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An evaluation essay, as the name suggests, is written to evaluate a particular topic. It presents a lucrative report or an evaluative paper.

It also goes by the names like critical evaluation essay, evaluative report, or evaluative paper.

The purpose of an evaluation essay is to give the writer the opportunity to compose a judgment and discuss their point of view about the quality of a certain service, business, or an item.

When you write an evaluation essay, get the readers to agree with your viewpoint without enforcing your beliefs on them. I should be done naturally, and must not seem opinionated at all.

When evaluating the effectiveness of a particular thing, it is important that you learn how to remain unbiased and provide proper reasoning.

How to Write an Evaluation Essay

Essay writing is a challenging task, especially the type of essay that requires sound knowledge and critical analysis skills. But it can be made easier if you follow a logical series of steps.

Here are a few important steps to start an evaluation essay:

Pick a Topic

If your professor hasn’t assigned the topic then any need to worry, it will give you the opportunity to write on a topic that you are passionate about. A good idea is to go with an idea that you are already familiar with, to make the writing process easier.

Some good topics for an evaluation essay can be a movie evaluation. Evaluating your favorite move would be a piece of cake, wouldn’t it?

Here are a few more topics to give you an idea:

  • Analyze how the great Gatsby portrays the American culture of that time.
  • How does digital communication culture impact the people of today?
  • Evaluate the opportunities provided by social media in terms of employment.
  • Assess and evaluate the education system of the United States.
  • Are historical movies effective for people who want to learn about past events?
  • Evaluate a foreign film and discuss how it portrays its culture.

Develop a Thesis Statement

Once you have decided on a topic for your essay, the next step is to come up with a thesis statement. It is the main part of your introduction, as well as the rest of the essay. It defines the overall purpose of the entire essay. The thesis statement is made up of the claim or argument you are making about your topic.

It will determine the criteria you are using to evaluate the topic at hand. Just as other essay types, the thesis statement for an evaluation essay must be informative, arguable, defensible and to the point.

You can tweak the thesis statement as you go, it doesn't necessarily need to stay the same as the original one. Revise the thesis according to your requirements.

Establish the Criteria to Evaluate the Item

The next step is to determine the criteria you will use for evaluation. These criteria will help the reader understand what is expected from a particular item or what the ideal item is. When defining the criteria, search for the best possible example of a particular item, brand or service. This means that the criteria will be different depending on the topic of your essay.

For instance, a restaurant must have good quality food, it must be economical, with a great ambiance, etc.

Find Supporting Evidence

You can't expect someone who doesn't share your point of interest in a particular product or service without solid evidence. As we mentioned earlier, an evaluation essay isn't solely based on your opinions. You are required to back every statement you make with facts and examples from authentic sources.

Going back to the restaurant example, if you are making a judgment about the cleanliness not being up to the mark. You will need to back this judgment with evidence. 

Write the First Draft

By this time, you will have the necessary information to start writing your first draft. It will be easier to write if you stick to an outline. An evaluation essay outline is similar to any other essay, consisting of an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.


This section of an essay is written with the aim of introducing the topic and educating the audience about it. Open this paragraph with an interesting statistical fact, a revelation, or an anecdote depending on the type of your topic.

The next step is to provide a little background information on the topic to the reader, making it simpler for them to understand. Also, state the criteria you will be used to evaluate the topic.

Lastly, end your introduction with the thesis statement that you created earlier.

Essay Body

A typical essay is made up of three paragraphs, each discussing a different idea. (The number of paragraphs depends on your instructor's guidelines or the difficulty level of the topic)

Start each paragraph with a topic sentence, the main idea of that particular paragraph. For an evaluation essay, each paragraph will discuss a different criterion and your judgment of it. Then provide supporting evidence in the form of a quote, statistical fact, expert reviews, etc. to back up your judgment.

To further strengthen your argument, discuss the other side of the argument, present reasons why they are wrong.

To ensure a logical and smooth flow between each paragraph, use transitional words such as:

  • Firstly, secondly, thirdly.
  • Moreover.
  • Furthermore.
  • In addition to.
  • In contrast with.
  • To conclude.
  • Therefore.
  • Similarly.
  • Above all.
  • Besides.
  • In other words, etc.


The conclusion is the last section of your essay, so use it effectively. Restate the thesis statement and the purpose of your paper, summarize the main points as well. Don't forget to change the writing, so it doesn't seem like a repetition of your introductory paragraph.

To get a better understanding of what you should include in your paper, it is always helpful to read sample essays on a similar topic.

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