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Worried about writing a literary essay you just got assigned?

High school and college lecturers often assign literary essays to assess a student. They showcase your ability to evaluate, analyze and examine some work of literature; be it a fiction novel, romantic book, or a narrative piece.

Crafting a good literary essay requires both time and effort, which makes it only natural for students to get stressed. In order to write a literary essay, students must first read the book they are supposed to write on. It takes some time to finish reading the book; it is better to start reading well in advance as you might need to read it a few times for lucid understanding.

Literary Essay Definition

Here is an in-depth explanation to help you understand what is a literary essay.

A literary analysis essay is a type of academic writing that requires students to evaluate a specific literary piece. This is done by providing characteristics to the piece of literature under analysis and discussing its main idea and theme. You need to carefully read the essay prompt to answer the question through intelligent arguments.

To analyze something is to divide it into smaller parts and see how they perform both, together and individually. Writing a literary analysis is done similarly by examining the different parts of the novel, short story, or play, such as:

Character settings,




The plot, etc.

Determine how the author has used specific elements to impart particular effects.

Unlike a book review, you're not supposed to provide your individual opinion about whether you liked it and whether you want to recommend it to others or not. Similarly, writing a literary essay isn't like writing a book report where you summarize what you have read in your own words.

The purpose of assigning a literary essay is to check how well you can answer, "How does this literary piece work? How does it fulfill its objective? Why did the author choose the path he/she did?

If things have got further complicated for you, continue reading ahead to learn how you can write a brilliant constructive literary essay.

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Step By Step Guide to Write A Great Literary Essay?

Leaning to examine and evaluate literature is a skill that can be learned over time with practice. Here are seven steps that need to be followed for well-crafted literary essays.

1. Investigate And Ask Questions

While reading a novel for example 'To kill a Mockingbird' or any other chosen/assigned literary work, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What fascinated you?
  • What didn't you understand?
  • Were there any patterns?
  • Was there an irony?
  • Is there a contradiction?

2. Gather Evidence

Before you start writing, look for answers in the different elements of the story. How something happened, where did it happen and to whom?

Understanding the writing process requires paying attention to different elements of the writing style and narrative dynamics. How the story has been constructed? how does a specific character speak? or the point of view and perspective in which the story has been told.

3. Develop A Thesis

The thesis of your essay is a claim that needs to be proven using supporting evidence and facts. A good thesis is specific, to the point, engaging, arguable and provable.

4. Form Arguments

Your arguments will be used to defend your thesis; you can't form the thesis without first constructing the arguments, so work on them side by side.

Organize your arguments in such a way that they prove your thesis in an effective manner.

5. Craft The Introduction

The introductory paragraph is where you address the topic and issue. Start your introduction body by presenting the topic and necessary background information about the book or the work of literature you are discussing. State the various elements of the work you will address such as the topic, background, tone, plot or characters.

6. Create The Body Paragraphs

The body of your essay is similar to a skeleton - it holds the entire essay together. Each body paragraph will introduce and explain the arguments formed earlier. Use strong topic sentences and logical transitions. A literary essay is typically written as a 5 paragraph essay, but you can adjust the length according to your professor’s instructions.

7. Write The Conclusion

The concluding paragraph is just as important as the introduction; it is needed to make your essay well-rounded. For your conclusion restate the thesis statement, summarize the important points and avoid revealing new information at this stage. Make sure you make use of compelling conclusive remarks to encourage the readers to act accordingly based on your recommendation or call-to-action.

Essential Components Of A Literary Essay

Literary essays follow a structured outline and format where each element provides information about the highlighted work of literature. You must focus on elements such as:

  • Subject
  • Form
  • Theme and writing dynamics
  • Characters, their strengths/weaknesses, style, and other traits
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the storyline
  • Relationship between the story and its subplots

Purpose Of A Literary Essay?

The purpose of assigning a student such literature essays is to give them a chance to highlight their critical analysis skills as well as their understanding of the work under analysis. It enables the instructor to evaluate a student's academic, analytical abilities and scholarly depth.

This is a chance for students to prove that they are capable of analyzing a popular piece of literature such as "Great Gatsby" by Scott Fitzgerald or "A Tale Of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens and evaluate it using engaging and informative content.

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Sample Literary Essays

We provide essay examples on various subjects to make it easier for you to understand what are the prerequisites of writing an engaging essay.

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