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Synthesis Essay: Step by Step Guide With Easy Tips

Synthesis Essay: Step by Step Guide With Easy Tips

Writing a synthesis essay is one skill that has been seen to translate easily from academia into all aspects of business and advertising. One way this plays out is through the ability to take on massive amounts of information quickly. So you can provide concise summaries or syntheses.

Scroll down below if you want some tips on how to write a perfect synthesis essay.

What is A Synthesis Essay?

For the synthesis essay, you need to combine different ideas from various sources and present them in an argument that reflects your point of view.

Synthesis essays are easier to write than argumentative ones because there is an abundance of ideas and arguments in your write-up for a strong impact. So don’t simply present a plain summary but use strong evidence from researchable sources to support them.

While drafting ideas and adding various arguments, you’ll need to gather information from multiple sources. Identify the relationships between the concepts and integrate them into a persuasive stance. Start by taking up an impactful stance, and build your arguments and topic sentences around it.

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How to Start a Synthesis Essay?

When writing an essay, it is important to know your purpose and develop a well-organized perspective. To do this, you should follow some steps that will help in your writing phase. These are:

  1. 1. Choose a Topic
  2. Before you start writing the synthesis essay, it is important to choose a good topic. When brainstorming for an essay topic, avoid topics that are too broad or narrow in scope.

  3. 2. Gather Information
  4. Once you have chosen your essay topic, start collecting the data for it. Use several sources and gather relevant information that will help develop your thesis statement.

  5. 3. Synthesis Essay Thesis Statement
  6. The thesis statement should summarize the main idea of your essay. It's a short but important sentence that will make it easier for readers to follow along and access all points in further reading material about this topic.

    The structure for your essay will largely depend on the topic you choose and what side of the argument you support. You’ll express this in a thesis statement that will form a pivotal part of your write-up. It has to be clear and believable enough to impact mindsets.

    Start by composing research ideas into a strong thesis statement that is a lucid description of your stance or paradigm. It has to be strong enough to convince your reader to read on clearly defining your stance. And how you’ll approach the topic with different perspectives and valid supporting material.

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How to Write a Synthesis Essay?

Here are the steps you need to follow for writing a great synthesis essay.

  1. 1. Create an Outline
  2. Expand on your argument or thesis statement by creating a synthesis essay outline. It is a logical structuring of your collated information and concepts. Essentially your outline must indicate a multitude of sub-arguments extracted from your main argument and evidence to support your thesis.

  3. 2. Focus on Creating a Catchy Introduction
  4. The purpose of writing an introduction is to offer a clear insight into the essence of your topic, argument basics, and the primary purpose of your write-up. The intro is essentially a reflection of your thesis statement. So the more eloquent your description, the higher your chances of impressing the readers with gripping content.

  5. 3. Organize Your Thoughts
  6. Use the body paragraphs to organize your thoughts into a logical flow that clearly explains each perspective for your position. Ideally, the body of your essay should be divided into short paragraphs, each highlighting a specific point of view.

    Make sure you provide ample supporting evidence to present your ideas convincingly. The good idea is to categorize or group concepts after you read your sources. Then present them as one unique theme or feature.

    Focus on synthesizing ideas based on paradigms that highlight core features from your thesis statement. And use apposite words to create the right kind of impact.

  7. 4. Highlight Vital Concepts
  8. Usually, synthesis essays are more descriptive and informative. So, the presented facts and ideas must explain the relationship between different sources and how they address the topic.

    Look for similarities and differences in how various sources explain your position, analyze it, and examine it from different angles.

    Similar to an argumentative essay, point out both sides of your chosen paradigm. Also, the favorable position and the opposing argument before reaching the final conclusion.

  9. 5. Include Influential Conclusive Remarks
  10. Your conclusive paragraph must be a resounding culmination of your position for the synthesis. Include a summarized version of all the sub-arguments from your thesis statement and connect these with your concluding words.

    Also, mention your specific thoughts and perspective on these highlighted sub-arguments that link back to your stance. In short, your essay should have a clear sense of direction, a coherent structure, and a compelling narrative.

  11. 6. Proofread and Edit
  12. Lastly, the most important step for writing any type of essay is to proofread it.

    This gives you a chance to perfect your paper by getting rid of grammar and spelling errors. Unfortunately, your first draft will have several irrelevant details and errors that need editing at this stage.

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Synthesis Essay Outline

Before starting the actual writing process, it will be good to make an outline for the essay. A good outline will serve as the backbone for your essay, and it will help you keep track of all the information in the paper.

The basic structure of an outline is given below:

  1. 1. Introduction
    • It should be one paragraph long
    • Include your statement with two to three main ideas of your topic
  2. 2. The main body
    • It should be three to four paragraphs
    • Make sure the evidence used in your paper comes from a credible source
    • If you use other people’s work, put them in quotes
  3. 3. Conclusion
    • It should be one paragraph long
    • Summarize your topic and its main ideas

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Synthesis Essay Examples

Completing a synthesis essay can sometimes become a tough task even for experienced students. If you want to make sure that your essay is perfect.

Here is a synthesis essay example that you have a look at and get familiar with.

pdf icon
Synthesis Essay Example
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Synthesis Essay Format

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Synthesis Essay Topics

Look for a sample synthesis essay or interesting synthesis essay topics that will attract the reader’s interest and attention.

There are a variety of topics that you can examine for your synthesis essay.

When it comes to synthesis essays, the main objective is to test the writer’s ability to conduct research and relating different information.

Here is a list of interesting synthesis essay ideas that you can have a look at.

  • Zero tolerance policies: pros and cons
  • Essay on global warming
  • How to encourage a reluctant reader?
  • Factors influencing fashion
  • Should high school athletes be drug tested?
  • Is war good or bad?
  • Should young people be allowed to use cell phones and tablets?
  • What’s more productive for children: homeschooling or public school?
  • Are video games an educational experience for kids?
  • Should cellphone use be banned while driving?

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Tips for Writing a Good Synthesis Essay

Here are some expert synthesis essay writing tips that you can follow for writing a great essay on your own.

  • For a successful synthesis essay, you need to use sources with valuable information.
  • Coming up with a synthesis essay outline is an integral part of creating your argument. It will help you know if you have enough points to make the argument or whether it needs more material for people to understand what's going on.
  • The first thing you need to do is to study the topic carefully to understand its purpose. Go a little deeper to understand the idea and concept behind the topic.
  • Do read your sources carefully, then summarize and document them.
  • Do add examples and evidence from the source to support your ideas and claims. Do cite your sources as you go.
  • Do elaborate on main ideas and organize them logically.
  • Do aim to attract the reader’s attention by opening with an interesting thought. Set the right tone to make them want to read further.
  • Do make use of logical transitions to move from one idea to another smoothly. Logically connect your ideas.
  • Don’t present someone else’s work as your own. Do not copy! Plagiarism is a crime that you don’t want to get caught committing.
  • Don’t take help from a single source. Having more than one source provides you with more options. In addition, it helps you to compare and contrast different facts and evidence to support your argument.
  • Don’t expect to finish in an hour or even a day. Give yourself a flexible timeline to finish.
  • Don’t be rigid when it comes to making changes to an idea. There’s always room for improvement.
  • Don’t write using a passive voice and use simple English language words.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use quotes in a synthesis essay?

A synthesis essay requires you to construct an argument by using sources and providing citations. If you use information from the sources, make sure to put it in quotes or cite them properly.

What is a topic sentence in a synthesis essay?

A topic sentence is a statement that expresses your main idea and helps you to keep track of the points in your paragraph. This type of sentence should introduce one reason supporting what you are saying without going into too much detail or repetition.

What should you not do in a synthesis essay?

You should not build your synthesis essay around the opinions of others, it would defeat the whole purpose of writing a synthesis paper where you are supposed to defend your stand by using evidence from both sides and formulating an opinion on what's right or wrong.

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