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Opinion Essay - Get A High-Quality Essay Now

You may have been assigned to write an opinion essay. As the name says, this essay is based on your own opinion about a given topic. Depending upon the essay objective, its length varies from a short letter to a medium-sized speech or it could be a full-length research paper. 

It is important to make sure that the supporting statements should match the essay composition type that you are specifically writing. For example, your observation might vary from the actual statistics. So it would be a great idea to include examples and clearly demonstrate an understanding of your specified topic. This also includes potential counterclaims. 

Most likely, you will be writing an essay about a controversial topic. For that, you have to take into account the past arguments and how they fit your opinion in the essay. How your point of view is different from others? 

If you are reading this page, it means you are looking for help to write an opinion essay that can state your opinion with facts in an effective way. We, at 5staressays, can help you out with that. Our expert essay writer can help you in writing an effective opinion essay for you. 

What is an Opinion Essay?

An opinion essay is basically a formal piece of custom essay on a specific topic. It requires the author's opinion with facts that are stated clearly and different points of view with reasons and examples. 

Even if the controversial nature of the essay, new and genuine ideas are always welcome. But it does not mean that one should keep a sarcastic or demeaning tone. It is very important to present new ideas and arguments carefully. 

When writing an opinion essay, you should keep the following things in mind.

  • Use linking words and connectors throughout the essay
  • Keep the style format formal (avoid using slang words and abbreviations)
  • Write in a sequence that makes logic

To write a successful opinion essay, follow the three stages structure. 

How to Write An Opinion Essay?

1. Pre-Writing

Before starting writing your essay, our writers at 5staressays will gather all the required information needed in support of your statement. We will make sure that the collected evidence matches your statement and can support the point of view stated in your essay. 

2. Writing

The opinion essay is required to have 3 sections. 

2.1 Introduction

The introduction will disclose your subject and opinion in a clear manner. We will make sure that it contains a strong thesis statement, a sentence that effectively summarizes your point of view.

We will take into account different techniques that are used to start writing the essay such as addressing the reader directly, including a direct speech, quote or a sentence from a play or book. 

2.2 Main Body

In the body section, your dedicated writer will make sure that it has all the necessary points to support your statement. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence and the main idea behind this is to back up the arguments in the essay. 

We will really appreciate it if you discuss your opinion regarding the topic or even provide some relevant facts or examples. 

While writing the body of the essay:

Your dedicated writer will make sure that the essay contains a proper use of tenses, linking words, strong vocabulary and use of different expressions for providing reasons in the essay. 

2.3 Conclusion

It is very important to properly end the essay. No new idea is introduced in this section. 

We at 5staressays will make sure to provide a strong way to end the essay that it should leave the reader thinking about the information provided. 

3. Proofreading

After completing the writing, it is essential to go through it one more time to eliminate grammar, vocabulary and spelling mistakes. 

Our dedicated team of writers believes in providing work that is 100% unique with no errors. Your work will go through from one stage to another for quality improvement and to avoid mistakes and provide complete accuracy for a great piece of paper. 

Opinion Essay Topics

  • Does social media really damage our personal relationships?
  • Should colleges and universities be free?
  • Parents are the best teacher. Do you agree?
  • Benefits of traveling among young people.
  • Socialism and its benefits
  • How we can eliminate corruption?
  • Benefits of learning history
  • Should public transportation be free

All the above-mentioned topics are unique and these can give you an idea of what an opinion essay topic looks like? Still not sure about the opinion essay topic? Contact Us. Our expert writers will not only help you write an opinion essay for you but will also provide assistance in choosing a topic for your opinion paper. 

Looking for Essay Help?

We, at 5staressays, can help you write your opinion essay. Contact us if you are looking for a professional and reliable essay writing service.

If you don't have enough writing experience, you can easily go wrong with this piece of writing. Because in this type of essays you have to come up with actual facts and examples in support of your statement. And if you fail to do so, it can hamper your reputation and affect your grades. 

So getting help from professionals is not a bad idea if you think you are not so good in the essay writing domain. 

So are you one of those students, looking up “who can write my essay?”. We’ve got you! Hire our expert essay writer at 5StarEssays.com for the best opinion essay writing help.