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Are Websites that Write Papers for Free Legal?

‘Should you trust a company that offers dirt cheap or free essay writing service?’ is a better question. And the answer is that it depends.

Several professional essay writing services like MyPerfectWords.com and FreeEssayWriter.net offer only first free orders to their new customers. However, they have a set pricing table that shows their rates and prices per page.

No professional and legit essay writing service will work for free. And the main reason for this is that they know how tough academic writing could be. They have a dedicated and professional team of writers that work with a set system. They are native English speakers and, trust us, they do not work for cheap.

By not being cheap we do not mean that such writers and writing services price their services very high. But they do price them reasonably. To give you an idea, check the 5StarEssays.com pricing table below:

Price Per Page
High School
50% off
50% off
50% off
50% off
8+ Days $28.06   $14.03 $37.18   $18.59 $46.28   $23.14 $50.86   $25.43
6-7 Days $32.46   $16.23 $40.98   $20.49 $49.50   $24.75 $53.76   $26.88
4-5 Days $36.72   $18.36 $45.24   $22.62 $53.76   $26.88 $58.02   $29.01
3 Days $39.34   $19.67 $47.86   $23.93 $56.38   $28.19 $60.64   $30.32
2 Days $42.94   $21.47 $51.46   $25.73 $59.98   $29.99 $64.24   $32.12
24 Hours $52.78   $26.39 $61.30   $30.65 $69.82   $34.91 $74.08   $37.04
12 Hours $60.32   $30.16 $68.84   $34.42 $77.36   $38.68 $81.62   $40.81

TThe prices per page are reasonable and everyone could easily afford it. We know that pricing is a major factor for the students and to help them, we have kept everything at a reasonable level.

Why are Free Essays Not Reliable?

Because free essays are usually those that are either rejected by the customers or are dirt cheap quality. Companies and writing services offering such essays are fraud companies that risk your grades and rob your money.

A professional essay writing service does not offer free essays but they offer affordable essays and other writing services. They hire professional academic writers and they do their best to provide custom services and papers.

How to know if a writing service is illegal? Below are some of the warning signs:

  • Their website’s design is unprofessional.
  • The customer service is non-responsive.
  • They don’t have their work samples on their website.
  • They don’t have good customer reviews.
  • The prices are too high or too low.
  • Their policies are vague.

The best way of knowing if the writing company is worth your time is to ask their representative about the writing samples of their writers. Mostly, such websites have their work samples on their website so that you could access them easily.

How to Find a Reliable Essay Writing Service?

Below are some of the things to consider when looking for a reliable essay writing service:

  • Do not choose an extremely cheap essay writing service.
  • See if their customer service is responsive and present every time you contact them.
  • Do they answer your emails on time? If not then leave them.
  • Check their privacy and money-back guarantees.
  • See if they offer free revisions and proofreading services.
  • Check their customer reviews to know what their customers are saying about them.
  • Check their work samples.
  • Are they offering different kinds of academic papers? If yes then it is a good sign.
  • Check their pricing table.
  • If they offer research paper writing services then it is a good sign that they are legal.

Legal and reliable essay writing services like 5StarEssays.com offer affordable and high-quality services. They value your time and efforts and make sure that you get the worth of it.

Place your order now to get a custom essay.

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