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With so many online companies and writers, it is natural that you could not decide, which company offers the best custom essay writing service. Luckily, there are some surefire ways to know if the company you’re working with is reliable and professional.

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  • Capital punishment should be reinstated for hardcore criminals. Agreed?
  • Should the government system be abolished and people are given rights to exercise their own rules and laws? Discuss.
  • Was Adolf Hitler right in ascertaining that all the non-Germans be either executed or evacuated from the German land?
  • Education system should be paper and homework less. Do you agree?
  • Education should be inclusive and free for everyone. Discuss.
  • Who is responsible for a child’s bad academic performance? The child itself, parents or teacher?
  • Imports and exports should be limited to promote local and household industries and produce. Discuss the pros and cons.
  • Abortion should be legalized for the people who cannot afford an additional family member. Agreed?
  • Male and female employees should be given equal salary and benefits. Prove your point with substantial evidence.

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