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Autobiography Format for Students - A Detailed Guide

Autobiography Format

Writing an autobiography is a real deal. The goal of creating an autobiography outline is to organize all your ideas that you will include while writing.

There are many formats when it comes to writing an autobiography. If you have no idea what is the correct format for an autobiography, you are at the right place. Here you can find the different formats that you can choose from for writing your autobiography.

You will also find an interesting autobiography format sample for getting started.

Autobiography Format for College Students

There could be many life stories. Each story is different and unique, and no two stories can be the same. If you are writing an autobiography, it is up to you to make the story stand out.

The way you present your ideas is an important part of the autobiography. The correct format and the right strategies will help you be more creative in writing a perfect autobiography.

As we know, an autobiography is about the story of a person written by that person. Here you can find the most common autobiography formats that can help you in getting started.

Traditional Autobiography

This type of autobiography format covers events from birth to the present moments. From childhood to high school to school to your first job, mention all episodes of your life.


A memoir is different from a traditional autobiography. It covers only a specific moment or theme in a person’s life.

Personal Narratives

This type of autobiography format is shorter than a memoir. The personal narrative only focuses on a single event and expands it through description and imagery. This type is usually written in classrooms or by internet bloggers.


An autobiography in vignette format is about one specific event at a time. All chapters of vignettes can be published as a complete work.

Graphic Novels

This type of autobiography format is unique as it uses drawn panels to convey the story. In simpler words, this format tells stories through pictures and graphics.

Drama or Scripts

This type of autobiography is about dialogues in a movie or stage.

These are the most accepted autobiography formats that will make it easy for you to organize your thoughts and ideas.

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Components of Autobiography Format

It is important to consider the components of writing an autobiography. If you have no idea how to start an autobiography or what elements to include, refer to the following section.

  • Title

Write your title on the top of your document. Your title should be underlined and in bold font.

  • Dedication

Who would you like to dedicate your autobiography to? You need to mention someone who has inspired you to be the person you are today. You can also leave this part until last, when you are writing the other parts of your autobiography.

  • Table of Contents

Compile your table of contents once you are done with writing all the sections of an autobiography.

  • Acknowledgments

In this section, you need to thank someone who has helped you in the whole process of composing your autobiography. Don’t forget to show gratitude in some simple and carefully crafted words.

  • Foreword

This is the section in which you need to provide reasons for writing your autobiography. What is the goal of writing your autobiography, and how can others benefit from it?

  • Introduction

The first paragraph in which your goal is to grab the reader’s attention so that they can read your work.

  • Body section

Here you need to provide all the details in chronological order. Write your autobiography based on locations. Write about the defining moments of your life. Here, you can expand your outline with relevant material by including name, locations, date, and life experiences.

  • Conclusion

Review your completed work and summarize the experiences that have shaped you. Link all the information to make a perfect ending to your autobiography.

  • Memorabilia

This is the section in which you can highlight some special moments such as pictures and letters. Snippets of memorabilia can be added throughout the autobiography to make it more interesting.

  • Index

Compile the index once you finish the writing process.

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Autobiography Format Examples

Writing about your own life story can be difficult and usually left for the latter part of one’s life. There must be some reason for writing an autobiography. This is a type of writing that is usually not attempted by people who have led ordinary lives. If you are new to this type of writing, you must know the basics of writing an autobiography.

Reading examples is a great way to learn something new. Therefore, we have mentioned some helpful and short autobiography format examples for your help. These autobiography examples will help you understand how to write an autobiography format.

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Autobiography Format for Class 6 to Class 8
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Sample APA Autobiography Format
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Sample MLA Autobiography Format

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