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An Extensive Guide on Evaluation Essay With Examples

An Extensive Guide on Evaluation Essay With Examples

An evaluation essay is one of the trickiest essays. It involves evaluation, analysis, and examples from various aspects of the given topic. Usually, this type of essay is commonly used in literature and arts.

Most of the students are seen seeking help if assigned an evaluation essay. This is because it can be written in various styles. An evaluation essay is used to represent your own thoughts on a given topic.

Let’s go through the blog to know more about the evaluation essay.

What is an Evaluation Essay?

An evaluation essay is a kind of essay in which you offer a worthy judgment about the given topic. Here, the writer represents facts and then provides his point of view. It additionally decides the condition, worth, or importance through critical analysis of the writer.

This essay provides the writer’s viewpoint about the paper's topic, which makes an honest argument that is convincing for its readers. This type of essay is also known as controversial. They are assigned by the instructor to check your critical skills and unbiased opinions.

Elements of Evaluation Essay

There are three basic elements of an evaluation essay that must be considered before writing an essay. They are discussed below in detail.

  1. 1. Criteria
  2. It is the ideal or the standard that needs to be defined. For example, while talking about a restaurant, we evaluate it by its ambiance, quick service, and other factors. These are the criteria for choosing a restaurant.

    It may also vary according to the product we are talking about.

  3. 2. Judgment
  4. After setting up the criteria, you talk about judgment. It is to evaluate whether the product has met the benchmark or not. For example, in the case of a restaurant, you will check:

    • Is the ambiance according to your taste?
    • Will you visit this place again or not?
    • Was the food according to your standard?
  5. 3. Evidence
  6. When you have set up the criteria and judges about the topic under consideration. It’s time to prove your judgment with the help of strong arguments, and this is called evidence.

    For example, if you say that the restaurant ambiance was not good. Then you have to justify why you do not like the ambiance, what factors cause you to think so, etc.

Purpose of Evaluation Essay

The purpose of the evaluation essay is to evaluate the provided topic and present your own thoughts against it. The writer has to explain their own viewpoint on the topic considering its conditions, worth, and significance.

A few more purposes of the evaluation essay include:

  • It helps to review or evaluate a book, thesis, or any topic.
  • It helps in the critical analysis of any book, journal, essay, or research paper.
  • It provides a critical analysis of the thesis statement.
  • It provides self-evaluation that helps in identifying strengths and loopholes.

Through an evaluation essay, a person learns to provide their own viewpoint on any topic. Along with this, it provides an opportunity to justify your objective with the help of strong arguments.

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Evaluation Essay Structure

Correct structure is very important in any essay. It helps the reader to grasp the idea of the writer easily if the flow of the essay is correct. Evaluation essays have different structures. Let us explore all these structures:

  • Chronological Structure
  • The chronological structure is used to evaluate the effectiveness of any mechanism, process, or procedure. This evaluation can be referred to a historical context or any current event. It’s essential to use this structure while figuring out how something works.

  • Spatial Structure
  • In spatial structure, you do not evaluate the topic as a whole. Rather you take one stance and evaluate it with your arguments. And then, the results of this finding are used to evaluate further facts.

    The spatial structure may not be easy for everyone to grasp, but it’s interesting. You start with one aspect that draws you to the next aspects on the topic.

  • Compare and Contrast Structure
  • This structure is used to demonstrate the similarities and differences of a topic. It is used to clarify two subjects by providing a contrast between them. The writer uses praise or critique in this structure so that readers understand how two subjects are different from each other.

  • Point by Point Structure
  • This structure is used when every detail is given to the reader about the topic. The writer demonstrates each quality of the subject point by point to the reader. Examples of this structure include evaluating pieces of music.

    Its evaluation may include the beat used in music, instruments used, and all the other factors.

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How to Write an Evaluation Essay?

Following are the steps to draft an incredible evaluation essay:

  1. 1. Choose the Topic
  2. Choosing an essay topic is essential. You must spend more time searching for an interesting topic. For an evaluation essay, make sure the topic must be informative as you have to evaluate some solid subject.

  3. 2. Evaluation Essay Outline
  4. After choosing the topic, the next is to create an essay outline. Many students who miss this step and start writing directly in this way may miss many crucial points. It is advised to create an outline before writing; it will ease your writing process.

    Writing an essay after creating an outline is less time taking. The outline includes all the important points of an essay. So the writer has no chance of missing out on any point.

    Also, editing and proofreading become easier when you have a rough draft. You can counter-check if you have added all the information in an essay.

    Let’s move to write an essay without further delay.

  5. 3. Evaluation Essay Introduction
  6. An introductory paragraph is the first thing that a reader sees in your essay. Therefore, it should be the most interesting one. You can use different types of hooks here to grab your reader’s attention.

    Some essential elements that must be included in an evaluation essay introduction example are as follows:

    • Use hook statement to grab readers attention
    • Provide brief background information about the topic. It helps the reader to understand the context better
    • Provide a strong thesis statement in the ending lines of your introduction

    This information is necessary to inform your reader about the background or history of your evaluation essay title.

  7. 4. Craft the Body Section
  8. The main section of an essay is the body section. Here it usually includes the three paragraphs that form the foundation of your essay. These three different paragraphs mean three different evaluation essay ideas on a given topic sentence of each paragraph.

    In the first paragraph, you need to provide your opinion about the topic. State all the views you have about the topic and then provide strong evidence to support your viewpoint.

    The second paragraph includes the comparing and contrasting of essay ideas. Here the writer has to explain the weaknesses and strengths of the subject. After this, all comparisons provide your stance on what you think about the subject.

    The third paragraph also includes the arguments, evaluation criteria, and claims to support the subject.

  9. 5. Evaluation Essay Conclusion
  10. The concluding paragraph must be strong enough so that your reader moves forward with a strong point of view. Here you have to rephrase your thesis statement from the introductory paragraph.

    By quoting your thesis statement, you have to provide the most solid argument about the whole topic by summing up all the points discussed in a body paragraph. Give your opinion, and it should be very compelling that readers agree to it.

  11. 6. Proofread and Edit
  12. The last step is to proofread and edit your essay. After writing it; takes some time and then proofread it. You have to figure out all the grammatical errors and unintentional mistakes that may become a cause to lower your grades.

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Evaluation Essay Examples

Here are some examples of evaluation essays for your consideration to have a better understanding.

pdf icon
Critical Evaluation Poem Essay
pdf icon
Evaluation Essay on a Movie
pdf icon
Self Evaluation Essay
pdf icon
Evaluation Essay Thesis Sample

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Evaluation Essay Topics

Here are some of the great essay topics to get started on your evaluative writing.

  • Evaluate the impacts of weight on the human mind
  • Evaluate your most utilized corrective item
  • Evaluate your last year scholastic execution
  • Evaluate the impacts of reusing plastic
  • Evaluate the contrast among IELTS and TOFEL
  • Evaluate the cons of utilizing cell phones to outrageous
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of teen smoking
  • Evaluate the significance of time in a people life
  • Evaluate a film you have seen last
  • Evaluate your beloved cafe

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Evaluation Essay Tips

Following are some tips that you must remember while writing an evaluation essay:

  • Elaborate on every minute detail while evaluating your subject
  • Provide fact-based information
  • Strengthen your argument with a lot of supports taken from credible sources
  • Support your opinion through strong critique and concise evaluation
  • It is very important to know your audience before writing for them

Writing a perfect evaluation paper is not easy, but after reading this guide, we hope it’s been helpful. Follow these steps and craft the best evaluation essay on any of the good ideas given above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is evaluation in essay writing?

Evaluation is to assess, and you'll require an assessment or decision concerning the degree to which it’s correct. Consequently, giving such a decision or assessment in an essay is evaluation.

How to start an evaluation essay?

Following are the steps to start an evaluation essay:

  1. Start with an interesting statement
  2. Introduce your subject quickly
  3. Provide some background information
  4. Provide the basis of your criteria
  5. Write your thesis statement

Can you use I in an evaluation essay?

No, we can not use I in an evaluation essay. First-person pronouns can make the essay wordy and give it an informal tone when used inappropriately. Therefore, avoid using I.

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