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Best Analytical Essay Topics for Students - 2022 Ideas

Analytical Essay Topics

An analytical essay is a type of essay in which you define a problem and present an argument. This essay is not about summarizing information but about concentrating on how a piece is written. For example, how a certain theme is presented in the story.

If you are assigned to write an analytical essay, the first step is to choose an interesting topic. To come up with an impressive topic is one of the most difficult steps in writing an analytical essay.

In this guide, you will get a hand on some good topics for an analytical essay. These analytical essay example topics will help you in getting started.

Best Analytical Essay Topic Ideas for Students

If you are looking for good analytical essay topics, refer to the following section. Here you can find great and easy analytical essay topics for students to choose from.

Analytical Expository Essay Topics for Kids

  • What causes phobias in people?
  • Discuss ten tips to stop gambling addiction.
  • Is love just a chemical reaction?
  • Do nightmares see anything?
  • Is yawning due to a lack of oxygen?
  • Why do people crave sugar so much?
  • Why should children not watch horror movies?
  • Why do teenagers often experience acne problems?
  • What is the main cause of suicide?
  • Who is most likely to become an alcoholic?
  • What are the benefits of donating blood?
  • Optimist or pessimism: Which is better?

Analytical Essay Topics for High School

  • Discuss the advantages of learning a foreign language.
  • How do pets help you live longer?
  • We should respect nature if we are to survive. Discuss.
  • Why are animals so scared of humans?
  • Why are zoos so important?
  • What are literary works? Discuss its importance for students.
  • How to keep the earth clean?
  • Can individuals change the course of history?
  • How do media and tv shows influence public opinion?
  • How to identify a weakness in a person?
  • Discuss the challenges of living in a desert?
  • Why is it important to learn effective decision-making skills?
  • Why do we compare the human brain to a computer?

Analytical Essay Topics for College

  • Why haven't we found aliens yet?
  • The environment is getting worse. Who is responsible?
  • Share your thoughts about changing gender roles.
  • How to distinguish between good and bad people?
  • What to do when a dog chases you?
  • Enlist things that we must know about public relations.
  • Does religion cause conflict? Share your thoughts.
  • How to handle criticism?
  • How can parents understand their children’s behavior?
  • Mount Everest: How does it feel like to reach the top of the world?
  • How is earth protected from the sun?
  • How do debit and credit cards work?

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Critical Analytical Essay Topics

  • What is the impact of violent video games on children?
  • What difficulties do single-parent families face?
  • Discuss the substance and drug use in college students.
  • Social media and its impact on education.
  • Are we too dependent on technology?
  • Why should the drinking age not be lowered?
  • Legalizing drugs: Discuss the benefits.
  • Negative effects of technology in 2021.
  • Discuss the effects of global warming.
  • Describe the characteristics of a genius.
  • Share your high school experience.
  • Discuss different ways to promote full cycling.

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Persuasive Analytical Essay Topics

  • Should every student learn to play an instrument?
  • What is the role of music in treating depression?
  • How to encourage people to visit museums more?
  • Should people with high income pay more taxes?
  • Why is it important to abolish class rank?
  • Why should sex education be taught in schools?
  • What are the pros and cons of free education?
  • Why should there be no tipping in restaurants?
  • How to reduce cheating in schools?
  • Who was the most effective US president?
  • What is genetically modified food, and how safe is it to use?
  • Should nuclear power be banned?

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Analytical Comparison Essay Topics

  • Do aliens exist?
  • Cinema or traditional theater: Which is better?
  • What is the concept of beauty in the modern world?
  • What are the benefits of working in the daytime vs. nighttime?
  • Traditional or online shopping: Which is better?
  • Compare and contrast 2D and 3D screening.
  • Pros and cons of homeschooling vs. traditional education.
  • Studying alone or in a group: Which is better?
  • Compare and contrast public and private schools.
  • Living single vs. being in a relationship. Discuss.
  • Compare traditional books vs. e-books.
  • Studying arts vs. science. Which has better future opportunities?

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Analytical History Essay Topics

  • Discuss the causes of the French Revolution?
  • What are the causes of colonization?
  • What is the impact of slavery today?
  • Discuss the main causes of epidemics in the middle ages.
  • What are the main conflicts between Britain and France?
  • Write about the phases of World war 2.
  • Discuss the importance of studying history nowadays.
  • Discuss the role of women in Prehistoric Britain.
  • Write about the negative role of globalization.
  • Social relationships in Medieval Europe.
  • The colonial era in the history of the United States.
  • Write about the development of Ancient Egypt.

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Analytical Essay Topics on Climate Change

  • Discuss climate change and its human impact on the environment.
  • What are the causes and effects of climate change?
  • Discuss the problems of climate change.
  • What is the major issue of global warming?
  • What is the economic cost of climate change effects?
  • What is the impact of climate change on ocean life?
  • Analyze climate change policymaking and human rights.
  • Write about global warming and excessive climate change.
  • What are the effects of climate change on health care?
  • Discuss global warming and its effects on agriculture.
  • How to reduce the effects of global warming on human health?
  • What are the effects of global warming on air quality?

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Hamlet Analytical Essay Topics

  • Discuss Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s role in ‘Hamlet.’
  • Explore the use of comedy in the play ‘Hamlet.’
  • Discuss the use and description of the imagery in the play.
  • Write about the main theme of ‘Hamlet.’
  • How is both outer and inner conflict discussed in the play?
  • Discuss the relationship of Hamlet with Gertrude.
  • Compare the characters of Hamlet and Horatio.
  • Is Hamlet a story of revenge?
  • Analyze the character of Hamlet from the perspective of a Hero.
  • Analyze the motif of love/friendship/betrayal in the play.
  • Discuss Hamlet’s love for Ophelia.
  • What are the most crucial elements in the play?
  • Analyze how the author’s background influenced the particular events in the play.

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Romeo and Juliet Analytical Essay Topics

  • What do you like most about Romeo and Juliet?
  • Could the deaths of Romeo and Juliet be avoided?
  • What is the most special thing about the play?
  • What lesson can be learned from the play?
  • Discuss the role of destiny in the play.
  • Do Romeo and Juliet really love each other?
  • How is love portrayed in the play?
  • Does 'Romeo and Juliet’ play a romance or a tragedy?
  • Discuss the historical and social context in the play.
  • Is the story of Romeo and Juliet relevant today?
  • What type of love is portrayed in the play?
  • Discuss the relationship of Romeo and Juliet with their parents.

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How to Choose a Topic for an Analytical Essay?

An analytical essay is written to explore an issue in detail and provide your opinion on it with evidence. You can analyze an essay, a song, journal, poem, book, movie, or any other literary work. The main idea is to give your opinion using facts and evidence from the piece to support it.

When you are thinking about what to write your analytical essay on, it can become very difficult. There are many topics for an analytical essay that you can find online, but not all topics are interesting. You need to choose a topic that you can come up with something unique and interesting. So, it is important to choose a topic that you care about.

Here are some key points you need to keep in mind for choosing the best topic for your analytical essay.

  • Think about something that can invoke emotions. It could be anger, bliss, fear, or any other emotion.
  • Use different resources to get an idea. These include books, movies, web series, and artwork.
  • Try to avoid writing on uncommon topics as they can turn out to be very difficult. Come up with something that you can easily write about.

The topic selection is an important step and should spend enough time deciding on it. You need to make sure that the topic you are thinking about can work.

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Analytical Essay Writing Tips

Once you have decided on the topic, read the following tips before starting your analysis paper. These expert tips will help you to come up with an engaging analytical essay.

  • Once you have decided on the topic, start with an outline. A well-crafted outline will help you complete the writing process fast. A typical analytical essay outline consists of an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  • Work on your thesis statement. It is the main part of a literary analysis essay that shifts the readers from the general introduction to the specific topic.
  • Pay careful attention when crafting the body paragraphs of an essay. This is the section where you need to provide your analysis with well-researched and convincing arguments. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence and then provide all the details.
  • Once you are done with the writing process, edit and proofread to ensure your essay is free from errors. You can do it yourself or ask someone else to proofread your essay for you.

So these are the topics and tips you can follow for writing a great analytical essay. If you are still not sure, you can contact a professional essay writing service online.

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