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Learn From Analytical Essay Example To Write Better

Learn From Analytical Essay Example To Write Better

Got an analytical essay assignment?

Need some examples to understand the basics?

Explore this blog to know the details and master your analysis essay writing skills.

1. Types of Analytical Essay Examples

An analytical essay has a wide range of scope and topics. This type of essay deals with a wide variety of subjects and ideas and use varying approaches to describe them. You can review an analytical essay example for your writing help.

Here are six types of analytical essay examples that use different analysis techniques.

1.1 Poetry Analysis Essay Example

Poetry analysis essays require you to examine, interpret and explain the content, structure, and historical importance of a poem.

It is one of the most common types of essay. This type of essay is mostly assigned to the students of high school and college academic level. This type of essay can help you improve your skills.

The prime focus of a poetry analysis essay is to explain the poem to your readers and help them understand its various aspects. This is done by explaining the details like the setting, themes, symbols and mood of the poem.

Following are some examples of analytical essay topics which can be used for the poetry analysis essay.

  • "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" - Robert Frost
  • "There is a pain — so utter —" - Emily Dickinson's
  • "The valley of unrest" - Edgar Allan Poe

Poetry Analysis Essay Example (PDF)

pdf icon
Poetry Analysis Essay Example

1.2 Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example

Rhetorical analysis essays revolve around logic and the available facts. Have you ever had an argument attempting to prove a fact to someone who didn't believe that it was true?

That is the nature of a rhetorical analysis essay.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Examples:

  • Theory of Relativity
  • Fundamentals of Economics
  • Statistical Proofs

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example (PDF)

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example

1.3 Literary Analysis Essay Example

This is the kind of analysis you are asked to perform after reading a book. You can analyze the plot, or a particular situation, a quote and its influence, or the choices made by some character. While writing an essay like this, students have to explain the literary terms. This is the basic unit of analysis in this type of essay.

Literary Analysis Essay Examples:

  • The effects love has on people's decision making - Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare
  • Women and misogyny - Hamlet by Shakespeare
  • Witchcraft - Macbeth by Shakespeare

Literary Analytical Essay Example (PDF)

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Literary Analytical Essay Example

1.4 Process Analysis Essay Example

A process analysis essay is written with the purpose of explaining the process and steps of performing a particular task.

It should have a strong thesis statement, followed by body paragraphs, which explain the details with the help of supporting evidence.

This type of essay should have a proper linkage which connects the body paragraphs.

Process Analysis Essay Examples:

  • Recipe for making a strawberry cheesecake
  • The process of grading a research paper
  • The filmmaking process that the directors go through

Process Analysis Essay Example (PDF)

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Process Analysis Essay Example

1.5 Character Analysis Essay Example

Fictional characters appear throughout literature and in popular films. These characters are often the main drivers of three-act dramatic structure and the resulting plot.

If you have to write an essay, based on character analysis then you have to consider all aspects. Also check how a particular character can affect the overall storyline. You have to prove your thesis statement, in order to submit an effective analysis paper.

A successful character analysis essay will provide details of character traits. Also, their impact upon other characters over the course of a story.

Character Analysis Essay Examples:

  • Viktor Navorks'si role in The Terminal
  • How Will Hunting's character evolved in Good Will Hunting
  • Rick's decision-making process in Casablanca

Character Analysis Essay Example (PDF)

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Character Analysis Essay Example

1.6 Causal Analysis Essay Example

The purpose of a causal analysis essay is to ask and answer the question "why?"

The causal analysis essay requires you to answer a "why" question. Causal academic analysis is also known as "the speculating about causes" essay. It requires you to describe the process that occurs and to analyze the reasons it occurs as it does. It should have an engaging hook sentence and topic sentences to grab the attention of the readers.

Causal Analysis Essay Examples:

  • Why are teenagers rebellious?
  • Why is gun violence increasing in the US?
  • Why do we fear dark?

Causal Analysis Essay Example (PDF)

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Causal Analysis Essay Example

All such essay types follow the same essay structure and analytical essay outline requirements.

If you want to learn more, continue reading this detailed guide to explore how to write an analytical essay.

2. Tips to Write a Great Analytical Essay

An analytical essay is explanatory in nature. However, this explanation is paired with in-depth analysis of the chosen event or any other chosen topic. It analyzes and explains a certain event in detail and analyze the reasons behind it.

To make the process easy, following are some tips to assist you.

  • Brainstorm thoroughly before choosing a topic.
  • Choose a topic that has wide scope.
  • Make a proper outline before starting the essay writing process.
  • Add relevant point in all the sections.
  • Proofread and edit the entire essay before the final submission.
  • Take professional help, if needed

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