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Learn How To Write an Argumentative Essay By Experts

How To Write a Strong Argumentative Essay in an Hour

If you’re faced with writing an argumentative essay, you might be wondering…

How to write an argumentative essay?
Where to start from?
What am I going to write about?
What are the best argumentative essay topics?
Do I need to write an argumentative essay outline first?
Is there a specific argumentative essay format?

Those are great questions.

Here come the answers…

1. What is an Argumentative Essay?

Argumentative essay is one of the most common types of essays that students will come across in their academic life. Although there are different variations of an argumentative essay, but they all share the same foundation.

The writer is required to investigate an issue, pick a side and find strong evidence to prove his claim in a logical manner.

Argumentative essays must not be confused with an argument as a verbal argument can occur at any given moment without a warning. Such arguments can be unreasonable and sometimes get extremely heated, but an argumentative essay is the polar opposite of that.

The focus of a verbal argument is to prove who is right, whereas an argumentative essay focus on the right side of the issue in hand.

The argument one presents in an essay must first be specific, reasonable, have details and sound evidence.

The goals of argumentative essays are to provide the reader with point-counterpoint perspectives on topics and issues that may not be fully resolved in the existing literature or in society at large.

Imagine this: the argumentative topic you choose--and the arguments you make in your argumentative essay--may actually break ground in the way the world works or in how others think about something. A compelling argumentative essay can actually change the world!

With this article, we will teach you how to write an argumentative essay step by step.

2. How to Write an Argumentative Essay?

Plan your work...and work your plan. An argumentative essay doesn’t need to be an enormous headache or a project so overwhelming that you don’t even know where to start.

Like any major project, the best way to tackle an argumentative essay is to break it down into “baby steps.” Take the following steps as your guideline. Accomplish them one-at-a-time and before you know it, you’ll have a workable first draft that actually informs, entertains, and challenges the reader:

2.1 Explore Different Topics

As we mentioned in the beginning, one of the most essential components of an argumentative essay is having a persuasive topic.

While there is no scarcity of persuasive topics; you can find something in the newspaper, on TV, or you might have overheard two people arguing in your class, there must be two strongly conflicting viewpoints

When you’re thinking about which topic to go for, ask yourself these questions.

  • Why did a particular thing happen?
  • What was its cause?
  • Does it hold any significance?
  • What should our reaction be towards it?

Also, bear in mind that being interested in a topic and agreeing to it is one thing, but writing about it in order to persuade the reader is a different thing altogether.

You need to prove that your point is logical without becoming emotional and by using concrete evidence.

2.2 Five Types of Argument Claims

Once you have selected your topic, you must give considerable thought to developing your claim. There are five different types of claims. If not all then include some of them in your argumentative essay.


Whether your claim is a fact or not. Is it true, will it occur or not?


What exactly is it? How can we define it? How to interpret it? How to classify it?


The importance of the issue. Is it worthy or not? How critical is it to address this issue?

Cause and Effect

How did it happen? What is the possible cause? What are its effects?


What should be done to tackle the issue? What laws should be enforced? What changes need to be made?

These components play an integral part in your essay. The reader will either will change their perspective after reading about your claims.

2.3 Determine Your Stance

You have decided on the topic you are most passionate about, the next step is to assess both sides of the argument.

After evaluating both sides, determine the argument that you can most relate to and look for strong evidence to support your claim.

The thing with argumentative essays is that in order to prove the validity of your point, you must educate the reader about both sides of the argument.

2.4 Collect Evidence and Supporting Examples

Since your reader isn’t in front of you can’t use emotions or interpret the body language to see whether your point of view is convincing enough, so it is necessary to use strong proof and evidence from credible sources.

When assessing a claim, consider the following points:

  • Is the statement factual?
  • What is its definition?
  • What are the causes of the issue?
  • Is the fact valuable?
  • What action should be taken, or what should be done about it?
  • What impact will it have on living things and our environment in general?
  • You might want to interview the experts of the field and use it to sketch an argument.

2.5 Argumentative Essay Outline

Not sure how to start an argumentative essay?

Make things easier on yourself and draft an outline.

You wouldn’t start out on a road trip without having some idea of where you’re going, would you?

Your Argumentative Essay is your roadmap or GPS. Without it, you’re liable to wind up going in the wrong direction and find yourself stumbling around, completely lost. Just like a map...or your smartphone GPS...don’t leave home without one.

The choice is yours:

Avoid writing an outline...and suffer the consequences which are all too common:

  • Disjointed writing structure.
  • Pointless research.
  • Convoluted composition style.
  • Wandering point of view.
  • Disjointed and contradictory arguments.
  • Confused readers.
  • A lousy grade.

Write a concise, tight outline and enjoy the benefits:

  • Your argumentative essay will practically write itself. You’ll save a lot of time and have great confidence in all that follows (and it will show in the writing).
  • All research will be “on point” and support your argumentative topic theme
  • Both sides of the argument will be well-reasoned; weaknesses will be easily identified.
  • Writing each side of the argumentative essay will almost be fun.
  • Your conclusions will be supported by evidence.
  • Your argumentative essay will be an entertaining and compelling read.
  • The grade you receive on your choice of argumentative topic and upon the argumentative essay itself will be highly rewarding.

Okay...so exactly how do you format the outline?

A typical essay outline usually consists of 5 sections.

  1. Introductory paragraph
  2. Thesis statement
  3. Body Paragraphs (1,2,3)
  4. Conclusion

(Of course, the number of body paragraphs you write will vary based on your particular topic.)

Writing your argumentative essay outline is no more complicated than creating an outline for a standard academic essay. In order to understand the ins and outs of crafting an argumentative essay outline, head on to this blog.

3. Types of Arguments

There are three different types of arguments that you can use in your essay. Use them separately or combine them together to form your argument.

Aristotelian Argument Strategy

This is the most frequently used argument strategy. Here, you will highlight the problem, provide its solution. And then try to persuade the reader that you have proposed the correct solution.

Toulmin Argument Strategy

Toulmin argument strategy uses logic and breaks down an argument into different parts. There are six different components: claim, grounds, quantifier, warrant, rebuttal and backing.

Rogerian Argument Strategy

This strategy is used for topics where it is difficult to find a common ground. The entire idea is to find a point of agreement by showing to the reader that you are considering the counter argument as well.

We have an entire article dedicated to argumentative essay topics. To find more interesting topics give it a read!

4. Good Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is a masters degree in business necessary for your business to be successful?
  • Mobile phones as educational tools: is it the right approach?
  • Should you be friends with your professor on social media?
  • Every student possesses writing skills. Do you agree?
  • Is it right to blame social media for the use of incorrect grammar?
  • Are social networks an effective platform for communication?
  • Do people really get a job through LinkedIn?
  • Is Facebook legally allowed to leak private information of its users?
  • Is it possible to earn a good amount of money from YouTube?
  • Should Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter be banned permanently?

We have an entire article dedicated to argumentative essay topics. To find more interesting topics for an argumentative essay give it a read!

4.1 Argumentative Essay Sample

Here are a few argumentative essay samples on interesting topics for your guidance.

pdf icon
Argumentative Essay Sample (PDF)
pdf icon
Abortion Essay Sample (PDF)
pdf icon
Sample Argumentative Essay (PDF)

It is a good practice for students to go through different essay examples before diving straight to the writing process. If, you need a few more argumentative essay examples then give this article a read.

5. Can a Professional Essay Writing Service Help You?

If the work it takes to even get started writing your argument paper is more daunting that you feel you can handle at the moment, or if you remain uncertain about how to even go about selecting a viable argumentative essay topic, now is the time to find a professional essay writing service to help you deliver a paper you can be proud of.

Finding the right expert help and learning from it is often the best alternative to starting from scratch. Remember, your grades count. If you’re in doubt about your ability to deliver a compelling argumentative or persuasive essay--or even to decide upon the right argumentative essay topic--then You need to work with the best essay writing service and get the help you need.

The professional essay writers at 5StarEssays are standing by, waiting to help with your academic writing.

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If you read this blog carefully and follow all the instructions and tips, then it is not impossible to get good grades in your essay, as you can get all the necessary essay writing guide here.

Do not forget, an impressive essay leaves a long-lasting impact on your teachers and if you succeed in doing that, then success becomes your fate.

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