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Narrative Essays: Get Professional Help from Experts

Being a high school or college student means having to write numerous kinds of essays every other week. You can be asked to write argumentative essays and the next day you are expected to craft a compelling expository essay. It can be difficult figuring out the difference between these essays and their outlines.

Similarly, students often confuse narrative essays with descriptive essays. Writing a narrative essay is a good chance to improve your storytelling skills. It isn’t easy if you aren’t familiar with the process of writing this type of essay. Such an essay requires sharing your personal experience.

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What is a Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is kind of a short story that tells the reader about particular events, how they happened, other experiences and interactions that you might have had. The plot of a narrative essay is always true to life.

On the other hand, descriptive essays are more focused on sensory details. Here the focus is on describing the person, object, place or event in such a way that to form an image in the reader's mind. The plot in such essays is usually vague.

When assigned a narrative essay, write it using the proper structure and guidelines. As everyone enjoys reading stories and your professor will be expecting an engaging essay from you. Also, make sure to follow the instructions specified by your professor so that you can get the highest marks.

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Elements of a Narrative Essay

The aim of a narrative essay is to sketch the plot in a way that the readers understand it easily. In order to achieve that, you must incorporate the following details in your essay:

  • Present the events in order.
  • Highlight the purpose of the thesis statement.
  • You can use dialogue.
  • Use in-depth details to describe your point of view.
  • To build the story towards a climax, you can use flashbacks and flashforwards.
  • Write it in the first person.

Writing a Narrative Essay

There are certain guidelines that must be followed to craft an interesting and well-structured personal narrative essay.

Keep the Essay Topic in Mind

You must have the ability to share your experience and turning into a story. You can only keep the reader interested till the end if you yourself enjoy what you’re writing about. Pick a topic or experience that means something to you, or holds some significance. This will allow you to write much naturally.

Create an Outline

Writing a story or an essay for that matter requires thought and proper planning. Nobody can start writing a story from beginning to end in a go. You must sketch an outline first and decide the points you want to discuss in each section. Even famous writers adopt this strategy of defining the outline, writing the first draft and perfecting it as they go.

Add Elements to the Storyline

In order to attract the reader’s attention, it is important that you incorporate components. Such as the plot, characters, setting, theme, conflict, etc.

Explain your Perspective

For the reader to understand the story and your role in it, you must share your perspective and explain why you acted the way you did on a particular occasion.

Support your Thoughts

To make the reader understand your behavior and agree to what you did or said, it is important that you not only state your opinions but also prove them with facts or references.

Stay Relevant

It is common for writers to go overboard presenting too many details, some of them don’t contribute to the story in any way and just make your essay lengthy and boring. Make sure that you only share the details that are necessary for your plot.

Highlight the most significant moments and how they affect the overall story.

Adopt a Clear Writing Style

When writing a narrative essay, you don’t need to use fancy words to deliver your message. The simpler your language, the easier it will be for the reader to understand. If you adopt a more complex style, it will only confuse the reader further.

Use a Chronological Flow

A narrative essay should present events in the order of occurrence to build the interest of your reader and making it easier for them to keep up.

Take Help from Narrative Essay Samples

The best way to understand narrative essays - what your plot should be like? Or how you should present information is to go through sample essays.

You can also watch videos to see how others describe and present their life experiences and convey their thoughts effectively.

Proofread and Edit

Lastly, don’t forget to revise your essay. Make sure that you have conformed to the guidelines and requirements specified by the teacher. Also, get rid of any irrelevant information, grammatical and spelling errors if there are any.

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