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Research writing is an inevitable part of higher studies like college and university. Every student has to go through writing this type of paper and this is probably the most time-consuming type of task.

No matter what course you are studying in, nearly every degree requirement includes submitting a research paper.

For most of the students, to write a research paper is something scary and somewhat of an unachievable task. It is unlike the five-page essay that you may have in your English class or any other subject. It is different than it and needs more time and dedication.

We understand that dedicating a fixed amount of time for this task is not easy and they often need help for it. 5StarEssays understands how important it is for you to have reliable and sincere help to achieve your goals. Our support team is active and is always present to help you with your various study needs.

To support them and to help them do great in their studies, we offer dedicated professional writers who offer high quality and cheap research papers that are written according to your unique needs and guidelines.

What Makes a Great and High-Quality Research Paper

This type of academic writing is more thorough and detailed than a usual high school essay or paper since this is supposed to be your original research and your key grading factor. A great and perfectly written research paper has all the necessary sections that are added to compose a complete research paper.

However, before writing the paper, you must create your work plan. This work plan will help you create and maintain a logical flow throughout the paper and keep the focus tight. Writers working with us know how important it is to have a detailed and well laid out research paper plan.

When planning the paper, they follow the following essential steps:

1. Choosing a Research Topic

Before starting with the process of writing, choosing a topic for your research paper or term paper is the first step. Without a topic, you cannot write the paper and without a strong topic, you cannot write a strong and impressive paper. Knowing how to choose a topic and having a list of research paper topics is important if you do not want to be left in the mid thinking what to do next.

2. Forming a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is written after the introduction and is the essence of the entire paper. Usually, it contains the main research question and the aim of the research. A good thesis statement should inform the readers about what the main focus of the paper will be.

3. Collecting Different Types of Sources

After making the outline and deciding about the type of content that you are going to add to your paper, it is time that you collect the sources that you are going to add to your paper. When researching for the sources, our writers make sure that they add credible and high-quality sources. Some common and usual sources to find them are scholarly journals and books.

4. Creating an Outline

Creating a workable outline is an important step in writing the -paper smoothly and delivering it on time. An outline contains the title page, introduction, main body and concluding sections.

At a general level, the main body paragraphs are three in number but they could be increased if needed. Every paragraph must start with a topic sentence with each paragraph explaining a single idea.

5. Writing the First Draft

After creating the outline, the writer prepares the first draft of the paper. This draft includes all the content and material of the paper. A strong outline will make this step easy and a lot faster than if you try doing it without an outline. At this stage, don't worry about any errors; your focus should be to complete the first draft.

6. Revising and Proofreading the Draft

After the first draft is completed, you should work on perfecting it further. Read the entire paper and check it for punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, word choice and everything that impacts the structure and presentation of your paper.

For better and close revision, read the paper at least two to three times to make sure that it is clean and free from every error.

7. Organizing the Cited Works or References

All the references and works cited in the paper are compiled and presented at the end and under the references list. When preparing and finalizing the list, the writer makes sure that all the works have been added to the list.

Citing all the works is important and necessary, especially if you do not want to end up with a plagiarism offense. To make sure that nothing like this happens, the writer takes extra care and adds all the works.s

8. Checking the Paper for Grammatical Errors and Plagiarism

No academic work is complete without thorough checking grammatical and plagiarism checking. We use high-quality software like Grammarly and Turnitin to make sure that the paper is free form errors and original. Providing quality and ready to submit work is our responsibility and we take it very seriously.

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