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Looking for someone to help you write an exceptional essay for your application? 5StarEssays knows what you are looking for. Our team of professional writers knows how to write a college and high school admissions essay that could help you get your foot inside your dream college. Our high school and college essay help is affordable, fast and reliable.

College life plays a significant role in shaping a person’s future decisions and life. People work really hard to get into prestigious colleges and universities because they know that what they will get will be more than a degree.

These high-end educational institutes teach a lot more than what you will find in books, especially in the form of extracurricular activities. This is what makes these institutes so invaluable.

We understand how important it is for you to win this admission and once you choose to work with us, it becomes our responsibility to help you earn that prestigious admission. Our essay experts have graduated from renowned and top-ranked educational institutes and know about their requirements.

Get Professional College Admission Essay Help

Why can't I just write my essay myself? Why get professional help for it?

If you think that risking your chance of getting your dream admission is what you want to do then writing your essay yourself will be a handy option. But, if you want to make sure that you get the admission then this won't be something that you should be doing.

We are not saying that you lack writing skills. You surely have great writing skills but these are not enough. A college application essay is unlike any other type that you used to get in your school and college.

They give you a chance to reflect and talk about your personality, something that you may not have learned in your school or college. This is why we suggest that you leave the work to experts.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of students get admission in their desired institutes. Since we work with a diverse workforce that has come from various backgrounds, we know what the college admissions officers are looking for in an application.

Writing the college application requires experience, which students do not have when they start working on their application essays. With us, you will get a great paper that fulfills all the admission needs and present your personality appealingly.

How Do We Write your Personal Statement Essay?

Once you place an order to buy essay online, one of our professional writers starts working on your assignment. Before starting with your admission essay writing process, they do thorough research and create an outline of the points and content that they will add to your essay.

To give you an idea of how they do it, we have detailed the steps that are involved in creating the draft and composing a great paper.

1. Organization

Nothing is achieved without proper and practical planning and organization. A good admissions essay requires time, dedication and lots of strong will. This is why we suggest that you place your order at least one to two months earlier than the actual deadline.

It is not that the writer cannot write the essay in a short deadline, it is just that we want to compose a perfect paper that will require time. There is no secret in it that the best things take time and to write the best college essay, we need time.

Some of the steps to follow are:

  • Starting early
  • Decide what you want to add in the content
  • Start the longer (650 words or more) paper before the shorter ones

If you are working with the Common App, then finding all the details will be easy but if not, then you will have to get the information either through their official website or by visiting the college or institute yourself.

2. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is important when it comes to writing anything, let alone the idea of writing it. Many students think that collecting the topics and writing prompts right before they are working on their essay will be enough. It is wrong and when the time comes they just cannot come up with anything.

Compiling the topics list is a great way of starting strong and having multiple choices. However, there is no best topic for a great college essay as it depends on the writer and the way he or she takes the essay forward.

Some of the ways to come up with a good topic or prompts are:

  • Reading the essay prompt carefully: Sometimes reading the essay prompt carefully opens doors to new possibilities and topics. Therefore, the writer reads it carefully.
  • Considering the important life events and experiences: Some prompts involve explaining a life event and how it influenced your life and decision making capability. This is the place where you can talk about a past event or a life experience that has shaped you and your decision of enrolling in the respective course.
  • The writer works with you closely to understand every detail and incorporate them into the essay.
  • Talk about yourself: This is probably the most common admissions essay prompt. The universities want to meet you and your submission is a chance of acquainting them with who you are. But, it is not as easy and simple as it may sound. Describing your personality and showing the admissions committee how you will benefit the institute and use the acquired education, is really tough.

Each year the admissions office receives thousands of applications and only a handful of them get accepted. To make sure that your application does not end in the same way, our writer leaves no stone unturned and puts its heart and soul into it.

3. Picking the Essay Topic

After preparing the list of the topics, choosing the right topic should not be as difficult as before. However, you will still need to consider the topics carefully before finalizing it. The best way of doing it is to think about all the topics that you have researched and chosen the ones that are close to the prompt.

Some ways of doing it by following the ways below:

  • Is the topic significant for you? If not then change it and find the one that matters to you.
  • Is it telling something unique about your personality? The admissions committee wants to see You in the essay, make sure that you give them what they are looking for and share your story.
  • Is the topic-specific and not too broad? Avoid topics that are too broad and choose the ones that are specific and stick to a single idea.
  • Does it have scope for a detailed explanation? Choose topics that have enough room to add a detailed explanation. This will allow you to have more space to showcase your skills.
  • Is it answering the application essay question? A topic that is according to the essay prompt and answering the specific essay question work best.

4. Plan your Essay’s Presentation

After choosing a topic, the next step is to decide the way you will present your essay. There are many ways of doing it but you need to be careful about choosing how you will structure and present your essay.

Below are some of the ways through which you can come up with ways to present and write a good college essay.

  • Choose a focal point for your essay. That focal point could be anything like an anecdote, an incident that left a mark on your personality or an important event. Decide the main point and start from there.
  • Decide about the personality traits that you would like to show in your essay. But it should be associated with the essay prompt and how the course will benefit you in the future. They want to see your personality but also want to see this personality will be for their institute.
  • Decide how will you start your essay. The best way of doing it is to take the reader right into the action and start from the middle. Starting from the beginning will bore your readers so it is better to take them in the middle of the story and continue from there.

5. Write the Essay

After following the step by the step planning process, it is time that you begin with writing the essay. The college application process involves writing and submitting the essay in a fixed timeframe, which is usually shorter than you would expect.

The admission college essay has the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Thesis Statement
  • Main Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusion

Before writing these sections, the writer creates an outline first and then starts with the writing process.

6. Revise the Essay

After writing the complete essay, it is important that you do a thorough and complete revision of the entire personal statement before submitting it. No matter how carefully you have written it, there are fair chances that you may have left anything. Have a friend or your high school teacher do it for you and guide you.

Our editing and quality assurance team makes sure that the paper is checked for grammatical errors and plagiarism. They make sure that it is clean and fit to be submitted without further checking.

Our writers are available 24/7 to help you get that dream admission for you. Place your order now.