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Dissertation and thesis are used interchangeably. Generally, a thesis is a part of a Master’s degree program. It is submitted at the end of it as a degree requirement. Dissertations are part of Ph.D. degrees and are more thorough and detailed than a thesis. The amount of effort and research that goes into a dissertation makes it difficult and time-consuming.

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If you are currently enrolled in your graduate, masters or Ph.D. degree then you know how tough it is. It becomes hard to keep up with all the coursework, assignments and projects. The cherry on top is the approaching deadline for your thesis or dissertation. Writing a dissertation proposal or choosing the topic itself is a lot of work. If it is your first time doing it, you do need our help - the best dissertation help. Continue reading to find out why we're the best for every academic level.

With 5StarEssays online dissertation writing services, we offer and provide professional dissertation help service for everyone who is looking to work smart and excel at the same time. Many students feel overwhelmed due to the dissertation's extremely professional nature. It requires a high level of expertise that they may lack. This is where we come in for help. We offer 24/7 customer support and professional dissertation writers that up to your critique writing game.

Outstanding Dissertation Writing Help for Ph.D. Degrees

Short on your Ph.D. dissertation submission deadline? You are not alone. Nearly 70% of the postgraduate students run late in submitting their dissertation. There are many factors that contribute to it and being employed and short on time are the topmost reasons. Ph.D. students are usually employed and pursuing their higher studies while working full time. Most of the time, they are already done with the research part. The next step is to write and assemble their work, which is where our dissertation writing assistance comes into play.

Having skilled, highly qualified and full-time dissertation experts is something that we pride ourselves in. Unlike some companies that employ freelance contractors and offshore writers, we have sifted the best writers for your ease.

All of the writers of our Ph.D. dissertation writing services are highly educated. They have the knowledge and skill to offer and give you custom written research papers and dissertations. What is dissertation writing process that we follow? It depends on your requirements and dissertation criteria that you have submitted with your project details. Generally, a dissertation requires the following elements.

1. Title Page

The content of the title page depends on the guidelines given by your teacher. As a common practice, it has the student’s name, the department, the instructor’s name, and the university’s name.

2. Abstract

Abstract is written after completing the dissertation. Your abstract includes a detailed summary of your dissertation and is based on 250 to 350 words. For a Master’s thesis, it is more of a choice than necessity while for higher-level studies, it is frequently added.

3. Acknowledgements

A dedication or acknowledgment is a short note that the students write. It is added to appreciate and credit the help and support of their teachers and family.

4. Table of Contents

It has all the entries of the dissertation. All the chapters, subdivided chapters and topics, and sections are added here. Our professional dissertation writers discuss the chapters with you before adding them to the content.

5. Introduction

The introduction has all the details of what the dissertation is about. It supports and justifies the need for writing the dissertation and states the problem, its reasons and the significance of the research. Writers working with our dissertation writing services know how to make it informative and interesting. Both of which are important to score high.

6. Problem Statement

Your dissertation is based on an issue or question that you are aiming to deal with in your critique. This section puts that problem and reason forward explicitly and to highlight why there is a need to address it.

7. Hypothesis and Research Questions

And this is decided upon before starting the research part. The author has some questions that he is working to find answers for and has a proposed solution and answer.

8. Literature Review

Literature review studies the historical background, theory and the results of the available literature in relation to the question that is being discussed. The professional writer that we will employ for your work will do an in-depth study of the matter and add relevant literature and studies supporting your points and research question.

9. Methodology

Research methods differ from study to study and it depends on your field also. Theoretical type of degrees like Literature do not need fieldwork and is solely based on theories. Others like Sociology, Psychology, Medical, etc. include fieldwork also.

10. Results

The results acquired after the research and fieldwork are added in this section.

11. Discussion

The results of the research are discussed in reference to the past studies, expected results, and hypothesis that was given in the beginning.

12. Conclusion

The entire study, its purpose, expected and acquired outcomes are discussed in the concluding section. It states how the results matched or differed from the expected and past researches and include limitations and scope of the study.

13. References

All the cited works are added in the references section. Our expert writers use credible sources only and have access to online libraries and journals.

14. Bibliography

All the works and studies that are approached in the research are added in the bibliography. It is different than the references section because it includes everything whether you added it in your study or not.

15. Appendices

This section is entirely optional. It contains information that is additional to the main topic and is too detailed or overwhelming for the reader. Though your dissertation will be complete without it we add it to make your dissertation exhaustive and well-detailed.

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