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Research Paper Example: Samples to Write A Research Paper

Research Paper Example: Samples to Write A Research Paper

Working on your research paper?

Want to learn the dos and don’ts of a research paper?

In this blog, we have discussed the different parts of a research paper and added downloadable versions of different research papers.

Stay with us to learn more.

1. What is a Research Paper?

A research paper is different than a usual kind of essay and assignment. It requires more research and explanation than any other assignment and has a set structure for it. It is a complex type of academic paper and. Usually, students studying science write them for their coursework and as a degree requirement.

It is generally simpler than a high school term papers and a dissertation that students write in humanities and other academic groups. The research papers are common in the academic world and students, regardless of the field of study, get them as part of their degree requirements.

The research writing skills are invaluable for everyone and not just for the students only. Young professionals and entrepreneurs benefit a lot from these skills. Writing a research paper properly means that you have to study and observe a certain topic. The step by step guide for writing a research paper will help you find answers to your research questions.

2. Research Paper Example

Examples work great when you are looking to learn something in less time and with more efficiency. Below, we have added some good research paper examples. With them, you could learn how to format and structure your paper. You will also learn to add relevant and credible sources in each section.

2.1 APA Style Research Paper

Below is an APA style sample research paper guide. Each section is explained separately. By going through it, you will know how to format and write each section and write your research paper successfully.

pdf icon
APA Style Research Paper

2.2 Computer Science Research Paper

The research paper is about computer science and how science is a part of it. Scientific research papers are different than what the students do in other disciplines. They are more statistical in nature and often had graphs and visual representation of the data.

pdf icon
Computer Science Research paper

2.3 Chemical Engineering Research Paper

Chemical engineering studies the engineering of different chemicals and how they work together. The following chemical engineering research paper is about calcium looping cycle for carbon dioxide that is obtained from different manufacturing processes.

pdf icon
Chemical Engineering Research Paper

2.4 Nursing Research Paper

The research paper explores the benefits of participating in a research. Medical sciences heavily relies on real life research and results and therefore, it uses medical professionals as subjects. The paper discusses how the experience contributes to their professional life and helps them work better.

pdf icon
Nursing Research Paper

2.5 Psychology Research Paper

Psychology is the study of mind. The paper examines the positive effects of psychology at school. It discusses how it will help in controlling the mental illnesses in adolescents and help in enhancing their health.

pdf icon
Psychology Research paper

2.6 MLA Style Research Paper

This MLA style research paper explains all the sections and formatting of the paper in detail. This will help you in writing an MLA style paper successfully.

pdf icon
MLA Style Research Paper

3. What are the Sections of a Research Paper?

A research paper’s format and sections may differ, based on the research topic. Therefore, it is important that you ask your instructor to go through the research content and guide you.

Before conducting research and before you write a research paper, you will need to write and submit a research proposal also.

A research proposal includes the details of your proposed research, the significance of the research, the impact your research will have on the area of research and the methodology that you will use. For writing a research proposal, you need to discuss all of these factors.

A research paper follows a set pattern and structure. Just like an essay or any other assignment, it also has some sections that you have to include in it. However before formatting, make sure that you follow the referencing style that your teacher has given.

The main research paper outline has the following sections:

  • The cover page

The cover page includes the main topic of the research, the writer’s name and the name of the institute.

  • The title page

In an APA style paper, the cover page includes a running head, your research topic, your full name and your institute’s name. In MLA style, there is no separate title page. You just add everything on the first page and start your paper.

  • Table of Contents

It includes all the sections and chapters of the paper. A well detailed table of contents will give a brief idea of what the paper has.

  • Abstract

An abstract is usually written after the entire paper. It explains the research question and the expected outcome of the research.

For better understanding, we have added an abstract example to help you see how to write an abstract that is compelling and engaging.

pdf icon
Research Paper Abstract Example
  • Introduction

It is the first section of the research. It gives a background of the research, explains the main research topic briefly and present the hypothesis.

A strong introduction is essential for a strong research paper because no one is going to read the paper if the introduction is lousy and weak. Go through the attached example to learn how to write a good research paper example.

pdf icon
Example of Introduction in Research Paper
  • Thesis Statement

A thesis statement presents the main topic and aim of the research. It is brief and based on a few lines only.

The following downloadable PDF has some great thesis statement examples that are engaging and help to convey the message powerfully.

pdf icon
Research Paper Thesis Example
  • Main Body

This is the meatiest part of the research paper. It includes all the chapters and sections of the research.

The main body of the paper discusses the entire paper in detail. All the main points and arguments of the paper are added in this section. Learn how to add and discuss everything by going through the following downloadable PDF.

pdf icon
Example of Discussion in Research Paper
  • Literature Review

It is added in the main body section. It includes the study of previous relevant studies and researches and discusses their outcome. You will discuss your main topic and draw parallels and contrasts with these existing studies.

pdf icon
Example of a Literature Review in a Research Paper
  • Research Methodology

Discuss the type of research that you are going to use for the research. Usually, scientific research is based on quantitative research and includes statistical analysis. Theoretical research uses qualitative method and includes studying of theory and other research.

pdf icon
Example of Methodology in Research Paper
  • Findings and Analysis

Add the findings of your research and discuss the results in detail. Discuss the hypothesis and if it was proved or not. Discuss the reasons if the results were different than what you expected.

  • Tables and Graphs

These are commonly found in scientific research papers, especially the ones that have used real time participants for the research. The data is presented through visuals like graphs and tables, especially graph as it represents the results more clearly.

  • Limitations

The limitations of the research are added in this section. Shortage of time and finances and other limitations are mentioned and discussed here.

  • Conclusion

This is the closing part of your research paper. You will conclude your research here. Mention your thesis statement and main research findings here and close it.

Conclusion does not mean that you have a chance to add some new idea or points here, it would be a disaster. To know better, go through the following PDF.

pdf icon
Research Paper Conclusion Example
  • References

All the works cited and referred are added in this section. Make sure that you do not miss any source and check everything before the final submission.

  • Bibliography

Bibliography is more extensive than the list of references. It includes all the relevant studies that you have added or not added in your paper. It includes everything like books, articles, journals and periodicals that you have used to study and understand the topic.

  • Glossary

This section is not necessary but in the case of a scientific research paper, we suggest that you add this section. This section includes the difficult words, mainly the core terminologies that are difficult to understand.

  • Appendices

An appendix is an optional section in the research paper. It contains the terms and topics that are too detailed to be added in to the main text. It also states about the topics and page number, which makes it easier to find relevant topics.

pdf icon
Appendices Example in Research Paper

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