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What To Write My College Essay On?

What To Write My College Essay On?

If you find yourself asking the question “I don’t know what to write my college essay on”, you have come to the right place.

Before jumping into “what” topics to write your college essay on, understand what essay topics to avoid!

Avoid writing a college essay on the following topics:

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Sports
  • Privilege
  • Revenge
  • Unfortunate events and tragedies
  • Irresponsible activities (like “partying”)

Now that you know what topics to avoid, let’s go over some good essay topic ideas. 

Here are a few topic ideas to use for your college essay:

  • The Benefits of [Something] to the Economy
  • Challenges and How They Made You a Better Person
  • Write About Your Life Goals
  • Write About Your Role Model
  • How You Solved a Problem

In general, college admission officers usually look for three things in a college essay: 

  1. Uniqueness, 
  2. Critical thinking, and 
  3. Authenticity. 

There are no specific essays that guarantee a passing grade on an essay quiz. However, there are always experiences that everyone has that can make up an impressive essay.

College professors are people and people love stories. If you can turn your experience into an amazing story, you can easily connect with them and earn higher test scores.

Here are five college essay topic ideas that can turn your everyday experience into an amazing college essay:

The Benefits of [Something] to the Economy

This is one of the most popular essay writing topics and for good reasons. It allows students the opportunity to argue in favor of something that can improve society. You can add anything in place of [Something]. For example:

  • The Benefits of Solar Energy to the Economy.
  • The Economic Benefits of Cryptocurrencies
  • The Benefits of Online Gaming to the US Economy.

Or you can change it up a little as shown below:

  • The Economic Case for Cannabis Legalization

The key is thinking of something you personally believe will help society. Then gathering more information through online research to help support your argument. These types of essays are “low hanging fruits” and are very easy essays to write.

Challenges and How They Made You a Better Person

Write about the various challenges you have faced in your life and how they have transformed you into the person you are today.

Challenges are part of life; everyone faces ups and downs in life. However, how a person deals with those challenges actually tells about a person’s personality.

College admission officers and Professors would love to know how you handled these kinds of situations. This gives them an opportunity to see how you are going to handle your next 4 years in college on your own.

Write About Your Life Goals

This is one of the best college essays to write especially if you are looking to get financial aid. Admission essays are usually about personal statements. College admission officers always expect students to share stories about themselves. They want to know the real person behind the application essay. 

Speaking of your life goals and how you want to benefit the world will help the admission officer see that you are the right fit for their institution.

Hence explain your life goals and how you plan to attain them. This will make you the type of student college admission offers are looking to admit. 

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Write About Your Role Model

Everyone has a person in their life who has inspired or motivated them. This could be your favorite author, athlete, family member, friend, or mentor. Basically, someone you look up to.

Writing about why they motivate you as an individual gives your Professor deeper insight into your life’s core values.

How You Solved a Problem

When you graduate from college and begin going to job interviews, this is a question you cannot escape.

During an interview, a Recruiter may ask you, “take me through a time to had a problem and how you solved it”. By creating an essay around this topic, you will definitely impress your professor. This is because s/he knows that this is an essential part of your life as an adult. 

This is a great essay topic if you really want to impress your teacher.

As you write your essay, remember that Colleges are not looking for perfect candidates. Rather, they are looking for candidates who can think critically, contribute in the classroom, as well as in society at large.

Tips on Writing a Good College Essay

College application essays are not similar to general essays i.e. descriptive essays or narrative essays. Hence, the essay writing process is a bit different. It requires more creative writing skills. Here are some college essay tips from college application experts:

  • The first paragraph should be compelling enough that grabs the reader’s attention immediately and makes him read the complete essay.
  • Tell your own unique and authentic story. Do not be like thousands of other candidates who fail to make a positive impression.
  • Make your essay interesting. Don’t be boring, the reader will lose interest as soon as your story gets boring.
  • Use quotes from reputable sources to back up your argument.
  • Use essay prompts to keep your reader engaged.
  • Be clear and logical. Use clear and short sentences. Even if you have an incredible story, your essay won’t impress the reader if your sentences and your thoughts are not connecting logically.
  • End your essay with a compelling climax. The ending should leave a long-lasting impression on the reader’s mind.

Selecting The Best Essay Writing Service To Assist You

We hope this article gave you some essay topic ideas to write your college essay on. If you need someone to help you write your essay, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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