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Personal Statement Format - Detailed Guide & Expert Examples

Personal Statement Format

A personal statement is an essential part of an application when you apply to college, university, or a job. A well-written personal statement is submitted with an application form in which you answer the specific question. Also, it helps you to secure a new job or college placement.

Unlike other academic essays, personal essays are not thesis-driven. They only demonstrate the applicant’s ambitious skills and experience to the college admission officer or recruiter.

Moreover, this type of statement for a university or job has the same format. However, university personal essays are more detailed and longer. They are varying and depend on the institution for which you are applying for.

Therefore, continue reading this blog and get an idea of the personal statement format.

What is the Format of a Personal Statement?

The personal statement is a major part of college, job, or scholarship application. However, writing a personal essay is not as easy as it sounds.

For a statement, you should understand its format and structure. The format of a statement is not complex and difficult. However, read the college or office guidelines in which you are applying for a better understanding.

Here are some guidelines that you should follow to format a personal statement.

  • Use a readable font for the readers, e.g., Times New Roman, Cambria, or Arial.
  • The size of the font should be 12 pt.
  • Paragraphs must be single-spaced.
  • It should be 300 to 500 words in length.
  • Include a page number and header with your name.
  • It should be 5 to 8 paragraphs long.
  • Write name and contact info in a cover letter heading at the top.

Therefore, follow these guidelines and write a great statement without any formatting mistakes. Also, be concise, specific, and personal in your writing style.

Here is a complete template of a personal statement format for your ease.

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Personal Statement Format Template

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How to Format a Personal Statement?

A correct statement format is very important as it makes a visual impression of your essay. The format is the same whether you are applying for a business, law, or medical school. However, only the content and other requirements can change.

Also, a personal statement includes certain information in the following format.

  1. 1. Introduction

    The opening paragraph of the statement starts with an interesting hook that grabs the reader’s attention. It is a great chance to reflect your personality and leave a good image on the reader’s mind.

    When you apply for admission, you need to discuss why you apply and why you enrolled in this course. However, for a job application, you would address why you are interested in the position in which you are applying.

  2. 2. Body Paragraphs

    The body of the statement contains specific details such as skills, interests, and experiences related to the course or job. It tells the application committee why you are a suitable candidate for their institute or company.

    It includes the following elements:

    Achievements and Experience: In the statement’s body, write about your grades and work experience related to the job or university.

    Relevant Skills and Talents: Discuss the skills and talents you have learned.

    What You Would Bring to the Organization: It is an essential part, especially when you apply for a job or college. Describe why you are the right candidate for the company or institute. Also, mention your experience or passion for performing tasks or learning specific skills.

    Academic or Professional Goals: Discuss the academic or professional goals that help you achieve your future career goals.

  3. 3. Conclusion

    The conclusion is the last section of the personal essay. In this section, you do not only summarize all the main points. However, restate the motivation and express your gratitude for reviewing your statement.

    In the conclusion section, you should mention these points:

    • Discuss professional and academic short-term and long-term goals.
    • Summarize the statement.
    • Link the conclusion with the introduction paragraph.

    The conclusion of the statement for a job is only one sentence. However, for the college, it must be one paragraph. Also, read your personal statement after you finish writing it.

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Personal Statement Format Examples

Examples help you to learn to write a statement for a scholarship, admission, or job. Here we have gathered some good personal statement format examples for you to get an idea.

Personal Statement Format for Scholarship

Writing a winning statement for the scholarship is not difficult if you get help from professionally written examples. The following is a great example to provide you a detailed understanding of the concept.

Personal Statement Format for University

The statement for the university includes skills, interests, qualifications, and hobbies. Also, show why you are a good fit for this particular educational institution. Therefore, check this example and see what a good university statement looks like.

Personal Statement Format for College

A personal statement for a college application is a short essay that introduces you to the admission committee. It is the only part of the application where the candidate reflects their personality, experiences, and major achievements in high school. Check this example and learn how to write a great statement for college.

Personal Statement Format for Masters

At the master’s level, you do not include autobiographical information about your personal life. It demonstrates your interest, experience, and why you are a suitable candidate for their institute. Also, show that you are a determined and goal-oriented person. Below is an example of a perfect statement for masters.

Personal Statement Format Graduate School

Writing a great statement is essential for graduate school applications. However, some high school students don’t know how to create an excellent statement. Here is an example format for graduate school applications for your ease.

Personal Statement Format Law School

The personal statement allows the law admission committee to know about you as a person other than your grades, and accomplishments. Thus, take a look at this law school format example and write your own without any mistakes.

Personal Statement Format Medical School

The first step of getting admission into your desired medical school is to write a good statement. Therefore, try to make it engaging and appealing but also follow the admission officer requirements precisely. Below is an example that gives a good idea of the medical school statement.

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Nursing Personal Statement Format

The statement is necessary for nursing students to advance their career. It is the best opportunity to show that you are the right applicant for its college/institute. For your help, we have mentioned a good example of the nursing statement format.

MBA Personal Statement Format

The hardest part of writing the statement for an MBA application is to decide its format and what to write. It is important that you properly understand the admission committee guidelines and then start writing. Here is an example that guides you in writing an excellent MBA statement.

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The personal statement plays a major role in your academic and professional life. Any mistake can lose your opportunity to get admitted to a college or university. However, don’t have time to write a perfect one, don’t worry. Simply consult the professionals at 5StarEssays.com .

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a personal statement?

Usually, a personal statement is 4,000 characters long and you should abide by this limit when writing your statement.

Should you say thank you at the end of a personal statement?

No, there is no need to say thank you at the end of the personal statement. But make sure that the conclusion is strong and engaging enough for the readers.

Should I start my personal statement with a quote?

No, it is better to stay away from adding any quotes in your personal statement. It is because these statements are focused on ‘you’ only and adding any quotes would only take up the space and trigger the plagiarism checker.

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