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A dissertation is the most difficult or complicated type of academic writing. The amount of effort and research that goes into a dissertation makes it a time-consuming and challenging task. Masters and Phd students have to deal with these types of writings in their degree program. It is the most important piece of writing students do in their academic careers.

Dissertation and thesis are used interchangeably. Generally, a thesis is a part of a Master’s degree program. It is submitted at the end of it as a degree requirement. Dissertations are part of Ph.D. degrees and are more thorough and detailed than a thesis.

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What is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is an academic document submitted in support of candidature for an MS or Phd degree. It is a research project completed as part of the postgraduate degrees. Moreover, it is also considered a professional paper that presents the author’s research and findings.

The dissertation aims to transform a student into an academic researcher. It is entirely based on original research work that a student conducts. The main purpose is to examine the state of the artwork, find a problem, and look for its solution.

It is based on two major steps: data collection and interpretation. You are supposed to conduct thorough research to collect enough relevant data about the subject. However, the second step is to interpret the data to find a solution to the said problem.

How Do You Write a Dissertation?

Wondering what the dissertation writing process that we follow is?

Well, it depends on your requirements and the dissertation criteria that you have submitted. Generally, writing a dissertation requires the following elements.

  1. 1. Title Page

    The content of the title page depends on the guidelines given by your teacher. It includes the student’s name, the department, the instructor’s name, and the university name.

  2. 2. Abstract

    The abstract is custom written after completing the dissertation. Your abstract includes a detailed summary of your dissertation and is based on 250 to 350 words.

  3. 3. Acknowledgments

    A dedication or acknowledgment is a short note that the students write. It is added to appreciate and credit the help and support of their teachers and family.

  4. 4. Table of Contents

    It has all the entries of the dissertation. All the chapters, subdivided chapters and topics, and sections are added here

  5. 5. Introduction

    The introduction is a brief description of what the dissertation is about. It supports and justifies the need for writing the dissertation. Moreover, it states the problem, its reasons, and the significance of the research.

  6. 6. Problem Statement

    Your dissertation is based on an issue or question you are aiming to deal with in your critique. This section puts that problem and reason forward explicitly and highlights why there is a need to address it.

  7. 7. Hypothesis and Research Questions

    This is decided upon before starting the research part. The author has some questions that he is working to find answers for.

  8. 8. Literature Review

    Literature review studies the historical background, theory, and the results of the available literature. It reviews the existing studies concerning the question that is being discussed.

  1. 9. Methodology

    Research methods differ from study to study and also depend on your field. Theoretical types of degrees like Literature do not need fieldwork and are solely based on theories. Others, like Psychology, Medical, etc., involve fieldwork.

  2. 10. Results

    The results acquired after the research and fieldwork are added in this section.

  3. 11. Discussion

    The results of the research are discussed concerning past studies, expected results, and hypotheses.

  4. 12. Conclusion

    The entire study, its purpose, expected, and acquired outcomes are discussed in the concluding section. It states how the results matched or differed from the expected and past research. It also includes the limitations and scope of the study.

  5. 13. References

    All the cited works are added to the references section. For this, a writer must only use credible sources such as online libraries and journals.

  6. 14. Bibliography

    All the works and studies that are approached in the research are added to the bibliography. It is different from the references section because it includes everything, whether you added it to your study or not.

  7. 15. Appendices

    This section is entirely optional and contains information that is additional to the main topic. However, your dissertation will be complete without it but add it to make your dissertation well-detailed.

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Can You Write a Dissertation in a Week?

You can easily write a dissertation in a week with proper planning and research. Similarly, good writing skills and the ability to organize the content quickly can also help you.

If you write 3000 words per day, you can write 15000 words in just five days, which is quite enough. Reserve the remaining two days for editing and proofreading.

How Long Should a Dissertation?

Generally, a dissertation takes 1 to 1.5 years to complete. It includes thorough research and is based on actual data. The whole timeline of a dissertation is based on the time required to collect research data.

Can I Get Someone to Write My Dissertation?

Yes, you can hire a professional writer from 5StarEssays.com to write a dissertation for you. Our writers are bound to deliver you the top-notch dissertation within your provided deadline. Similarly, they are capable of doing in-depth research and collecting credible data to write a perfect dissertation.

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How Long Does It Take To Write A 10000-word Dissertation?

If you write 3000 words per day, it will take you to write 10000 words in 3 to 4 days. But, that's just typing the words that you already know. Writing a dissertation requires much more than just typing words. It involves planning, research, organization, creative writing skills, and more than one draft.

Are Dissertation Writing Services Legal?

Yes, dissertation writing services are both legal and reliable as they provide top-notch A-worthy dissertations at affordable prices. However, many services available online claim to provide perfect dissertations, but most are online scams and frauds. Therefore, it is better to choose professional service like 5StarEssays.com that offers 100% original and plagiarism-free dissertations.

Can You Fail a Dissertation?

Yes, there are chances that you can fail a dissertation if it is poorly written or structured. Nevertheless, you’ll be given a chance to resubmit it by an agreed-upon date. The marks awarded for the resubmitted document will not be as good as the first submitted document.

How Much Does a Dissertation Cost?

The average cost of a dissertation ranges between $1800 to $3600, and it varies from company to company. However, the following factors can influence the cost of a dissertation.

  • The deadline set by your institute
  • The required number of pages
  • The academic level

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