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Research Paper Topics - Engaging Topics for Students

Are you looking for some thrilling and impressive research paper topics?

We know what you need and we are here to help you. Finding research paper topics is as difficult as putting together the entire research paper. Usually, the students get the topic to write on from their instructor, especially if they are in high school.

However, when you are a graduate or a higher-level student, you get to choose the topic ideas yourself. This is the position where many students feel confused.

What topic shall I choose? Which topic will please my instructor? Is my chosen topic good enough to earn me an A grade? These are some of the questions that we use to ask ourselves as well when we were students.

We know that the writing process of a great research paper can be quite extensive. Finding an interesting and good idea can be a difficult task. The main idea is to find a topic that makes an impact on the instructor.

Besides offering writing help, 5StarEssays provides assistance to students of all academic levels. We know your difficulty and we are experienced enough to help you with it.

What is a Research Paper?

A research paper is an academic paper that is based on the writer’s personal research and opinion on the chosen subject and topic. It is a form of an expanded essay or a writing assignment. It represents the writer’s personal evaluation, research, and findings of the chosen topic. These types of papers and essays are quite common on every academic level but they are especially a part of graduate and postgraduate studies.

5StarEssays has solid experience of working with many students and helping them with writing their research papers from scratch. Our expertise lies not only in writing a research paper for you but also in finding the best and most interesting paper topics. Finding the right and interesting research paper topic is important, it will help you stand out from the crowd.

How to Find a Good Research Paper Topic?

We will not say that you can easily find good ideas but it is not impossible either. As we mentioned above; finding a good research paper topic is equally as hard as writing a research paper. We meant every word of it.

Once you get the topic, writing the paper becomes easy and you are all set to start with the research part. However, finding the topic first means that you have to brainstorm and research thoroughly to come up with a topic that is worthy of your instructor's attention.

Since we have significant experience of helping students globally with their research papers and dissertations, we know the criteria for finding a good research topic. When searching for a topic for your paper, we consider the following elements:

1) The topic interests you

While we strongly believe that you should take risks and opt for topics that are challenging but choosing something that interests you is always a good decision. Before choosing and deciding on the topic, we communicate with you about your interests and keep you in the loop. Instead of choosing something trending that you are not interested in, we work on finding an impactful topic that interests you.

2) It satisfies your instructor's guidelines

Even when the instructor gives you the freedom of choosing a topic, there are certain guidelines and the instructor’s interest elements that you have to follow. Some common instructions include; choosing a topic relevant to your field and according to your academic level. High school level topics are not as thorough as the ones for graduate and postgraduate. We consider each of these points and give you multiple topic choices to check with your instructor before finalizing a topic.

3) It has a wide scope

Unlike essays and assignments, research papers are more thorough and demanding. Therefore, choosing a topic that has limited scope is not something that we want you to get stuck with. Before settling with a topic, we make sure that our writer researches it and finds all the necessary information regarding it. We do our best to choose only those topics that have a wide scope and enough material to talk about.

4) It is according to your audience

In this case, it is according to your instructor's needs. Relatability is one of the main elements of success for any piece of writing and your research paper is no different.

Your instructor has high hopes and standards and to score decidedly. You have to prepare a paper that is according to it. Our professional writers have access to multiple online libraries and sources that are crucial to getting credible sources and references.

5) It should be specific

No amount of adding fancy irrelevant details in your paper will earn you a good grade and our writers understand it. When choosing paper topics, they are mindful and careful that they are choosing specific, targeted and decided topics to write your paper. The selected paper or essay topic will be focused and the added information will be relevant with a credible back.

What does a research paper outline look like?

Research papers have a defined outline that must be followed exactly. A typical research paper outline includes:

  • Title page.
  • Abstract.
  • Introduction.
  • Thesis Statement.
  • Research Methods.
  • Results.
  • Discussion.
  • Conclusion.
  • References.

This is the most common outline that is followed by most of the papers. However, your instructor may ask you to add a bibliography and an appendix at the end of your research paper.

Sounds challenging, doesn't it?

A lot of effort and time goes into putting together a well-executed research paper.

Research Paper Topics for You to Choose for Your Paper

If you feel stressed by the writing process and feel like you do not possess the needed skills or time to write a research paper, do not worry. Get in touch with our writers today tell them about your requirements so that nothing is missed out. They will give you high-quality papers for money from us to make your life simpler.

To help you choose a good and interesting topic for your research paper, we have compiled some lists according to different subject needs. These topics are all unique and original; you can pick any of these for your research paper and tell our writer about it.

Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. Symbolism in Harry Potter.
  2. Why "The Lord of the Rings" became so popular?
  3. Comedy in Literature.
  4. Love and Death in American Novels.
  5. Women's Suffrage Movement in Literature.
  6. Why is Literature Becoming Less Popular in Today's Society?
  7. Literature and Teenagers.
  8. Tragedy in Literature.
  9. Differences Between a Thriller and a Horror Novel.
  10. Discuss the Work of Shakespeare.

Education Research Paper Topics

  1. Standardized Tests and their Helpful Implications.
  2. College Graduates make more Money than Dropouts. Discuss.
  3. Education should be Cheap and Accessible for Everyone.
  4. Modern Technologies and their Influence on the Modes of Teaching.
  5. Teaching Methodology to Teach Blind Students.
  6. Effects of video games on School and Students.
  7. Benefits of having Metal Detectors at School.
  8. Pros and Cons of Contemporary Teaching Methods.
  9. Technology and Modern Lesson Planning.
  10. Bullying on Social Media and How to Control it.

Environment Research Paper Topics

  1. Global Warming and Ways to Minimize It.
  2. Controlling Paper Waste and Preserving Green Life.
  3. Ways to Manage and Control the Increasing Global Population.
  4. Role of Movies and Performing Arts in Educating the Masses about Environment.
  5. Forests and Impact of Human Invasion on them.
  6. Environmental Effects of Earthquakes.
  7. Building Adaptable Structures to Minimize Infrastructure Loss.
  8. Possibilities of Predicting Hurricanes and Its effects.
  9. Nuclear Power: Safety or a Threat.
  10. How dangerous is GMO food? GMO Food and its Harmful Effects on Human.

Politics Research Paper Topics

  1. Drinking Age and Controversies Related to It.
  2. Handgun and Benefits of Allowing Adults to Carry them.
  3. Gun Control Laws and their Impact.
  4. Pros and Cons of having Nuclear Weapons.
  5. Ethnic Killings and Measures to Control and Stop Them.
  6. Possibility of Peace Between Israel and Palestine.
  7. The world without Wars: A Bird's Eye View.
  8. Prevent and Minimize Workforce Bounce Rate.
  9. Capital Punishment and its Pros and Cons.
  10. Socialism and its Possible Scope.

Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. Autism: A Disease or a Developmental Peculiarity.
  2. Forecasting and Designing Behavioral Patterns: An In-Depth View.
  3. Child Violence and Ways to Minimize and Eradicate It.
  4. Mental Meltdown and Panic Attacks: Ways to Manage and Minimize Them.
  5. Classical Music: Impact on Brain and Behavior.
  6. Insomnia and its Health Implications.
  7. Influence of Bad Dreams on Our Mood and Behavior.
  8. Harmful and Disastrous Effects of Stress.
  9. Effects of Depression and Stress on the Immune System.
  10. Intellectually Gifted People: Myth or Reality.

Business Research Paper Topics

  1. Dirty Business Tactics: Myth or Modern-Day Business Reality.
  2. Possibilities of Starting a Business with Zero Budget.
  3. Business Leaders and the Defining Ability that Makes them a Leader.
  4. Entrepreneurship: Its Rise and Benefits for Millennials.
  5. Ethical Decision Making: Impact on Business and Corporate World.
  6. Small Business Promotion: Tactics and Strategies to Market a Small Business.
  7. Business Expansion: Finding and Tapping into New Horizons.
  8. Building a Successful Startup: Dos and Don'ts.
  9. Impact of Sustainable Development on Global Business.
  10. Climate Change and Global Business Strategies.

Controversial Topics For Research Papers

  1. Homeopathy Vs. Allopathy: Implications, Benefits, and Consequences.
  2. Abortion: A Violation or a Woman's Right to Give Birth.
  3. Gender Transitioning and its Social, Medical and Religious Consequences.
  4. Pros and Cons of Human Cloning.
  5. Children should be Allowed to Choose their Religion: Benefits and Dangers.
  6. Body Shaming and Obesity: A new Norm or a Danger.
  7. Breatharians: Living on Natural Light, Air and Water Only.
  8. Black Magic and Satanism: A New Religion.
  9. The Relationship Between minimum Wage and Unemployment.
  10. Surrogate Motherhood and its Religious and Social Outcomes.

Looking for research paper topics that would impress your instructor?

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