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You are asked to write an American dream essay? This is an interesting and extensive work that you need to carry out now. If you don't have enough time and you are worried that the submission date is near. You should work smart and save your time by taking help from an expert. 

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American dream essay is something different to every American. American dream plays an important role in defining the true meaning of freedom, equality, and liberty. Especially in the eyes of every citizen of the united states. It's objective to elaborate that every American is working hard to achieve and live a happy and successful life. 

What is an American Dream Essay?

Although the American dream is still valid today it is not achievable for all Americans. People are dreaming big and putting their best to earn and live a happy life. Depending on the class difference, one’s dream may be different from others.

All this started when immigrants came to the land of America and they are still around today. The American dream is as valid as when America was first found. But depending upon who you are and the life you are living if it is your dream life or not. Chances are it might be different and achievable to some people than others.

This essay is something more about what the American dream means to you. This type of short essay assignment can easily risk your academic integrity. And you definitely don't want that, right?

Why don't let us do the task for you? This type of essay is much more than just a simple telling of the story. It requires a lot more than just a reflective outlook. If you are not confident about writing about this essay, you can contact us now.

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Why is the American Dream Is So Popular Essay Topic?

American dream essay can be considered as a paper of personal reflection to provide sufficient arguments regarding the term itself. But also the research and findings collected by the author. Most of the students in their high school and college feel stuck when it comes to writing an American dream essay. 

It is very important to understand what this American dream essay is about. You can approach it as a classical research paper. No one would appreciate it if the essay is full of generic facts about wealth and living a good life in a free land. 

High school and college teachers give this homework essay to analyze the student's critical thinking abilities, writing skills, punctuation, and grammar.

If you think that this is quite a big task. You can hire us and we will provide you help with your homework assignment. Contact our paper writing service and get your paper done by expert professionals at 5staressays. 

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How do we Structure Your American Dream Essay

If you have selected your essay topic, you can start working to craft an outline for the essay structure. The following are the basic elements that we will make sure your American dream essay should contain.


The introduction is an opening paragraph, it should contain an interesting hook statement. An impressive introduction is required for a well structured and well-executed essay. 

Important things that an introduction should have:

  • A brief introduction of the topic 
  • Interested hook statements
  • Share background without going into unnecessary details

Main Body

In this section, the essay statement is included that should clearly explain what the topic means to you or how you have perceived it. It should not contain generic statements such as “I think...”

It should contain the following points:

  • Share a vision of the American dream 
  • Develop concepts and share your thoughts on the American dream 
  • Share what the American dream means to you 

Start each paragraph of the body with a topic statement. One certain justifiable reason should be given at the start of each paragraph. 

If you want to mention other people's ideas and work. Then it is important to cite each source accordingly. It plays an important role in avoiding plagiarism risks. 

We at 5staressays provide work without errors. We will make sure that the work is 100% unique because plagiarism can easily affect your academic grades. And you definitely don't want that, right? So why not taking help from an expert writer. 


The whole essay will be summarized in this section. Do not introduce any new ideas. This section should restate the main idea of the essay with a thesis statement.

To close it up properly, creating a call to action would be a great idea. This end needs to either demanding or hopeful.

A conclusion should contain the following things:

  • Restate the thesis of American dream essay 
  • Use a single quote to grab the reader's attention
  • Call to action

American Dream Essay Topics

If you are still stuck at topic ideas, the following are some of the important American dream essay topics. Have a look at them.

  1. American Dream: Then and Now
  2. Culture and Common Strengths
  3. America, My homeland
  4. Peace for all
  5. Living Malcolm X Way
  6. Power of Education
  7. Power to People

All the above-mentioned topics are unique and can give you an idea for your American dream essay. If you are still stuck at the American dream topic, you can Contact Us. Our expert writers will not only help you write an amazing essay for you but will also provide assistance in choosing an American dream essay topic. 

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