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A term paper is a research paper assigned to students towards the end of a course to assess their knowledge about the subject and topic. A term paper requires good writing skills as well as critical research expertise.

Since this type of academic writing assignment holds a large portion of a student’s overall grade, it must be well-written, well-researched and logically organized. It can only be achieved after putting in the time and effort. You can’t expect to write a term paper just after spending the few hours on the internet researching and then blindly start writing. There’s a lot more that goes into writing a great term paper and getting a high grade.

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Steps to Write a Term Paper

If you are under the impression that you will only be asked to write a term paper for an English or literature course, then you are highly mistaken. You can be assigned to write the paper for any course as it showcases your knowledge.

However, the writing process and the term paper format stays the same irrespective of the course you are writing for. Here is the basic term paper process that you must be familiar with.

  • Choose your research topic
  • Conduct thorough research on the topic
  • Write an outline
  • Write the first draft
  • Prepare the title page
  • Proofread and edit to perfect the final draft

Term Paper Topics

Most professors assign the topics related to the course for the students to write their paper on. However, you might be given the liberty to pick your desired topic. When looking for a topic to write on, you can surf the internet, go through scholarly articles and journals, news and sample term papers.

It is always better to write on a topic that is of your interest and that you are passionate about as it will make the writing much easier and fun.

Just keep in mind the following aspects when considering a topic:

The Word Count

Knowing the word count of the paper will help you decide the topic. How much you can write on a particular topic, whether your topic is broad enough.

Research Material

You can’t write on a topic without conducting thorough research on it. If there aren’t enough resources available on the topic, then it’s better that you pick another one.

Difficulty Level

Don’t pick a topic that is too complex or advanced for your level just to impress your teacher. Because chances are that you will get stuck halfway towards writing it.

Term Paper Outline

Once you have decided on a topic and conducted necessary research to gather relevant data, the next step is to draft an outline. Having a defined outline gives your paper a logical flow and structure. Although there are several templates available for writing your paper, the commonality between them is an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Here is the term paper layout that you must follow when writing your assignment:

1. Cover Page

A title page with the student’s name, course details (name, number) professor’s name and the date of submission.

2. Abstract

The abstract is a brief description of the entire paper. It defines your interest and inspiration for choosing the topic. The abstract informs the reader about the issue at hand and what the paper will discuss.

3. Literature Review

Here you can briefly discuss the previously conducted studies relevant to your topic that you based your research on.

4. Introduction

Open the introduction with an interesting piece of information about the topic to grab the reader’s attention. State the thesis statement that defines the overall purpose of the paper. Also, providing the significance of the issue and how it can be resolved.

5. Body

The body of a term paper is the main part of the paper and it is further divided into subparts. Here you will present in-depth information on the topic, discussing different ideas and arguments or evidence to support it in each section.

Use transitional words to maintain a smooth flow between paragraphs and make sure you’re your paragraphs don’t contradict one another.

6. Results

In this section, discuss your findings on how your views changed after carrying out research on the topic. Relate the results to the claims you made in the beginning.

7. Discussion

This is the conclusion of the term paper; you can present a brief summary of the topic at hand. You may end with a thought-provoking question or recommending the reader to carry out their research.

8. Recommendations

You can make suggestions for future research.

9. Reference List

Lastly, list down all the sources used alphabetically. Use the citation format specified by the professor.

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