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College Essay Samples Written by Professional Essay Writers

Do You Need Help With Your College Essay?

It may sound scary, but, indeed, you cannot escape writing admission essays. Admission essays, supplemental essays, and personal statements are essential parts of a higher education college application; they decide your fate. Yes, your admission essay will determine whether the admission officers will accept your application or not. Sounds unfair?

It may sound like you are taking a huge risk, but you have to go through this for your admission process. Keeping your dream high school school or university in your mind will ease your worry and stress. In such a situation, a professional college application essay help always comes in handy.

You can contact a college or school counselor or take essay coaching classes to prepare for your college admission. However, won’t it be better to contact professionals to write a compelling essay?

Each year, many students turn to 5StarEssays.com for their various essay and assignment writing needs. There could be many reasons why you cannot write strong essays and assignments yourself. To name a few, academic pressure, lack of writing skills, and having a job are amongst the top reasons.

With our college application essay service, you can see your dream transforming into reality. Our service offers you much-needed assistance and helps you achieve your goal with remarkable test prep and test scores.

What do the Admissions Officers Want to See in Your College Essay?

Answering the college application essay question can be tricky and quite risky. One wrong move and your chance is gone.

Some of the elements of a successful application essay are:

  • High quality and error-free writing
  • Gripping narrative
  • Your defining quality (learning attitude, resilience, analytical skills, creativity)
  • Your passion and driving force
  • Real-life examples and incidents highlighting your personal abilities
  • Examples showing how you could be a valuable asset
  • Courage and aspiration to do better and something useful in future

Apart from the elements mentioned above, you can add many other things that highlight your personality. At 5StarEssays.com, college essay experts know how to answer the questions and add the details that the college counselor wants to see in your admission essay.

Get Best College Essay Help Online

An application essay is not like your academic essay or paper. Unfortunately, both cannot be written in the same way. A college admissions essay is extremely personal. To make your essay impactful, you have to be creative while presenting your case.

The way you portray your personality, achievements, and aspirations determine whether you will get admission.

However, writing this essay type seems a daunting task for many students. They don’t know how to portray themselves to make their essay stand out. Despite having a good academic record and exceptionally good grades, many students don’t get admission to their desired college because of poor college essays.

Here, college essay writing services come to the rescue. They guide you through the essay writing process with more ease. They help you discover who you are, what matters to you, and what you should write in your essay. They make the college essay writing process joyful.

5StarEssays.com is a legit essay writing service that provides highly qualified and professional writer’s help. You can get college essay help from our expert writers at affordable prices.

Why Entrust Your College Essay With Us?

You should entrust your college essay with 5StarEssays.com because we sincerely want to help you. Similarly, we have the needed workforce and equipment for it.

After working with students and colleges for a considerable time, we know about both sides of the coin. The college essay help we offer is affordable, time-tested, and guaranteed to achieve the desired results.

Besides being a one-stop solution to all of your college term paper, and admissions essay needs, we offer many benefits:

  • One-on-One Counselling
  • Unceasing Support and Communication
  • Time-Tested and Proven Methods
  • Personalized Help and Support
  • Affordable Prices
  • 100% Original and Unique Work
  • Unlimited and Free Revisions
  • Professional and Experienced Writing experts

Apart from this, we also help you with the basic problems that can cause failure to secure admissions in top-rated universities and colleges.

If you are looking for high-quality, unique, and urgent essay writing service, then 5StarEssays.com is just a click away. We are here 24/7 to listen to your needs and help you with all your writing assignments.

All you have to do is to place your write my essay request and get well-written assignments and non-plagiarized essays within the given deadline.

How Do I Make My College Essay Stand Out?

Here are the five ways that can help you make your essay stand out among the pool of other candidates:

  • Begin your essay with a hook statement that grabs the reader’s attention.
  • Include interesting quotes and facts.
  • Tell the truth.
  • Tell your story as you are talking directly with your reader.
  • Don’t tell but show. Don't just list down your accomplishments but rather show how you have managed to accomplish all those things.

What Should You Not Do in a College Essay?

Here are the five most common mistakes that you should avoid in your college essay:

  • Do not rehash your academic and extracurricular accomplishments.
  • Do not include cliches.
  • Do not exaggerate things.
  • Do not copy others’ stories.
  • Never give a ‘happily ever after’ ending.

What Should I Write My College Essay About?

Here are some interesting college essay prompts that you can write about:

  • How your failures made you the strong person that you are today?
  • What have you learned from your accomplishments?
  • How a specific incident changed your life?
  • What challenges you have faced in your life
  • What positive change do you want to bring to the world?

When Should You Start Writing a College Essay?

You should start writing your essay as soon as possible. Most of the students leave the essay for the last moment. This is the biggest mistake they can ever make. Surely, the last thing you want is to end up with bad quality or an unfinished essay because you ran out of time.

Thus, you should plan your essay at least two months before the deadline to have plenty of time to brainstorm, write, and edit your essay.

Does a college essay really matter?

Yes, essays do matter for colleges, as they make up a huge part of your college application essay. A college essay is a big part of the admission process. If you have exceptional grades, but your college essay is not good enough, you might not be able to get admission.

On the other hand, if you have an average academic score, but your college essay is perfect, you might have a chance to get admission easily. Hence, a college essay is as important as good grades.

Can You Lie on College Essays?

No, you can’t lie in your college essay. College admission officers read plenty of essays every year, and they can easily recognize who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. There is no need to stretch the truth in your essay; it is not required.

The college essay is your chance to show your unique personality and let your voice come through the application. Do not waste this chance by telling a lie in your essay.

Is it Illegal to Have Someone Edit Your Essay?

No, it is not illegal to have someone edit your essay. In fact, it is a good idea to have someone edit or proofread your essay before you submit it for the admission process. Taking help from others is an opportunity for you to remove mistakes from your essay, making it flawless.