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Can I Hire Someone To Write My Essay?

Can I Hire Someone To Write My Essay?

Students can hire the best essay writing service like 5StarEssays.com to write their essays for them. Hiring someone to write your essay is a great way of relieving your academic stress . 

Despite this fact, many high school and college students are still skeptical about hiring someone to do their essays and homework. They are scared that they may end up ordering essays online from a fraud company or writer. But honestly, hiring professional writers from reputable ‘write my essay services’ is not as hard as it seems.

Benefits of Hiring Someone to Write Your Essay

Paying qualified writers to assist you with your essay is not only a timesaver but they also help you learn better. Like we always say, working with professional writing help is like working with a teacher who helps you understand and learn. You often end up becoming a better essay writer because you now know what a high-quality essay looks like.

We know that trusting someone with academic papers like custom essays, term papers, and research papers is hard. Some common concerns that students often have are:

  • Can I pay someone to write my paper cheap?
  • Is hiring someone to write my college essay safe?
  • How much does it cost for someone to write an essay?
  • Can you write my research paper for me?
  • Where can I pay someone to do my essay?

Today, you will get answers to all these questions.

Can I Pay Someone to Write My Paper Cheap?

The simple answer to this question is ‘yes’, however, be very careful of essay writing companies that brag about being cheap. The majority of the time, the papers written by these companies are of low-quality and can get you in trouble. This is because they are plagiarized and have been sold to multiple people.

Besides, it is not illegal if you pay someone to write your paper for you. So , rest assured, you are not doing anything illegal.

In the essay writing service industry, the only way to truly get a “cheap paper” is to order your essay ahead of time. When you order an essay close to the due date of your assignment, it gets more expensive and won’t be cheap.

Is Hiring Someone to Write My College Essay Safe?

Yes, but you need to make sure that you choose a professional and legit writing assistant. 

The internet is filled with a number of writing companies that claim to give you high-quality college paper at cheap rates. But do they actually do it? Most of them don’t and unfortunately scam unsuspecting students by tricking them with cheap prices.

Finding a legit online writing help is not that difficult either. Professional and legit writing help is always present and you can check the quality of their work through their online work samples and customer reviews.

Besides, they provide 100% zero plagiarism work by submitting every essay they deliver to a client through a plagiarism detection tool. This makes working with a reputable paper writing service safe and reliable.

How Much Does It Cost for Someone to Write an Essay?

Below is a pricing table showing how much it costs for someone to write your essay.

Price Per
50% off
50% off
50% off
50% off
8+ Days $28.06   $14.03 $37.18   $18.59 $46.28   $23.14 $50.86   $25.43
6-7 Days $32.46   $16.23 $40.98   $20.49 $49.50   $24.75 $53.76   $26.88
4-5 Days $36.72   $18.36 $45.24   $22.62 $53.76   $26.88 $58.02   $29.01
3 Days $39.34   $19.67 $47.86   $23.93 $56.38   $28.19 $60.64   $30.32
2 Days $42.94   $21.47 $51.46   $25.73 $59.98   $29.99 $64.24   $32.12
24 Hours $52.78   $26.39 $61.30   $30.65 $69.82   $34.91 $74.08   $37.04
12 Hours $60.32   $30.16 $68.84   $34.42 $77.36   $38.68 $81.62   $40.81

There are 3 main factors that determine the price of your essay:

  1. Deadline of your essay
  2. Number of pages
  3. Academic level (i.e. High school, Undergrad, Doctoral thesis)

The closer to the deadline, the higher the price of your essay. A reliable writing company usually offers discounts, have reasonable prices, and have a customized service.

When it comes to the number of pages, we always meet (and exceed) your essay length requirements if needed.

Can You Write My Research Paper for Me?

Creating research papers is one of the most difficult (and stressful) essay assignments students ever face. This is because it involves investing a lot of time conducting research and gathering multiple reliable citation sources.

If you are one of such students struggling with thoughts of even beginning your research paper, then you are in luck. 

we have a team of research paper fanatics that love creating research papers. From researching key ideas for your paper to properly citing them, we always create a high-passing grade paper.

Where Can I Pay Someone to Do My Essay?

You can pay for an essay through an essay writing company like 5StarEssays.com. Our service is exactly what you are looking for if you want high-quality essays. We also offer a wide range of essays on different academic subjects.

Why Choose 5StarEssays.com?

We’re essay writing professionals and we proudly stand behind our work. You can be confident in your success because we always give you:

  • Direct contact with your professional essay writer
  • U.S. native English academic professionals and full-pro essay writers
  • The best writing and citation style (MLA, APA, CMS) for your project
  • Ph.D., Masters, Bachelor Degree subject matter experts
  • Our quality assurance includes complete editing, proofreading, delivery
  • Bibliography/Citation formatting at no charge
  • Free edits and free revisions under your deadline
  • Accelerated writing begins immediately with a 50% deposit

Our ‘ write my essay’ service is unparalleled and we make sure that you get top-quality work only.

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