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If you are looking for unique, reasonable and topnotch graduate essay writing assistance then you are in luck. 5StarEssays is a world class essay writing service that offers original college and university application essays in great prices.

A university essay is more detailed and thorough than the ones you get in your high school and college. Such papers are specifically crafted by our top writing experts to deliver the finest quality drafts to you. With our highly qualified writers, you don't need to worry about missing out on an important commitment or handing in a late submission. 

We realize how important it is for university students to deliver insightful assignments. This is the reason why we craft essays that will strengthen your future academic performance and get you good grades.

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If you are working on essays for applying to university then simply adding your academic credentials and achievements is not enough. College and university admission essays focus on your personality, aspirations and worthiness to be enrolled in the specific institute. Therefore, everything you add must be personalized and presented in a creative way. A great college admissions essay will showcase your academic flair and scholarly abilities with high efficacy.

5StarEssays have been working with college and university students for a significant time. We know how to impress your admissions committee with well-written and explicated admission essay. We have a dedicated team of experts and our essay writer specifically pays attention to the essence of an impressive admissions statement. They will highlight how you are a standout and would make a positive addition to the campus.

Writing application essays require creativity, knowledge and excellent persuasive writing skills, all that you will find here, with 5StarEssays.

Why Do You Need Brilliant Essays for University?

Do you think you can get your dream admission with an average admission essay, especially if you’re applying in the international students category? Certainly, NOT. We are not saying that you do not have good writing skills. We are sure that you are an expert in writing academic essays and papers but, application essay writing is different and more technical than you think.

Are you one of those students who failed to get the Admissions committee's approval? Do you keep saying to yourself, “I can’t get into the college or university of my choice and I'm so doomed for the rest of my life”? 

It’s natural for you to feel bluesy if your admissions statement was pallid and couldn't make it to the successful candidate’s list. But is that reason enough to lose hope of getting top grades or an entry into a top institute? Definitely NOT.

There are many students, and we mean quite high scoring and impressive students, that fail to get into reputable universities and colleges, why? Because they lack the necessary writing skills to make an impression on the admissions officers. As a result, they have to settle with not-so-great universities and institutes. We know that you do not want to end up in the same way. That’s exactly the reason we have mentors and writing specialists to assist you with your academic projects and to carve out a successful career track for you.

We are a professional writing company that specializes in writing quality high school and college essays as well as impressive university and college application essays that are specifically written to make you stand out from the crowd and win that admission for you. Our writers are well aware of the core elements that make up a winning university essay and use their technical know-how to fill in any gaps identified in your written draft. This provides you with a learning opportunity to acquire new writing skills and essay drafting knack.

Students come to us with their various essay writing and admissions essay needs and we make sure that they get what they are looking for.

How To Write An Essay for University Application?

A university admissions essay is a short essay that talks about your achievements, aims and qualities that make you a valuable addition to a respective university’s existing student base and later the alumni. Universities care a lot about who they allow to admit into their institute since these candidates would eventually be representing the university. When writing university application essays, we make sure that your personality and academic achievements are presented in a structured way and according to the admission requirements.

How Do We Structure Your University Entrance Essay? 

We follow a set structure and format your admission essay carefully and as per the guidelines given by the university. You should keep these pointers in mind when creating your university essay draft.

  1. Reading The Instructions Carefully

Every university has different standards and requirements and, to get successful admission to the institute you’re applying, these must be followed thoroughly. When writing your application essays and personal statements, we make it a point that each of the guidelines are perfectly met and you get a flawless essay. Our quality assurance team is quite stringent and they check every paper thoroughly and make sure that they are personalized and specifically written for the student. 

Your main essay question, for example,a higher education essay prompt for a university essay or an admissions statement, forms an integral part of the paper requirements. This must be read carefully to provide a specific, relevant and impressive response. You can be asked to write a short essay on a topic of your choice. In that case make sure you pick an interesting theme from a researched list of essay topics that will woo the admission officers. 

  1. Understanding What The Admission Committee Wants

The university will not receive your application university essay only. There are thousands of other applicants, and your competitors, that have submitted their applications. And many of them would be students that have a plethora of achievements to their credit. 

Your best bet? Understand what the admissions committee is looking for. 5StarEssays has worked with a large number of students and this is our pride that our students have landed admissions in prestigious universities. Usually, a university is looking for three main things in your essay:

  • Your capability to succeed
  • Your influence on other students
  • Your contribution to the university’s name

It may seem like a tall order but these are the crucial things of your admission essay. And, rest assured, the essay that you will get is enriched with all this, so that the admissions committee gets what they are looking for.

  1. Starting Your University Essay Strong

Strong introduction ensures powerful writing. No matter how great your essay is, if the introduction is lousy and clumsy, the officers will not bother to read past the introduction. To hook them, the introduction should be strong and interesting. Your introduction should grip the admissions officers and compel them to read further. 

Our writers are experts of persuasive writing and have the skill and creativity to give the selectors a memorable reading experience and win you the admission. If you’re stuck with an intro paragraph for your personal statement, a good idea is to brainstorm. Sit with your peers or friends or look up some essay samples for inspiration. 

  1. Making You Stand Out From The Crowd

Do you think a generic admission university essay will be enough to get you through the selection process? It won’t. To make an impact, your application should be unique and distinct from the rest of the applications. The one that tells a unique story and has an unavoidable character will cut the competition. To make sure that your admission application essay has this desired quality, our writer communicates with you at each level. They take every minute detail into consideration and weave them into your essay. 

  1. Adding Examples To Support Your Claims

Adding facts and simple details are not enough to display your character and future aspirations, you need to substantiate with real time examples. Where possible, include details of extra curricular activities, talents and events you’ve participated in for a more poignant impact. For example, if you are applying in a medical college or university, adding examples related to a summer volunteer work in a nursing home will be great to display your passion for humanity. Similarly, when applying in an engineering university you can mention the following:

A science fair where you worked with a team in developing a prototype model,

A summer internship in a company.

These are some great examples to display your eligibility and spirit for the field. You can add experiences that are relevant to the field you’re applying to. Your extracurricular activities matter a lot, use them to your advantage.

Our blog has a great example and guide for writing a winning and impressive college application essay. Give it a read for more in-depth details.

  1. Editing And Proofreading The Essay

No essay or research paper is complete without careful and thorough editing & proofreading. Even though it is the final step, it is no less important than the introduction and opening part of the university essay. Our dedicated editing and proofreading team work diligently to make sure that you get flawless and submission perfect admission essays and applications.

We know how valuable it is for you to have a flawless and perfectly written admission university essay and we work to make every minute that you work with us, count and payoff. Grammarly is a common app used by many students to edit and proofread their papers. Use this to hone your admissions statement for the best results.

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