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Use our free words to minutes converter tool to calculate the approximate time you will require to deliver them in the form of presentation or while giving your speech. You can use it anytime and most of all, it is absolutely free to use.

This tool can be really helpful at times, especially when delivering a speech as you are given a limited time and you have to wrap up your topic within the time limit. Along with the length of your content, the time also depends on the quality of content and reading speed of the individual.

Note: The time calculated in this tool is an estimation.

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Morph Your Content Into Impressive Speech With This Words To Minute Converter

Speaking in public requires confidence, articulation and positive body language to get your point across with efficacy. You need to be careful with your words and how you impart them as they will eventually define the overall impact. If you want to present your point of view with efficacy you need to impress your audience with engaging speech; words that are intriguing, encouraging and impactful. No matter how poignant your content, if you’re speech does not exude confidence and strong presentation, words will just fall flat.

With speech your primary intent is to engage your audience with interesting talk and encourage them to listen to you. Certainly not an uphill task if you’re well versed with the art of speech. A key to successfully achieving this feat is to maintain a balance for two key metrics; number of words & number of minutes. Thus, for this, you have to choose interesting debate or impromptu speech topics.

Words To Minutes Converter: How Do You Benefit?

The speech calculator allows you to easily convert your written content into speech; talk worthy speech that will have your audience hooked for the entire duration while hogging the right impact. Too long a speech can get your listeners easily bored or uninterested in what you’re saying. Speech Pros are adept at the art of public speaking so they have a clear idea of the most feasible length for their speech in minutes. With our handy words to minutes converter, you can easily gauge how much time is required to present a poignant speech that will deliver expected results.

Factoring in the speed at which you talk, for example, 130 words per minute or faster, this speech calculator by FiveStarEssays helps you prepare a brilliant speech or presentation that is guaranteed to engage your audience. For example if you have a 500 word speech then use the calculator to find out the minutes you’ll need to deliver the content with the highest efficacy based on the speed at which you talk. This largely helps in preparing a great presentation for your listeners.

Your speech directly influences the end-results and in order to get the desired feedback, using a words to minutes converter is the best solution for preparing a speech that culminates in an indelible experience. It’s important to analyze your speech for the right words to minutes balance. For example, if you have a 15 minute speech or a 20 minute speech but a lengthy intro , around 8-10 minutes, that is sure to create the wrong impact. Using our words to minutes convertor you can easily analyze and define time slots for different sections of your speech.

It’s a free conversion tool that enables you to customize the verbiage and refine your article to create an impressive speech that’s a best fit with regards to the time-limit. Based on your average speaking rate, the speech calculator optimizes phrases and the minutes for the best results.

Whether you’ve got a 1000 word speech, a 2000 word speech or a 2500 word speech, our calculator will easily tweak the content for you. Avoid spending hours perfecting your speech, customizing time, to make it more impactful and impressive.

Just use the words to minutes convertor at our ‘write my essay’ service to prepare the most effective presentation that will certainly woo your audience and generate high impact.