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Get Remarkable Speech Topics for Every Subject

Speech is a part of a number of high schools and college events. These are used as fun as well as educational activities that inform the audience about the chosen topic. Speech topics vary and they mostly depend on the field of study and academic level of the student.

Mostly, students in middle and high school do not get a difficult or challenging type of topic. Their topics are easy and according to the level of their understanding.

For college students, their speech essay topic should be difficult and thorough than the ones for school level students. Sometimes the teacher asks the students to submit a speech essay also that is given after delivering the speech.

This presents the whole idea of the speech and themes that have been presented in the speech.

Public speaking is an art and this is why students find it difficult to find good topics for a persuasive speech and write and present their essay successfully. A good speech topic should be persuasive, direct and powerful to persuade your audience. 5StarEssays excels in coming up with excellent speech and debate topics.

With us, you will find customized and personal help to choose a topic that is according to your audience's interest. Contact us now to buy speeches and get excellent speech topic ideas.

Good Persuasive Speech Topics

Finding a good topic for a speech can be really difficult for many students. The main reason for this is that the choices are quite wide and this confuses the about which topic will be a good choice.

5StarEssays helps such students to decide which topics would be best for their speech and help them write their essays also.

Our professional writers have been through years of study and experience and know-how to pique your audience’s interest. They know how to engage them to help you earn an A in your assignment.

Below, we have given interesting speech topic ideas that you can choose for your next public speaking event.

  1. Adopting pets is better than buying them from a market or breeder, Discuss.
  2. Exotic animals cannot be tamed and therefore, should not be kept as pets. Discuss.
  3. Should wild and exotic animals be allowed to be tamed and kept as pets?
  4. What are the educational purposes of zoos and aquariums?
  5. Health insurance should include treatment efforts like art and music therapy. Agreed?
  6. Is graffiti art? Discuss and prove your point.
  7. Learning a foreigh language and a musical instrument should be compulsory in schools.
  8. Professional drivers should take a driving test every three years.
  9. Pros and cons of having a sports car.
  10. Bicycles should have different lanes then cars. Discuss the reasons.
  11. Helmets should be mandatory for bicycles and bike riders.
  12. Introvert vs. extrovert: Who makes a great and better leader?
  13. Owning a business means that you have fewer chances of socializing with the outer world. Discuss.
  14. What are the reasons behind the rise in energy prices?
  15. Hiring foreign employees has a negative impact on a country’s economy.
  16. Learning a foreign language should be compulsory for college students.
  17. Companies should compensate employees for managing a healthy lifestyle.
  18. Tipping should be mandatory in restaurants.
  19. The coeducation system should be banned. Discuss its pros and cons.
  20. Offices should have meditation breaks to improve productivity.
  21. Students should be allowed to carry their cell phones in schools.
  22. Teachers should have annual refresher courses to renew their teaching certificates.
  23. Online teaching should be given equal regard and acknowledgment as mainstream teaching.
  24. Pros and cons of social media. Are there any other suitable options?
  25. Bullying and ways to stop it effectively.
  26. Fast food should be banned in school and college canteens.
  27. Should athletes be paid more than teachers and doctors? Present your point of view and discuss the reasons.
  1. A drug test should be mandatory for every athlete.
  2. Cannabis and the consequences of legalizing it for medical and treatment purposes.
  3. Utilizing fossil fuels is causing a rise in carbon footprint. Agreed?
  4. How did the perception of what is right and what is wrong change from the previous generations?
  5. Video games are causing violence in children. Discuss the ways to minimize it.
  6. Sugary drinks should be taxed and the money should be used for medical advancement.
  7. Cosmetic surgery is giving rise to vanity and insecurity, discuss the statement with examples.
  8. Childhood obesity and the reasons that it has multiplied in the last few years.
  9. Food in school and college cafeterias should be planned by a professional dietician.
  10. What is acupuncture? Discuss its positive health effects.
  11. What is assisted suicide and euthanasia? Discuss its pros and cons.
  12. Meat consumers face more health issues than vegetarians. How far is the statement true?
  13. Body shaming is causing severe health issues in young girls. Propose some ways to minimize it.

All of the topics are unique and you can either choose from them or tailor them accordingly. For more topics, contact us now or buy speeches written by our expert writers.

What Makes a Great Speech Topic

A great speech is a detailed thought process that includes research and proper planning. Just like writing a persuasive essay, the goal is to convince your audience with your speech. Therefore, it is necessary that you do thorough research before deciding the topic for your speech.

Besides writing the research papers and essays to accompany your speech, 5StarEssays writers know how to find an impressive topic for your speech. We have gathered and presented a good number of persuasive speech topics to help you.

Some of the key elements that our writers consider when choosing a topic for your speech are:

  • It is relatable
    A good speech topic is always relatable to your audience. When working with you, the writer will ask you about your target audience and come up with a suitable topic.
  • It is unique and rare
    Topics that have been discussed time and time again lose their essence and appeal. Our writer makes sure that the chosen topic is rare and is somewhat unique and unknown to the general public.
  • It presents visual details
    A good speech helps the audience visualize the details. And similarly, a good and effective speech topic helps the speaker present the facts in visual and descriptive details.
  • It has an emotional appeal
    Topics that have emotional appeal are always in trend. People love those topics that stir their emotions and make them feel something. Your dedicated writer will come up with topics that would appeal to your audience's emotional side.
  • You are familiar with it
    Now, this does not mean that you should not choose topics that you have not worked on before. However, some familiarity will have a good effect on your performance and speech.
    The writer will work with you closely and help you get a speech topic that is familiar to you but still has a rare perspective.

Getting your Speech from 5StarEssays

5StarEssays is a professional ‘write my essay’ service that specializes in providing high quality and well-written speeches. All of our writers are experienced and know how to write engaging and creative speeches for you.

We know that public speaking is not for everyone and it is perfectly fine if you are also one of such person. We are here to help you and make sure that you are not left behind because of this. Some of the benefits that you get with us are:

  • On-time delivery
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