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It isn't an unknown truth that nowadays technology is growing and developing with a blink of an eye. It appears like something new is being created every other day. Be it technological advances making our everyday life easier, or resolving health problems. The evolution of technology is occurring at an unseen speed.

However, just like everything else, the effects of technology on human life are both positive as well as negative. This means that there is an abundance of ideas for your technology essay.

Since the subject of technology is quite vast, you may narrow it down to fit your interests and requirements.

Here we will discuss some interesting topic ideas, along with key measures that you must follow when writing your essay.

How to Choose a Topic for Your Technology Essay?

The first thing you must have before beginning to write any paper is a topic. In order to write an impressive technology essay, you first need a good topic to write on.

The topic of your essay can either make or break it. Which is why it is recommended that you spend considerable time brainstorming the correct topic. An ideal topic is neither too broad, nor too narrow.

Technology has become an integral part of our lives; we are surrounded by different forms of technology. Which makes it easier for students to choose a topic that is relevant to their subject and interesting to write on at the same time.

However, there are some guidelines that can help make choosing an engaging topic a lot easier and quicker:

Explore Your Interests

The first step for picking the right topic is to decide the aspect of technology you are interested in and want to discuss. Technology is an extremely wide field; it has areas ranging from information technology to medical technology. This opens up unlimited areas for you to explore. So, you need to first make up your mind about the area that you are passionate about and then move forward.

Carry Out Research

The next step is where the real work begins. At this stage, you will explore the area you chose earlier. This will allow you to learn about it in detail and learn the necessary aspects of it. Doing so will help you find out more about the different possibilities about a particular concept.

 If there is information available on it, or people have worked on the same idea will give you better insight. And you can then decide whether taking up this topic is useful or not.

Modern Technology

With the latest technologies being introduced every other day it is recommended that you go with an up-to-date topic. For instance, writing on a newsworthy topic such as virtual reality will, without a doubt impress your teacher.

Find Out Evidence

It is important that you find out all the relevant data and information on the topic before actually getting to work. If you start your essay without having the necessary data, you might find it difficult to write. In case there isn't enough research material available, you might have to start writing from scratch on a different topic. So, before you begin the writing process, look for authentic sources online and gather data and evidence about your chosen topic.

Technology Essay Topic Ideas

To make brainstorming different topics for you, we have mentioned some of the top ideas below for you to use:

  1. Impact of technology on interpersonal relationships.
  2. How has technological discoveries like mobile phone, changed communication? Is it bringing people closer, or creating distance between them?
  3. What is the role of technology in globalization?
  4. How does technology affect our natural resources?
  5. Describe the pros and cons of your favorite gadget.
  6. The history of science and technology.
  7. Technology at workplaces. The role of technology in your workplace.
  8. Discuss how the students who grew up in the technological era are different from previous generations.
  1. Human cloning: is it acceptable?
  2. Social dangers of technologies that can control the human brain.
  3. Effect of technology on our daily life activities.
  4. How is the excessive use of technology increasing health issues?
  5. Is genetically modified food increasing the obesity rate?
  6. Social dangers of technologies that can control the human brain.
  7. How can technology be used in a positive way to change the world?

Writing a Technology Essay

When you have decided on the topic, the actual writing process begins. This is the part where students mostly start panicking. Writing isn't everyone's forte, which makes essays seem like a daunting task. However, this can be made easier with practice and following a logical flow.

Here are a few steps that will help make your essay writing process go by a lot smoother.

Organize Your Thoughts

The first step to start writing your essay is to gather and organize the research material and your thoughts on the topic.

Craft an Outline

Having a defined outline for your essay makes sure that you don't go off track or miss out on important information. Your outline will act as a placeholder for the actual ideas that you want to discuss in your essay.

A typical essay outline is made up of the following sections:


An essay introduction focuses on introducing the topic as well as grabbing the reader's attention. You can hook the reader by sharing an interesting fact about your topic or share some latest advancements relevant to your topic idea.

Also, provide some background information or definitions to make it easier for the reader to understand.

Body Paragraphs

The main body of your essay is typically divided into three paragraphs. Each starts with a topic sentence that is the main idea that is going to be discussed. Remember to back up your statements with solid evidence.


End your essay with a brief summary of the entire essay, highlighting important ideas and the importance of your topic.

Edit and Proofread

Lastly, look for any grammatical or spelling errors in your paper. Give yourself a break and go back to your paper after finishing writing it.

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