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An essential aspect of writing any type of essay on a literary work deserves a faithful devotion. It is important to capture the significance of the highlights that the author has presented in the composition.

Any essay on Romeo and Juliet’s essay prompts must introduce the author and the writing command he followed. Some reference work is also required to show the versatility of his work.

The next step is to provide the setting and background of the play in a chronological manner. The play’s historical age is also needed to be featured to help the reader understand society’s status.

However, the story would be incomplete without the tragedy that strikes the young lovers in Romeo and Juliet’s play. Thus, picking up some significant episodes from the play is required to compose a successful essay.

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What is a Romeo and Juliet Essay?

A Romeo and Juliet essay discusses the most popular and recognizable love tragedy play written by William Shakespeare. The play primarily focuses on the story of fate and affection. This play’s plot is based on an Italian tale in the 16th century, translated into the English language.

The story represents the lines and various turning situations from the lives of two unfortunate lovers. The opening prologue describes the two characters of this play as star-crossed lovers.

It is an illusion to believe that the planets and stars play an important role in controlling the events on earth. This makes the reader believe that Romeo and Juliet of the two Montague and Capulet feuding families are destined to fall in love with each other.

The prologue of the play is true love, hate, and violence, as they used in a simple and small summary. This story has beautifully showcased several interesting themes and how young people have damaged the lives of many families.

Since there were a lot of events that happened in this whole scene. Thus, it is easy for the students to choose an interesting idea related to this famous play and write an essay.

Here, a writer must mention the major characters, including Romeo Montague, Juliet Capulet, and Friar Lawrence. Similarly, every act of the story is part of the essay that should be discussed in detail.

Major Themes of a Romeo and Juliet Essay

A Romeo and Juliet theme essay consist of the following major themes:

  • Fate

    Fate is the main idea of this tragic love story that allows us to look at the Romeo affair as a tragedy. From the beginning, the play shows a great value of fate and destiny. In Act 1, scene 2, Lord Capulet’s servant is searching for someone who can read. This meeting was not by accident; it was clearly a sign of unenviable fate.

  • Value and Duality

    Another central issue that needs to be discussed in the essay is the value of duality. The deaths of the two main characters are the reason for the tragedy written by William in Verona, Italy. Laurence Friar, one of the play’s characters, is considered the main reason for the couple to suffer at the end.

  • Meaning of Gender

    The final theme of Shakespeare’s play is the meaning of gender. The story shows its meaning of masculinity, and a character in the play named Mercutio follows the idea of being a real man. Thus, it needs to be discussed in the essay as well to get a better idea.

Romeo and Juliet Essay Questions

When writing a Romeo and Juliet essay, it is important to look at several questions that let you explore the various aspects of the play.

Consider the following Romeo and Juliet essay questions to get started:

  • What kind of relationship Romeo and Juliet have with their parents?
  • How does the author William Shakespear interpret the death of Romeo and Juliet in the play?
  • How does the suicidal impulse be related to the overall theme of the play? (Consider rival families affiliation, social class, gender, and age).
  • How is true love depicted in the play?

How Do You Write a Romeo and Juliet Essay?

Here we have mentioned the important steps to write a perfect Romeo and Juliet essay.


Before you start writing your essay, gather all the required information needed for a winning Romeo and Juliet essay. Also, share your thoughts about the selected essay topic.


After gathering the required information, it is time to start writing the essay. The information in this writing piece will be divided into the following three sections.

  1. 1. Introduction

    The Romeo and Juliet essay introduction should grab the reader’s attention. For this, use quotations and brief anecdotes, and try to shift focus to your subject.

    Other crucial elements that must be added in the introduction paragraph are:

    • A hook to catch the reader’s attention
    • One-two sentence proclamation
  1. 2. Main Body

    The main body of the essay is required to include all the central ideas. The following are the important points to keep in mind while writing the body text.

    • Start by writing your key ideas
    • Apply textual evidence (details, direct quotations, summary, and paraphrase)
    • Supporting points for your main idea
    • State the facts to back up the paragraph’s main idea
  2. 3. Conclusion

    The Romeo and Juliet love essay must conclude with the condemnation of the character’s actions. It summarizes the essays’ key points along with something for the reader to think about.

    Moreover, consider the below pointers while drafting a strong Romeo and Juliet essay conclusion:

    • Don’t introduce any new ideas
    • Make it simple and precise
    • Avoid repeating information
    • Give readers something to think about


After finishing the essay, it is essential to go through it at least once to identify any grammar, vocabulary, and spelling mistakes.

You can do this by yourself or ask a professional proofreader to do it for you. Editing your paper will help you avoid many errors and submit a high-quality writing piece.

Romeo and Juliet Essay Topics

Here are some amazing Romeo and Juliet essay titles to help you get started. Have a look at them and choose the one which interests you the most.

  • The character of Romeo and his infatuation with Rosaline.
  • Discuss the role of women in the play William Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet.
  • The similarities and differences between Paris and Romeo, who both love Juliet.
  • Discuss the concept of love at first sight in the story ‘Romeo and Juliet’.
  • Examine the Friar and his role in a star-crossed lovers ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by William Shakespeare.
  • Discuss the idea of predefined destiny and how it is related to the tragedy.
  • Was there any involvement of the families of Montague and Capulet in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet’s story?
  • Discuss the consideration of self-destructive tendencies connected with love.
  • Is Romeo and Juliet's story applicable to teenagers today?
  • Romeo kills Tybalt. Analyze why it happened.

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Why is ‘Romeo and Juliet’ a tragedy essay?

A Romeo and Juliet essay is a tragedy essay because it discusses the tragic and heart-breaking end of both the story’s main characters. However, there are several other elements like love, which are also discussed in this essay.

How is Juliet presented in the Romeo and Juliet essay?

Juliet is presented as a young teenage girl with a very passionate and decisive personality. In the essay, when she meets Romeo, she becomes more confident regarding her lifestyle, norms, and culture.

What is the main theme of the Romeo and Juliet essay?

‘Love’ is the most significant theme in the Romeo and Juliet essay. Shakespeare has emphasized romantic love, specifically on the concept of love at first sight between the leading characters. Thus, in this essay, the depiction of love is a violent force that replaces all other major values.

How is ‘Romeo and Juliet relevant today’ essay?

People can still relate to Romeo and Juliet’s story, as they have similar experiences with what they went through. Also, the religious events that happened in the play are similar as well. Other incidents may include the forced marriage by parents and the arranged marriages in Muslim culture.