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People of all ages have enjoyed watching movies since forever. It is considered the favorite time pass of several people all over the world. While several movies are produced every year, only some of them get more popular than the rest. Many factors contribute to a movie’s success, such as:

  • Acting
  • Cinematography
  • Direction
  • Plot
  • Dialogues

Watching a movie purely for entertainment purposes sure is nice and fun. But, the same task becomes daunting for you when your teacher assigns a movie essay. Writing a good movie analysis essay isn’t as simple as curling up in your bed with a bowl of popcorn to simply watch the film.

However, professional writing services can make this task easier for you. These writing services have the means and resources to craft interesting movie essays, making students’ lives easier.

5StarEssays.com is an excellent example of a company that provides high-quality writing services and custom essays to students from all over the world. Regardless of the type of academic papers, our experts are here to help. Our experts have written this article incorporating the necessary information and guidelines to help students write a film analysis essay.

What is a Movie Essay?

A movie essay is an essay where you critically analyze a movie and present your views about it. Perform a detailed analysis of the film, which includes critical analysis and thinking skills. In this assignment, the goal is to watch a movie and pay attention to different details. Here, you must consider the aspects of the movie, such as:

  • Context
  • production history
  • distribution issues
  • How different types of audiences received it.

The first step is obvious; before starting the writing process, you need to watch the movie with full concentration and reflect on its themes. An effective tip is keeping a notepad and pen with you to note down when you notice something important and worth mentioning. It may include the following elements:

  • Plot
  • Interesting line by the characters
  • Photography
  • Symbolism
  • Special effects
  • Mood

A well-written film review starts by clarifying the thesis, stating the claim, how it affected the audience, and its interpretation.

  1. 1. Introduction

    The opening paragraph of a movie review should start by providing the following elements:

    • Background information
    • Whether the movie is based on a book or real events
    • Who directed and produced the movie
    • Genre
    • Key actors
    • Movie’s intention

    The introduction is supposed to be short and to the point without giving away too much information. Give the thesis statement and your reason for the analysis. Also, provide any contextual details that might be useful for the reader.

    The thesis statement is written either in favor of the movie or against it. Moreover, valid examples and explanations logically support it.

  1. 2. Plot Synopsis

    In this part of your essay, you provide a brief plot summary of the movie, keeping in mind that your reader hasn’t watched the movie. Remember not to reveal too much; just provide enough to give them an idea of the plot and theme.

    A plot summary comprises the important plot points by mentioning a few events without giving away any spoilers or ruining the ending for the audience.

  2. 3. Strengths and Weaknesses

    Once you get the basic information and the plot summary out of the way, the real work begins. That is the critical evaluation of the film.

    Start your evaluation by highlighting what were the strengths of the movie, in your opinion. You can write about a particular performance that was effective or the cinematography, light, and sound. Explain how these strengths contributed to the overall success of the film.

    A balanced movie essay is one that highlights both strengths and weaknesses. Even if the movie was a success, there ought to be some weak points that you can mention. It could be anything such as a dialogue that, according to you, didn’t work or an inconsistent storyline.

  3. 4. Conclusion

    A good ending, along with a summary of the main points, adds some new and interesting pieces of information. In the end, rate the movie and present your opinion about whether it was a good movie that was worth watching or not.

Movie Essay Topics

Here are some of the top movie essay topics you can write your essay on:

  • An analysis of Leonardo DiCaprio's inception
  • Split personality disorder in Secret Window by David Koepp
  • The purpose of the movie Forest Gump by Robert Zemeckis
  • Sexuality in Casablanca by Michael Curtiz
  • Analysis of the movie Gladiator and its historical accuracy
  • Analysis of Tommy’s death in Shawshank redemption
  • My favorite movie (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)
  • Discuss the group dynamics in The Breakfast Club
  • The power of intention in The Pursuit of Happiness
  • Analyze Battle Los Angeles (2011)

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How to Evaluate a Movie in an Essay?

The following are the steps involved in evaluating a movie in an essay:

  • Choose a movie to evaluate
  • Watch it with full concentration
  • Take notes
  • Evaluate the various mechanisms of the movie
  • Compose a strong thesis statement
  • Collect evidence to support your thesis
  • Analyze the characters, plots, and settings of the movie
  • Provide a solid conclusion

How Do You Start a Movie Review Essay?

Here are a few things that you can use to start a movie essay:

  • A catchy hook statement
  • An intriguing anecdote
  • A compelling rhetorical question
  • Create some drama
  • Begin with creating a curiosity