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Dissertations are common research work that students get in their higher education levels. It is based on the student's personal and original research that they conduct as their degree requirement.

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Excellent and Unique Dissertation Topics for All Subjects

Choosing a topic is the very first step in research. It is probably the most difficult and a lot of time-consuming also. Good topic ideas are important for a strong and impressive dissertation.

To help you choose a good topic, we have gathered a detailed list of topics according to different subjects.

Education Dissertation Topics

  1. American citizens that go abroad for study purposes are eligible to travel.
  2. How does navigation and working as a driver improves a person's memory?
  3. Reality television shows are disrupting the student's behavior and mind. Agreed?
  4. What role does homework play in the academic improvement of children and adolescents?
  5. What role does a teacher play in developing a child's creativity?
  6. The benefits of flossing behavior in high school and college students.
  7. How does drinking affect a child's academic results?
  8. Why should we optimize the curriculum with computer-based classes?
  9. The trend of music-making in computer science students and reasons to treat it as a separate subject.
  10. Do students who graduate in their adult years have difficulty to work with new technologies?

Business Administration Dissertation Topics

  1. Prepare a case study on multiple social phenomena that affect a business’s culture.
  2. Analyze a business strategy by creating a complete business plan.
  3. Create a contingency business plan to address and eliminate human resources management issues.
  4. How to introduce and maintain workplace ethics in a small business.
  5. What is a remote work environment? How does it benefit a business structure?
  6. What is the Millennial Generation and how to manage it effectively?
  7. Write a detailed comparison between Generation X and the Millennial Generation. What makes them different?
  8. How do the latest advertising trends influence consumer shopping behaviors?
  9. Discuss the role of finance and rigorous financial planning in maintaining a business.
  10. How do the macroeconomic factors influence the economic state of a country?

Law Dissertation Topics

  1. How the war on terrorism has fueled the criminal laws and justice efforts around the world?
  2. Analyze and comment on the law and justice policies of the United Kingdom.
  3. What are the special protection efforts to safeguard the rights of minority shareholders?
  4. What is the law of omissions liability? Discuss it critically and describe its limitations.
  5. How to analyze and examine the complaints that are filed in the criminal court of justice?
  6. Analyze global homicide laws with a special focus on the United States.
  7. What is euthanasia? Critically analyze Canada's stance on legalizing euthanasia.
  8. Critically examine and explain the criminal profiling system in law. Focus on how gender and race are used as profiling factors.
  9. Analyze the law of the right to bear arms. What were the initial reasons for adding the law to the Constitution?
  10. Examine the research that studies and examine the negligence in the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.

Marketing Dissertation Topics

  1. What role do online shopping apps play in causing impulsive shopping behavior? Examine Amazon, eBay, and other top shopping carts to elaborate on your arguments.
  2. How does the product's design influence a customer's buying behavior and decision? Use examples to highlight your main points.
  3. Discuss the importance of loyalty programs. What causes customer loyalty? Add some ideas to increase customer satisfaction.
  4. Do ethnic differences affect how a consumer perceives a brand? Analyze the products that specifically target a certain group of people.
  5. Discuss the impact of eco-friendly products on a customer's decision-making capabilities. Which households are more likely to choose green products?
  6. Discuss the shopping habits of a specific religious group. Use qualitative research techniques like questionnaires to record data and analyze it.
  7. How does social media influence the promotional activities of a small business? Discuss some of the ways Facebook and LinkedIn help in promoting small businesses.
  8. What is globalization in a corporate environment? How did it unite different ethnic and socioeconomic groups together?
  9. How do different households, lower, middle and upper, impact their shopping behavior and decision making?
  10. How do international electronic companies use customer reviews to impact their sales and promotional efforts? Use the case study of a famous electronics company.

Science Dissertation Topics

  1. What is stem cell research? Discuss the moral and ethical concerns related to it.
  2. What role does genetics play in designing and influencing a person's behavior? Discuss to what extent it impacts it.
  3. Discuss some of the methods that could minimize the risks after stroke.
  4. What is Chinese herbal practice? How is it relevant to mainstream medical practice?
  5. What role do school lunches play in promoting obesity in children? 
  6. How to use new methods to complement old methods and gather important information.
  7. Discuss some of the methods that speed-up the process.
  8. How does nanotechnology affect human health and the environment at large?
  9. Analyze the levels of toxicity in case someone inhales the nanoparticles.
  10. How does nanotechnology help in curing some types of cancer? Discuss and analyze the process.

Arts and Humanities Dissertation Topics

  1. Describe and discuss the history of design at various times and periods.
  2. Discuss the different branches of design like interior, software, architectural, etc.
  3. Describe the style and design specialty of a specific designer and discuss what differentiates him or her from others.
  4. What is web design? How is it considered as the new branch of designing?
  5. Discuss the social significance of 21st-century art and design.
  6. Discuss Communism in relation to Stendhal.
  7. Describe and discuss the direct and indirect relationship between politics and modern literature and art.
  8. How do the times of war influence artists and art?
  9. Elaborate the American suffering and how is it related to contemporary art?
  10. Racism and Family Unit: Elaborate and show the effects of racism on a family and its living surroundings.

Psychology Dissertation Topics

  1. What is a prefrontal cortex? How is it connected with other parts of the brain and how does it help in proper brain functioning?
  2. What role do the different parts of the brain play in helping humans function properly?
  3. What is social cognition? Explain the role of emotional disorders in impairing social cognition and propose some ways to control them.
  4. What is an MRI? Explain its role in examining the working of a brain and mental health.
  5. Differentiate and draw parallels between emotional and episodic memory.
  6. Describe brain plasticity, How does the adult's brain differ from a child's brain?
  7. Describe Piaget's theory of cognitive development and show its relevance to various factors.
  8. Describe the social intuitionist model. How does it affect and relate to the emotional and moral factors that are significant in moral judgment.
  9. Describe the human brain and explain the relationship it has with cognitive development.
  10. Describe Schizophrenia. Elaborate its multidimensional nature by discussing a real-life case.

Computer Science Dissertation Topics

  1. What is Open Web Architecture? What are some of the methods through which you can improve it?
  2. Analyze software solutions and what role does it play in increasing energy efficiency?
  3. How to protect systems from intruders and terrorist attacks? Prepare a case study to explain your points.
  4. Describe the new and contemporary methods of risk management.
  5. What are Webspace requirements? Discuss how these requirements are changing.
  6. The Rise of e-Publishing: Discuss how the trend is affecting mainstream libraries.
  7. What are some of the new methods to study and control software-related viruses like malware and worms?
  8. Analyze redundancy and fault recovery in various wireless networks.
  9. How do the optimal algorithm and heuristic algorithm affect the generation of clusters?
  10. Full-text databases and the effects they have on the search engines.

Undergraduate Dissertation Topics

  1. Discuss the healthcare services that are specifically designed for immigrants.
  2. What is the role of remote learning in uplifting the rural areas?
  3. Discuss how social networks help in promoting small businesses and new products.
  4. Prepare a detailed business plan for a new product development and management company.
  5. Analyze a company's performance by evaluating its empirical data.
  6. Describe the criminal justice system and explain how it assesses and processes complaints.
  7. Analyze the gender and race profiling system in detail.
  8. What is an Open Web Architecture and how to analyze it?
  9. Evaluation of different cognitive theories in detail.
  10. Analyze the process of exposure and what are its pros and cons.

Advanced Higher English Dissertation Topics

  1. Describe the style and tone of Franz Kafka's The Trial.
  2. How did The Hound of the Baskervilles affect the modern detective genre?
  3. Analyze the role of female characters in Heinrich Böll's The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum.
  4. Analyze the depiction of terrorism in contemporary journalism. Pick some relevant articles from The New York Times and prepare a case study.
  5. Analyze The Brothers Karamazov and analyze the novel through the formalist approach.
  6. Explain and analyze the depiction of violence in children's and young adult literature.
  7. Analyze the use of repetition and ‘Godot' as a symbol in Beckett's ‘Waiting for Godot'.
  8. Identify and analyze the themes of feminism and gender in Margaret Atwood's Cats' Eye.
  9. Identify the elements of intertextuality in Phillip Dick's The Man in the High Castle.
  10. Discuss and analyze how Herman Hesse has contributed to postmodern American literature with his Steppenwolf.

Sociology Dissertation Topics

  1. Discuss the trend of single parents and how does it impact the quality of life and relationships.
  2. Analyze women's empowerment in the 2000s. Discuss how it impacted mainstream law and women's rights overall.
  3. What are the long term consequences of alcohol addiction? How does it affect the different areas of one's life and relationships?
  4. Describe how adoption influences the parent-child relationship.
  5. Analyze and describe the main traditional differences related to family dinners in the Uk and the US.
  6. Discuss its origins and how is it influencing the mental state of high school and college students.
  7. What is secularization? Discuss and analyze the difference in rates between the people living in urban and rural areas.
  8. Why our society outs a transgender person? What are the consequences and how can we avoid it?
  9. Explain the anti-nuclear movements in Germany and Japan with a special focus on the 21st century.
  10. Prepare a case study on Boston school and the performance rate of children from low-income households.

All of these topics are good ideas for your dissertation and research paper. All the dissertation ideas and research topics are original and you can use them for your paper. Else, you can also use them for inspiration and create your own topic.

When creating your own topic, make sure that it is:

  • Original and unique
  • High in scope
  • Have credible sources for reference
  • Targeted and focused on some main themes
  • According to your field of study

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