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Dissertation writing is perhaps the toughest area of academic writing. Even the most learned academics do not find it easy. There is no doubt that your dissertation can either make or break your grades. This is why we insist that spend ample time writing a dissertation.

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Usually, a dissertation is completed and submitted at the end of a graduate or master's program. This is the degree requirement. Also, it is considered as the complete essence of what the student has learned and acquired in the academic tenure.

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What is Dissertation Writing?

The main idea behind a dissertation is to produce an original piece of research work that contemplates the main topic. The work involves researching the main topic, the previous studies relevant to it and presenting them to support your own ideas.

Typically, a dissertation is the most time-consuming piece of work in any academic program. It has multiple sections and chapters. All of the chapters are based on a specific section of the study and details thoroughly.

A dissertation can be very long and difficult. However, unlike essays and other assignments, it can be much more rewarding. requires a lot of research and planning skills. It is wise to choose a topic you already know of. Or you have a sound knowledge of it.

Besides Ph.D., MS also has a thesis as their degree requirements. The student is awarded the degree only after the thesis is submitted and accepted. This type of thesis is also like that of a master's thesis and involves research work.

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Elements of Standard Dissertation Writing

Good dissertation always follows certain standards and guidelines. There are particular requirements, which may vary from university to university. Even the guidelines that are provided by the instructor can vary.

Before writing the thesis, you will need to submit a dissertation proposal. The proposal will inform your instructor about the main research question and your aim of doing the research.

The following are some universal elements of good doctoral dissertations.

  • Introduction - Tell what your dissertation is all about in minimum words. However, make sure that you keep things interesting. Your instructor will only want to read your work further if the introduction is enticing and promising. 
  • Literature Review - In this section, the relevant previous studies are added. These studies are used to support the thesis as well as highlights the loopholes. The research purpose is to fill the loopholes left by past researchers. Apart from choosing an area that has not been tapped into, also showcase the importance of exploring that part further.
  • Methodology - It mentions your findings and planning. How are you going to collect and analyze your data? What criteria you are using for research? Answers to these questions should justify your main objectives.
  • Results - This section includes everything that you have found out as the result of your research. If your research includes data analysis, it should include tables, figures, and statistical data.
  • Discussion and Conclusion - The discussion section, compare your results and those of others. The conclusion section summarizes the key findings of the research and the data collected.

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