to two pages with 300 to 800 words.

Some corporations also provide important information for news outlets. They get enough material to publish their narrative about whatever the firm is presenting in the release.

Apart from that, writing a release that discusses the accomplishments of your business is a good option. However, they live in public domains. Thus, it is taken as a valuable means to gain brand visibility.

Avoid adding any controversial information. Instead, use an inverted pyramid formula while writing it. Also, make sure that they are attention-grabbing for the target audiences.

A firm can send its press release to various news media outlets that may involve:

  • Local business community
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Business partners
  • Social media

Furthermore, you can also send your release through search engines or other offline channels. One of the most famous distributors of press releases in New York City is PR NewsWire. It can help you connect and engage across the globe by:

  • News Distribution
  • Targeting
  • Monitoring
  • Marketing Solutions
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Benefits of A Press Release

Below mentioned are some important benefits of the press releases.

  • All types and sizes of industries can get publicity by the press releases.
  • Most companies find this method as inexpensive and affordable as compared to paid advertising.
  • A long-term press release distribution service can also help to gain more media coverage.
  • You will be established as an industry expert and thus, becomes eligible to comment on a news article.
  • Press releases also spread far and wide from one publication to another. This is how media outlets get stories from other local outlets around the world.
  • It also assists in attracting more customers and investors.
  • It is also considered as a free public relations tool to alert the public about the products or services.
  • It is cost-effective because anyone can write and distribute a press release free of cost. Moreover, it is also easily differentiable.
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How to Format A Press Release?

A good press release must comprise of the company's logo, a headline and an opening paragraph that presents the reports and announcements.

Moreover, it should also consist of three to four body paragraphs to provide a detailed overview. Lastly, the conclusion must include boilerplate and contact information.

Here is a complete step by step format guide for you regarding how to write a press release.

Adding Document Settings

A writer can use Microsoft Word for correcting the format. It makes sure that you are using a white paper to write in Times New Roman or Arial fonts. Place your margins to be 1 inch on all sides.

Firstly, you should place the logo of your company at the top center of your page. It needs to be around 200×200 pixels in size. Similarly, also include a high-resolution .png file link if you are planning to email your release.

Including the Contact Information

You can write your contact details on the right side of the logo. It must include the name, email address and phone number through which the intended person can be contacted. It should be placed along the right margin.

Adding the Release Date

It is the dateline about when you want the content of the release to be published. Thus, it needs to be positioned in the top-left corner and in all caps.

Furthermore, it must also contain the words “For Immediate Release” at the top when you are ready to distribute.

There are cases when you ask the media to go live on a specific date. For this, you need to write the words “Embargoed for Release” in the top left-hand corner.

Writing Your Headline

The main headline appears to be at the top and center of the press release. However, it should be below the logo, contact details, and release date.

Try to keep the headline precise, centered and specific, mainly typed in 14-point size. The range of the characters may vary from 65 to 80. Also, make sure to use an easy and understandable language.

Including A SubHeader

Subheader is stated under the headline and helps to grab the audience's attention. It gives an opportunity to understand what the press release is about by developing a story angle.

Moreover, it should have 120 characters that must be formatted in 12-point Times Roman Font and in title case.

Add the Location and Date

The location of the press release along with the publishing date is stated in the first paragraph. Both should be written in bold letters.

Drafting the First Body Paragraph

The first body paragraph of your press release must summarize the central idea and include facts. It should present the who, what, when, where, and why or how of the release. The text must be single-spaced, unbolded and 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font.

Include Other Details in Body Copy

This section will contain media content like images, audios, videos, and quotations. It also provides details to explain the headline and first body paragraph. Use short paragraphs, include statistical data and hyperlinks and ensure to follow AP style guidelines.

The media content enables you to stand out on both social platforms and search engines. On the other hand, one can include a quote and can add another perspective to the writing piece.

Creating A Boilerplate

The last part of the press release is referred to as a boilerplate. It is the “About” section that is mentioned at the bottom. You can state the firm's background, awards, amount of time in business and other interesting data here. Lastly, it must be less than 100 words.

Adding End Notation

If your release is of about two pages, the first page must end with “-more-” centered at the bottom. However, the final page must end with three-pound signs “###.” It shows that the media got the entire document.

Placing Contact Information

It is better to place the contact information at the bottom after finishing writing the press release. It will encourage the reader to reach out to you for different questions. It must be formatted in 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font. Refer to the given example:

If you want to know more regarding the topic, please call [name] at [phone number], or email [email address].

Distributing the Press Release

The last step involves the distribution of the press release through Releases. They guarantee to send it to the substantial media outlets, such as AP and PR Newswire. It also makes it searchable by a large number of journalists and bloggers.

Press Release Example Format

Here, we have provided a template of the press release for you. Have a look at this document to get a better understanding.

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pdf icon
Press Release Template (PDF)
pdf icon
Press Release Format Sample (PDF)

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