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How To Write A Term Paper - Get Writing Help Online

When the end of the semester approaches, students begin to find a solution to a never-ending college problem: term paper writing. After every year, students find out that the deadline is near and with a lot of assignments, things are getting out of their hands.

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What is a Term Paper

A term paper is important academic writing that requires a lot of effort into research and writing to put some words on paper. Planning, time, and good writing skills are some of the important things required to create a great term paper.

This important academic piece of writing needs to be well written, organized and well researched to reflect your knowledge in certain course work.

How to Write a Term Paper

There are some important things that you need to keep in mind while writing a term paper. The basic process involves:

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Research the topic thoroughly
  3. Term paper outline
  4. Write your proposal sample
  5. Write your paper
  6. Title/Cover page
  7. Final draft’s editing and proofreading

Term Paper Format

The way a term paper is formatted largely depends on the course. For example, the format for a term paper in social studies course will be different from the format of economics course. However, APA and MLA format is commonly used for term papers.

Here is an overview of the term paper format to give you a better idea.

  • Title Page - A separate page to include the title, your name, professor’s name, course name, and the date.
  • Acknowledgment - State your topic and explain why you choose it and add other relevant information.
  • Table of Contents - List down chapter and major sections
  • Abstract - Present the questions and brief overview
  • Literature Review - Explain your methodologies and applied procedures
  • Results - Conclusion or closing statement
  • Recommendations - Views and suggestions for future research
  • Reference list - Cite all the primary sources and other people’s interpretation

How To Write An Outline For Term Paper

Before you start writing an assignment, create an outline. The outline is used as a roadmap for the whole writing process.

If you don’t want things to get messy, start a term paper with a rough outline to take the whole process smoothly. Here is an outline example that most of the term paper follows:

  • Introduction - Describe the overall purpose or thesis statement
  • Body - This section contains all the text and divided into further sections of headings and subheadings
    Heading 1 - Background information/history
    Heading 2 - The problem
    Heading 3 - Effects of problem
    Heading 4 - Possible solutions
  • Conclusion - Summary of important points

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