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Turabian Style Paper Samples Written by Professional Writers

Turabian Style Paper: Top-Notch Paper By Experts

When asked to write a Turabian style paper, students often get worried. College going students especially dread the thought and sight of writing essays or other papers in Turabian style.

Turabian style was introduced by Kate Turabian, the dissertation secretary at the University of Chicago. She wanted to create a manual for writers of research papers, thesis, and dissertations. She created it especially for the students and it is based on the Chicago manual of style. Students from different disciplines use the Turabian style for different papers; however, it is mainly used for history papers.

The Chicago style is used for formatting scholarly books. That is when Kate Turabian realized that it is irrelevant for most of the students. To design a relevant formatting system, she narrowed down the rules and directed the focus specifically towards paper writing.

Turabian style doesn't contain information regarding publishing, along with several other aspects, which is unlike the Chicago style.

While this formatting style was developed for the ease of students, they now had a style relevant to writing papers without additional information, students still face difficulty when asked to write such papers.

Especially, the students who either work part-time or simply lack the paper writing skills suffer the most. Often, they are unable to meet deadlines and settle with low and insignificant grade. They don’t have the experience required to write high-quality content and they are stuck with their academic work.

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How to Write a Turabian Style Paper?

As discussed in the above section, the Turabian style was formed while keeping the paper writing and formatting in mind.

Thus, this style of formatting allows students to choose from two unique systems of citing references:

  • The Notes and Bibliography Style
  • The Parenthetical Method

In the notes and bibliography style, footnote or endnote is used in the text. In a bibliography, they are used at the end of the paper.

Whereas, the parenthetical method is similar to the in-text citations used in MLA style papers. In this case, the cited references are always within parentheses with a list of references at the end.

The cited references are chronologically organized and in alphabetical order with the list based on the authors' names.

Learn the Basic Turabian Style Guidelines

When writing a Turabian style paper, there is a specific set of guidelines that should be followed. In most cases, professors define the general outline and some other basic requirements.

When it comes to formatting papers in Turabian style, the most significant components are the margins. The margins for all papers must be uniform. All papers should have a one-inch margin from all four sides.

Similarly, times new roman is the preferred font with a size of 12pt. The reason being easy readability as one of the requirements for Turabian style.

Additionally, the entire paper should be double-spaced except for the footnotes, reference list, bibliographies, block quotations, table of contents and captions for the figures.

Sample papers are written in the Turabian style always consist of the main page generally referred to as the title page. The title page highlights the chosen topic, name and date. The content of the title page is centered, capitalized and is about one-third of the way down the page. And your name should be two-thirds of the way down to the page.

If there is a subtitle, it will go on the following line and must be double-spaced.

It is completely up to the writer to decide if he or she wants to incorporate additional information on the title page. Some professors and students prefer the title page to have the title, name, the professor's name, class information, and the submission date.

Remember, the title page is not numbered.

How to Insert Footnotes or Endnotes?

Follow these steps to insert a footnote in Turabian style:

  1. Place your cursor where you want the footnote to be.
  2. In Word, go to the "Reference" tab and you will find the footnote option.
  3. Choose "Footnotes" or "Endnotes" depending on what you want to use.
  4. After selecting a footnote or endnote, a superscript number will be shown on the page. The cursor will take you to the end of the page where you can then type the citation.

Turabian citation is italicized. The name of the book is underlined. The title of an article is placed within quotation marks with the author-date (date of publication).

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