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Graduate Essay Help: Get Admission in Your Dream College

Are you contemplating going to graduate school? It can be an important step that can help you achieve your academic and career goals.

While it can steer your way towards success, the journey and application process are quite intense. Writing a graduate essay, getting professors to write letters of recommendation, and gathering different test scores and transcripts.

Grad school essays, grad school personal statement or statement of purpose are the most important document that a prospective graduate student will need to include in his/her application. As it is the main thing the admissions officers review and decide on the basis of your application essays, whether you are a good fit for their institution or not.

When you decide to apply to grad schools, make sure that you put in a lot of thought and effort into writing your admission essay. Never make the mistake of starting to pen down your thoughts on the day of submission. You must first be aware of the elements of a graduate essay and the information that the admission committee looks for.

The best practice is to read sample graduate school personal statements and taking tips and advice from admissions experts. Lucky for you, 5staressays houses the best experts available to help graduate school applicants find their way into their dream institute and graduate programs.

Writing an Essay for Graduate School Admissions

The purpose of including an essay or personal statement in the grad school application is to get to know the student. This is a short essay that is written with the aim of introducing the applicant and his/her reasons for applying to the particular college and program.

A personal statement gives a more detailed insight into an individual’s life and provides much personal reasons making it easier for the admissions committee to shortlist students. Metrics such as your GPA, grades and other test scores do play an important role, but they don’t showcase your individuality.

You can’t assume that just because you have high grades, you will automatically get accepted. There are going to be other students with the same grade as yours or better. But what sets you apart from them is what you have the opportunity to highlight in your personal statement.

What Makes a Graduate Essay Successful?

There is no set standard that applies to all graduate essays or personal statements since it is an individual process. However, there are certain components that can help students wanting to pursue graduate studies craft an outstanding essay.

Don’t Lose Focus

Since this is the first chance to have communication with the people in charge of their admission, students tend to go overboard with information. They bombard the reader with personal information, and highlight each and every accomplishment or experience no matter how big or small.

Remember that it is a personal statement and not an autobiography where you have to highlight each and every phase of your life. Just stick to one or two significant stories that are relevant to your reasons for applying, and what defines you as a person. Discussing specific things in depth is a better approach than attempting to tell your whole life story.

The goal of a personal statement is to get you an interview with the admissions committee. If you provide them with everything in your essay, they might lose interest.

Share What’s Relevant

It is important that you decide carefully on the aspects of your life and personality that you want to share with them. They should serve the purpose of showcasing why you are applying for the program and what qualifies you for it.

Future goals

How the admissions committee the big picture of how you will benefit from this program and how it helps you with your future goals both academic and career-wise.

Be Honest

Often students have a misconception that colleges are looking for students with the perfect track record, a number of accomplishments, etc.

While it is true, but most of the time, they don’t want to see a student brag about how good they are and their accomplishments. Addressing and being honest about your weaknesses and how you overcame them is equally important.

Understand the Audience

It is important that you keep in mind the perspective of the person reading your essay. You don’t want to write something that you wouldn’t want to read if you were in their shoes. Words can have double meanings and people can perceive them in a different way than what you intended. So, make sure that you use the right words.

Highlight your Individuality

Some students try to play it safe and copy the existing personal statements with a few tweaks. For instance, students applying to medical school always write how someone close to them who suffered from a serious illness encouraged them to go for this profession.

Don’t make the same mistake; instead, share your personal experiences to cast an impression.


Lastly, your personal statement should be completely error-free. Make sure that you edit and proofread it properly to discard irrelevant information and remove any grammatical and spelling errors.

We can’t stress enough about the importance of submitting a well-structured admissions essay. It is always a good idea to seek professional help when your future is at stake. If the entire writing process is intimidating for you, you can get professional college essay help as well with our expert essay writers at 5staressays craft it for you.

How Does 5StarEssays Help You with Your Essay?

A graduate essay is totally different from your typical academic essay or term paper. This means that you can’t adopt the same writing style. A graduate essay is personal and written describing the applicant.

In order to create an impact with your essay, you must use smart and innovative ways to present information. It’s not about your personality, achievements and aspirations, but how you present these on paper.

This is where our essay experts do their magic and craft your essay according to the demands and requirements of the admissions committee.

Admission officers want to see the following elements these are what our writers incorporate in your essay:

  • The applicant’s defining qualities.
  • Their skills, abilities, learning attitude, problem-solving, etc.
  • What they are passionate about and what drives them.
  • Examples of real-world scenarios where they applied their problem-solving skills to come up with a solution.
  • Other examples showcasing their abilities as an individual.
  • How will you be an asset to the institute.
  • Their aspirations, long term goals and plans.

These, along with other characteristics of your personality can help craft an incredible essay that will secure you a place in your desired graduate school.

Why Work with Us?

5StarEssays helps students tackle problems that become the cause of them not getting admissions in the top-ranking colleges and universities. One of the main reasons that students often lack behind is due to their poor writing skills. They are unable to express themselves and their ideas effectively and, therefore, fail to communicate their personalities across.

Some students may not have the command on the language since they are non-natives, or others might not have the time to sit down and craft an insightful essay.

Regardless of your reason for choosing professional assistance, our writers will make sure to provide you with everything necessary to submit a high-quality graduate paper.

Working with us you will get the benefits of:

  • 100% unique and original essay, written keeping you and your personality in mind.
  • Personalized and custom help.
  • Affordable rates.
  • Free revisions within two weeks to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Writers are familiar with the demands of the admission officers.
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