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Word To Page Converter

Did you just get an academic assignment and want to calculate how many pages is 10000 words? Instead of spending hours manually trying to figure out the page count, use our handy words to pages converter to find out how many pages you need to write for your entire assignment. Based on the word count you provide, this word counter easily translates the number into pages so you can better manage your paper writing.

With a wide range of checkers available online for students, it’s easy for them to use a reliable words to pages converter to find out how many words make up a page for their assignment. Before such handy checkers and calculators were not really available to students and the only option they had was to go with the general instructions communicated by their coursework teacher.

For example, 250 words a page or a standard academic guideline mentioning a page is 500 words. With such instructions, the primary flipside is that it does not provide you with an accurate estimate for the page count. Thanks to our precise page counter, nowadays, you can identify the number of words on a page without any stress as it gives you a correct page numbers estimate for your assignment.

How To Use The Converter?

The intent of this calculator is to accurately estimate the page requirement for a given piece of text using the number of words. It’ll save you the hassle of manual calculations by quickly processing the page count, even for a lengthy piece of text or a comprehensive assignment.

A typical A4 page with text that makes use of Times New Roman, page double spaced and a 1 inch margin will specifically contain around 250-300 words. You can use your preferred font size, single-spaced formatting or even your ad-hoc layout and text specifications to calculate the number of pages.

Fonts you might want to consider using with a standard 12 font size and a single-space or 1.5 spacing layout include:

  • Times New Roman
  • Arial
  • Verdana
  • Calibri
  • Courier
  • Comic Sans MS

These are generally recommended for most academic assignments and paper types. With a proper optimization of these three aspects, font-size, spacing and font type, the words to pages converter is all set to give you an accurate page count.

How Many Pages For This Word Count?

Ever wondered?

How many pages is 1200 words?

How many pages is 4000 words?

Thinking, how will this tool provide you with a page count?
Here’s a brief synopsis into its calculation results & working:

These results are for a standard assignment page that uses double spaced formatting and a 12 point Arial font.

Find Out The Pages In These Words

  • Pages in 450 words?
    These are about 1.4 pages
  • Pages in 1200 words?
    These are about 3.8 pages
  • Pages in 4000 words?
    These are about 12.5 pages
  • Pages in 4500 words?
    These are about 14 pages

How Many Words In These Pages?

  • Words in 10 pages?
    These are about 3200 words
  • Words in 15 pages?
    These are about 4800 words
  • Words in 40 pages?
    These are about 12800 words

Benefits Of Using Our Reliable Words To Pages Converter

It can be often challenging writing a paper and calculating the amount of pages at the same time. So it’s stress-free and convenient to use this calculator to auto-calculate the page requirement for you. This way you can easily focus on the writing part of your paper.

Use our accurate page counter to avail the following benefits:

  • Accurate estimation of the number of pages
  • Time & effort savings
  • Easy usage & handling
  • Easy management of your academic assignment
  • 24/7 dedicated customer support

If you’re still confused about how this tool works, then feel free to contact our ‘write my essay’ service. Our customer support staff is always eager to answer all your queries.