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Guaranteed Delivery Time
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5staressays client reviews

U.S. Essay Writer Standing by

We are U.S. native English academic professionals and full-pro essay writers. That’s all we do. We provide essays in every subject matter with 100% original, guaranteed plagiarism-free content.

We are NOT OFF-SHORE, and our work is GUARANTEED because you can talk directly with our writers. You’ll get your essay on time and at the best price. Here’s a quick look at some of the seasoned professionals we have standing by ready to help you achieve your academic success.


5StarEssays is a confident title, we know that.

We selected the title for an honest reason: Because it has always been our goal to deliver the best. We shoot for the stars with every project in order to give every client exactly what they need, what they want, and what they pay for.

This is what makes 5StarEssays unique among academic and essay writing services. We offer you more than what other online paper companies offer, often time cheap writing services or paper downloading, where you may not get anything original or professional.

5StarEssays is unique. We provide to every client a team of trained writers (native American English speakers) who work together with a support network of online experts who work with you to achieve what you want with guaranteed timely delivery of a quality product.

What and How We Write.

5StarEssays can prepare all types of narratives. We write term papers, regular classroom assignments for high school into college or the university level, book reviews, graduate papers and dissertations, case studies and more.

Our experts can produce virtually any type of written document, though certain scientific or highly technical materials may be too challenging in the period of time we usually have.

Once you connect with us -- by completing our online order form to determine the cost of your project -- 5StarEssay’s pool of experts becomes your specialist in custom writing assistance. By telling us that you want your essay done, we get to work.

A writer with expertise in the kind of project and subject matter is selected. All our writers read the materials you upload right away and made arrangements to begin preparing to start writing.

The writer pool we maintain has hundreds of experts who can be assigned as needed. Many are outstanding writers with broad experience as educators, professors, or professionals in various fields.

Many of our writers have been awarded recognitions for their writing abilities, with some gaining recognition by the National Board of Professional Writers. All are trained to respond to your needs and instructions in accordance with the agreed upon deadline.

By placing an order with 5StarEssays, we know you are serious about the quality of help you get. Our job then becomes to return that trust by keeping up with all of our promises, which are reviewed below.

Your Part As Our Partner

Our custom writing process is easy and encourages you to stay involved to whatever extent you want. By signing on with us, you gain access to what is required to complete the online order forms.

These details help us determine the price of your project and shows you why we’re great but still an affordable writing service. When you upload a project, you gain access to the platform that helps you monitor your project. You can regularly see what the writer is doing and that it will be completed on time.

The price we quote you is assured, affordable, and includes 24/7 customer service, including an online chat component. When you reach out to us, our support experts will address any worries you have and can arrange for you to get email or text messages from your writer if needed.

This support component is also there to help once your project if finished. Though our writers are exceptional, sometimes revisions or edits may be necessary. These communication tools make sure that the final, perfect paper is in your hands by the due date.

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