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50+ Demonstration Speech Ideas for Your Next Great Speech

50+ Demonstration Speech Ideas for Your Next Great Speech

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What is a Demonstration Speech?

A demonstrative speech is probably the simplest and easiest of the types of speeches. This type of speech is fairly common in middle and high school. Through this, the students learn how to analyze a system or method of anything and present it clearly.

It is a type of informative speech, and the students get a chance to work on their writing and analytical skills.

A good speech inspires, engages, and teaches the audience to agree with your ideas and points. It details everything step by step and makes it easier for people to understand. Speech writing is different from writing an essay, and this is why you should go through some samples and a complete speech writing guide before starting.

Since a demonstrative speech is based on showing or telling the process of something. It could be anything, and the speakers use visual aids like Powerpoint presentations, charts and graphs, and handouts to clarify their topic.

These speeches are part of professional life also. Especially if the business deals in electronics and other similar products.

The complexity of the topics depends on the academic level and the field of study. For students in school and college students, the topics will not be that difficult. However, in mechanical fields, the same demonstrative speech becomes difficult and complex.

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Easy Demonstration Speech Topic Ideas for Students

As we said before, the topics and their difficulty depend on your field of study and class. Good public speaking and speech writing ideas are engaging and according to the target audience.

Speech topics that are different than what the target audience expects do not have the desired results, and you can go to waste. Below, we have added some good food-related topics and ideas for demonstration speeches to choose from for your next speaking event.

Demonstration Speech Ideas With Food

  • How to pick out the best wedding cake?
  • What are some basics of wine tasting?
  • What are some useful tips for the barbecue?
  • Making traditional soup in your region.
  • How to make fondant for cakes?
  • Different ways to make chili?
  • How to make pasta from scratch?
  • How to bake a cake without an oven?
  • What is Kimchi? How to make it?
  • How to make biscuits in a pan?
  • How to become a pro at using chopsticks?
  • How to debone a fish and make fillets?
  • How to make cotton candy without the machine?
  • Safety measures for learning while cooking.
  • How to make fresh jam at home?
  • How to make Irish Coffee?
  • What are the steps involved in making Banana pudding?
  • How is a wedding cake decorated?
  • How to make a real Italian pizza with classic recipes?
  • Different ways to count calories and make healthier choices.
  • What is the use of herbs and spices?
  • Cooking tips for men and kids.
  • Discuss the importance of breakfast.
  • The origin of Italian pizza.
  • How does a microwave oven work?

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5 Minute Demonstration Speech Ideas for Middle School

  • How to color and paint Easter eggs?
  • What is stretching?
  • How to use stretching to relieve the muscles and relax?
  • How to build a sandcastle
  • Soap carving: How to carve soaps?
  • How to work with mosaics?
  • What is a bonsai tree?
  • How to grow and manage a bonsai tree?
  • How to crochet a handbag?
  • What is a Rubik’s cube? How to solve it successfully?
  • How to edit photographs in photoshop?
  • What is stained glass?
  • How to make stained glass for your room?
  • What is sculpting?
  • How to sculpt in ice?
  • How to make a natural perfume at home?
  • What is graffiti?
  • How to make graffiti at home?
  • How to use a telescope?
  • How to teach parrots to talk?
  • Ways to select the proper running shoes for recreational walks.
  • How a student can practice active listening communication techniques.
  • How to pick a color scheme and palette.
  • How can an individual register himself for voting?
  • What are the ways to learn to play a computer game?

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Funny Demonstration Speech Ideas for High School

  • How to memorize lectures as easily as lyrics?
  • How to lie keeping a straight face?
  • How to win a food-eating challenge?
  • How to pretend to pay attention in class?
  • How to cheat in an exam?
  • How to blame everything on your horoscope?
  • How to change a baby’s diaper?
  • How to be impolite with someone you don’t like?
  • How to plan your wedding without losing your mind?
  • How to dress like barbie?
  • Ways to identify if a Louis Vuitton bag is authentic.
  • How to learn breakdance tricks and street moves?
  • How to make twirling confetti eggs for parties and events?
  • How to choose tasty French champagne?
  • How to get rid of roaches, mice, and other pests?
  • How to avoid making eye contact with your ex?
  • How to learn breakdance?
  • How to dress like a princess?
  • How to prepare a presentation you forgot all about?
  • The best way to eat a deviled egg without being messy.
  • How to choose the perfect pet?
  • How to change a baby’s diaper?
  • Ways to perform a magic trick.
  • How to make mango pudding?
  • How to choose the right running shoe?

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Demonstration Speech Ideas for College Students

  • How to write a compelling research paper?
  • How to learn horse riding?
  • How to lower blood pressure in 30 minutes?
  • How to plan a party successfully?
  • What is a scrapbook, and how to make one for yourself?
  • 5 most useful yoga postures and how to do them.
  • How to make scented candles?
  • What is interior design?
  • How to design a room with flowers and candles?
  • How to write a killing personal statement for admission?
  • How to build a hammock?
  • What is meditation? 5 steps for beginners to start meditation.
  • What is a ballroom?
  • How to be a good ballroom dancer?
  • Easy step to learn salsa.
  • How to make bath salts at home?
  • How to create a Halloween mask?
  • How do you use your breath when you sing?
  • Steps to writing a business-like letter.
  • How can a writer use the content of articles without violating their copyrights?
  • Ways to prepare invisible ink to write secret messages.
  • How can we read the clouds?
  • How can we read the stars?
  • How can we recognize poisonous plants or insects?

These were some good demonstration speech topics for kids and college students. All of these topic ideas make a great demonstrative speech. See how each of them is based on some method and explains the technique of doing a specific thing. You can use them for your speech or use them to come up with your own ideas.

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How to Create Demonstration Speech Outline?

Creating an outline is not important for your ease only. For a successful and good speech, you must have a detailed outline. If you are new to speech, you must be thinking about why having an outline is important. An outline organizes your thoughts and helps you stay in line with them.

To make the speech writing and persuasive speech writing easy and simple, research the topics carefully and prepare the outline before starting the writing process.

Follow the below sequence of steps to write a perfect demonstration speech outline in no time.

  1. 1. Find Out the Duration of the Speech

    The duration of a speech is the first thing that you need to consider before making the outline. It is important because then you will know how much time you will have for your speech. Lengthy speeches that do beyond your allocated time will lose their effect.

    Similarly, it will also tell the target audience how they will benefit from the knowledge you are about to share.

    In case you don't know if your speech fits in the given time limit, use words to minutes converter.

  2. 2. Know Your Target Audience

    Knowing about your audience is necessary if you do not want your hard work and efforts to waste. The topic and speech should be engaging for them, and they should understand it clearly.

    For example, the scientific community and students will not be interested in engineering or psychological topics. Similarly, the people related to the arts will not be interested in the latest science invention or anything. Therefore, try to choose a topic that may interest them.

  3. 3. Describe the Main Topic Briefly

    At the beginning of the speech, you should describe the main topic and your point of view briefly. Give an overview of the subject and why you choose it for your speech topic. After, describe the whole process step by step. If you are using visual aids like handouts, it is time to hand them out to your audience. Make sure that they are easy to read and understand.

    A great way of presenting the overview is by using a diagram that illustrates the steps involved. Along with it, you can also list the prerequisites needed for the task.

  4. 4. Proofread the Entire Speech

    Just because it is a speech, it does not mean that you should not proofread it. Proofreading is a must. Read the entire outline and speech to see if everything is going on properly. Review all the points and ideas carefully and make changes, if necessary.

    You can also ask someone from your friends or can also hire professionals to proofread it for you.

  5. 5. Rehearse your Speech

    Before the big day, rehearse the speech. Remember that you will be demonstrating the entire speech. If you have chosen a simple process like baking a cake or making paper shapes, you can work alone. However, if the topic is a bit complex or you think that you won’t be able to do it yourself, it is better to have a partner.

    Having a partner will make the process even engaging, and you will be able to demonstrate your speech properly.

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