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How to Use Our Case Converter

  1. Simply enter the text you need to convert.
  2. Select the function according to your requirement (uppercase, lowercase, capitalize, title case)
  3. Your text is ready to go. Copy and use it accordingly.
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Title Case

Online Case Converter Tool

Have you ever accidentally left the caps lock on and typed something important without realizing it?

Re-typing the entire document in Word or Notepad is a dreadful task. This is where our online case converter tool – a handy web application comes into play.

At our ‘write my essay’ service, our text converter tool allows you to change blocks of text between upper case, lower case. Or in sentence case or small alphabets and capitalize words.

How Does It Work?

Our case converter tool is extremely easy to use. You don’t need some extra knowledge or skill; you need to simply copy and paste the text.

Enter your text in the given text area and select the desired case and voilà, your text is converted and ready to use.

You can use this tool to convert your text to the following cases:


The uppercase function transforms every letter of your text into a capital letter. For example, “change text to uppercase” will be displayed as “CHANGE TEXT TO UPPERCASE.”


If you want to have each word written in small letters, then you can use the converter for lowercase. Here “CHANGE FROM UPPERCASE TO LOWERCASE” will be converted to “change from uppercase to lowercase”


This case conversion function will capitalizes the first letter of every word leaving the remaining letters as lower case ones. “Capitalize this text” turns into “Capitalize This Text.”

Title case

Students are often confused when it comes to writing a title for their paper, not knowing which letter to capitalize. Our online tool can help fix that.

The title case ensures that the correct alphabets are capitalized and not the articles and prepositions. An example of this is “Change This Into a Title.”

Why You Should Use Our Case Converter Tool

  • Free of cost online text conversion.
  • Simple to use
  • Converts text case of a lengthy document within seconds.
  • It will help prevent errors.